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Digital marketing for small business Protomo Helsinki _english

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Digital marketing for small business Protomo Helsinki _english

  1. Digital Marketing For entrepreneurs and Small Business Juanjo López
  2. Juanjo López • CEO Royal Profit Group. • Companies consultant and instructor. Who I am? Academic training • MBA Executive EOI. •Master degree in Social Media Advance. Universidad de San Francisco (USF). • Master degree in Mobile Marketing. Universidad de San Francisco (USF) • Approved Agent by Google. @Juanjoroyalcom Juanjo.lopez@royalprofit.fi www. slideshare.net/JuanjoLopezGarcia/
  3. Our Group
  4. Online Marketing
  5. What is e-Commerce? It starts in the banking sector around 1970 in EEUU. Commercial Transactions in product or services networking as well as in companies or individuals.
  6. In 2012 most of the people who bought on the net where: 1. Norwegians(73%) 2. British and Swedish(71%) 3. Danish(70%) Source: Some Interesting data…
  7. Some Interesting data… •Propitious cases: •Handcrafted or exclusive products. •Exclusive distribution services and products. •Large profit margins and masive services and products. •Drop-Shipping Products (without storehouse or shipping), These kind of business works better with less rivals •Un- propitious cases: •The rest What kind of business works good online?
  8. Principal Platforms Date: May 2013
  9. Shopping trolley: It plays a very important role in the e-Shop. They are essential for the purchase conversion. The information must be corrected regarding taxes, product amount, shipping costs(if they are permanent prices for any destination) or discounts if any.
  10. Sales Process: Funnel Conversion The main difference between e-Commerce and convencional commerce is the measurement capability of the online media. Funnel Conversion: •Visitors to the site and their origin. •Product website. •Shopping Trolley. •Checkout purchase. % of visitors who buy in the site The main target is to measure:
  11. Trustmark If you want people to trust in you its better to have a Security Trustmark. The best known are:
  12. Digital Marketing Actions
  13. Digital strategy in any business the must rely on: “Three pillars”: 1. Branding, 2. Traffic Generation, 3. Social Media,
  15. Estimated Costs: SEO • Minimum 2.400€/year and Ideal 9.000€/year SOCIAL MEDIA • Minimum 1.800€/year and Ideal 7.000€/year SEM • Depends on sector and market AFILIATIO N • Permanent 1.200€/year and variable by target DIGITAL PRESS • Minimum 3.600€/year and Ideal 11.000€/year MAILING • Minimum 1.200€/year and Ideal 10.000€/year
  16. Combination of actions according to budget: SEO SOCIAL MEDIA AFILIATION LONG TERM DIGITAL PRESS MAILING SEM SHORT TERM Average budget :
  17. Combination of actions according to budget: Digital press SEO SOCIAL MEDIA AFILIATION MAILING SEM SHORT AVERAGE LONG TERM High budget:
  18. SEO “Get low cost high quality visitors” “Search Engine Optimization”. Plus 200 features to note: link buIlding, code clean-up and age-registration-description of the domain. Targets: Average-Long term
  19. SEM “Measurable and transparent investment” “Search Engine Marketing”. Keywords-adds-destination url. Sistems: CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL, …
  20. MAILING “Database interaction” Massive information mail sending. Creativity-design-analitics of the mail sendings. Targets: Short term
  21. SOCIAL MEDIA “online social Interaction” Active management of the valuable content in the social media. hear-conect-comunicate-respect the user. Target: Average– Long term
  22. Online Market Analysis of the TOOLS
  23. KEYWORDS PLANNER Used to analyze words that are relative to your sector. They are the most wanted in any language and country in which Google operates. https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/3141229
  24. SEMRUSH Used to analice the words in which our rivals are positioned http://es.semrush.com/
  25. ALEXA Used to analice the web traffic on the websites and their scope. It also offers some optimization options for websites. http://www.alexa.com/
  26. ANALYTICS: Real Time
  27. ANALYTICS: Customized Dashboard
  28. ANALYTICS: Visitors Track
  29. ANALYTICS: Website Clics Scan
  30. ANALYTICS: Conversion Rate Test
  31. ANALYTICS: Conversion /Traffic Fount
  32. ANALYTICS: E-commerce Goals
  33. ANALYTICS: Advanced Skills 1. Events and virtual pages 2. Analytics in Site search 3. Tag Manager 4. Business Intelligence parameters and alerts 5. Social Traffic urls tag 6. Calls tracking
  34. Internationalization Strategies
  35. Ways to get inside 1. Creating subsidiaries in your country. 2. Commercing from here, Shipping from here. 3. Commercing from here, taking the logistics from the outside. 4. Selling franchises. 5. Local distributors. 6. Producing in other countries. 7. Adquiring a company from our destination country.
  36. 5 Key points 1. Speaking the language. 2. Adapting to their schedule. 3. Having specific campaigns for the country. 4. Work with International logistic experienced companies. 5. Create effective and varied channels of comunication and customer care: mails, chat online, Skype, free calls, social media and local telephone.
