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911Cam: See the Emergency

  1. 911Cam See the Emergency by Joy Meredith
  2. 600,000 There are calls to 911 each day in US 240M/yr +
  3. • Identifying Info (name, age, etc) • Location • Nature of Emergency The Operator needs to know:
  4. Luckily your phone already has this information it knows: • Who you are • Where you are • Your medical conditions (if noted by you) And here is the modern breakthrough… it can SEE you and the danger you’re encountering with its built in dual-video cameras
  5. 911Cam idea is to facilitate the transfer of the information in your phone to the 911 Operator anytime you call (or SOS or msg) for help. Your phone is already aware you are calling 911 so it allows info to be sent and simultaneously turns on its camera to transmit video along with call. This way the operator already knows who you are where you are and can see what kind of emergency it is before you even say a word.
  6. • 911 is a locally run (state/county) program • Funding is localized (w/ fees + grants) • Federal regulations/guidelines by multiple agencies. Incl: FCC (PSHBS); Departments of: Homeland Security; Transportation (NHTSA); Commerce (NTIA) • Data transfer and storage capacity • Privacy of information transmitted RoadBlocks
  7. • Department Cooperation of all agencies • Under DHS: Office of Innovation & Collaboration • Federal Funding of E911/NG911 (Next Generation tech) • Standard ~$1/mo fee from all service providers • Defense/Homeland Security budget carve out • Fund research into data storage tech • Privacy Bill to protect all information transmitted and only released by victim or for law-enforcement follow up Solutions
  8. Vision • Eliminate • Red tape • Funding disputes • Invest In • Technology • Infrastructure • Results • Lives saved • Medical distress • Physical harm • Security threats • Next Steps • Department/Leadership chosen • Buy-in for funding and project management
  9. @JoyMeredith Why 911Cam? Nothing in this deck is revolutionary but it is my hope that giving the obvious idea a name and logo will help spread it faster and accelerate action needed. The folks running these programs are fantastic, they just need more support and cooperation from all the different stakeholders that can move this technology forward. As an agency outsider my offering is to advocate for all parts of our government to make the best use of the resources we have to save lives. Be safe, well and joyful 2/2021