  37. E-Commerce Key Factors
  38. Internacional e-commerce 1. Shipments 2. Taxation 3. Customs duty 4. Goods insurance and foreign exchange 5. Payment platforms 6. Sales platforms +
  39. Key Aspects Shipments - Airlift 48-72 h, ideal for urgent shipments. - Ground Shipping 2-7 days, ideal for europe. - Maritime Shipping 7-30 days depends on destination, ideal for big volume and long distances - Ground Shipping 24-72 h. *Advice: Work with Local Agencies based in Spain or work with International Agencies such as DHL. **Options: To shorten the deadlines: create a logistic platform centralised in the destination country. International: Local:
  40. Key aspects Taxation 1. Create invoices from Finland. 2. Create invoices from the destination country. 3. Create invoices from other countries. Usually, the best way is creating invoices from a subsidiary in the destination country. Although sometimes may be better creating the invoices from another country. The ideal way is to study each case with an international tax expert.
  41. Key Aspects Customs Duty 1. Legislation, check legislation and international transit permissionsl. 2. Duties, taxes for the different kind of products according to taric code. 3. Rates, documentation and merchandise handling. http://www.taric.es/prodserv/aranadu/ps_aranadu.asp Advices: Work with an expert forwarder in the destination company. Options: Having a stock in a free port and paying the taxes once you sell the product.
  42. Key Aspects Insurance 1. Goods, breakage insurance for the journey and liability. Its usually from 3% to 110% of the invoice amount. 2. Foraign exchange, currency exchange insurance to prevent fluctuantion. Its ussually a permanent incentive payment plus a variable percent you may negociate with the bank. It also depends on the foreign exchange.
  43. Ways of payment TRANSFER: Best one for commerce. COD: Not the most recommended, although its quite used. Has trade commission(2%-5% aprox), may have possible delays for the payment and unpayment risk. CREDIT CARD: Secure and fast, has also a bank commision. PAYPAL: Card surcharge for clients. CHECKOUT (google): Wallet PAYMENT ON STORE: For conventional stores sucha as El Corte Inglés. PREMIUM SMS : Useful for micropayments. Advice: Working with a bank operating in Spain and in the destination country.
  44. Important Tips for internationalization
  45. Advantages for internationalization 1. Diversify risks. 2. Increase oportunities. 3. Costs reducction. 4. Competitive improvement. 5. Higher market volume. 6. Increase brand image and trade prestige. 7. Increases reliability of a brand. 8. Improves profitability. 9. Constant learning.
  46. Classic mistakes 1. Overconfidence. 2. Short-term Planning. 3. Lack moral sensibility with other cultures. 4. Lack of resources. 5. Lack knowledge of foreign markets. 6. Lack of experience in international business.
  47. Keys to success 1. Commitment. 2. Leathership. 3. Knowledge. 4. Competitive advantage. 5. Understanding and educating clients.
  48. Interesting Countries 1. BRIC Countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. These countries have a much higher population, good GDP and they are growing very fast. 2. Saudi Arabia, good level of wealth and openness to Western society.
  49. Preparing to market selection 1. Measure the volume of inquiries relating to our industry : www.google.com/insights/search/ 2. Identify our competitors in foreign countries: https://adwords.google.com/o/Targeting/Explorer?__c=1000000000&__u=1000000000&ideaRequestType=KEYWORD_IDE AS 3. Knowing the levels of investment required by our industry in these countries :www.semrush.com/ 4. Assess the levels of e-commerce growth in countries : http://www.emarketer.com/ 5. Knowing the country legal barriers: http://www.icex.es
  51. Steps for internacional SEO 1. Selection criteria for a native. 2. Official translations of web content. 3. Local server in the destination country. 4. Domain registration with the local country .. 5. Link Building Strategy (links) with pages of the country where we are headed.
  53. Sem international Aspects 1. Selection criteria by a native. 2. Official translations of web content. 3. Generally high levels of investment, by the highest rate telematic. 4. Varied Creatives. 5. Accounts structure with countries individual campaigns.
  55. International Social Media 1. LinkedIn (B2B), a social networking website for people in professional occupations where you can also search agenda. 2. Facebook (B2C), to build brand reputation and spread ourselves in the destination country. 3. Twitter (B2B y B2C), to capture international opportunities in B2B, spread ourselves in the destination country and as a customer service platform in B2C.
  56. • CASOS DE ÉXITO Success Stories
  57. -Since 2000 exporting. -Profit over 3,000,000€. -The 90% of profit is generated in foreign countries. http://www.scubastore.com/buceo-submarinismo
  58. -Since 1996 exporting. -Profit over 8.000.000€. http://www.barrabes.com/
  59. -Since 2006 exporting. -Profit over 70.000.000€. http://es.buyvip.com/index.jsp
  60. ¡Thank you! @Juanjoroyalcom jlopez@royalcomunicacion.com