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Japan Startup Ecosystem and Entrepreneur Toolbox

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Japan Startup Ecosystem and Entrepreneur Toolbox

**Special thanks to the previous work of Arnaud Bonzom for the inspiration for these reports

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Japan Startup Ecosystem and Entrepreneur Toolbox

  1. 1. Japans Startup Ecosystem & Entrepreneurial Toolbox New South Innovations Pty Limited trading as UNSW Innovations, UNSW Sydney NSW 2052 Australia Telephone +61 2 9385 5008 | Email innovations@unsw.edu.au Presented by Intern Saki Yanagihara under supervision of Joshua Flannery 2015
  2. 2. Agenda STARTUP Ecosystem Company People Programs Fund Raising Networking & Competitions Places Recruitment Visa Resources
  3. 3. Startup Ecosystem
  4. 4. Startup Ecosystem in Japan The 6th country out of 144 economies in the Global Competitiveness Index, considering its higher level of Innovation, business sophistication, market size, and infrastructure (Source: The Global Competitiveness Report 2014–2015; The World Economic Forum) The 16th most reputable country in the world in 2015 (Source: The World’s Most Reputable Countries; Reputation Institute) 5 Japanese cities (Tokyo:15th, Kyoto:34th, Osaka:36th, Kobe:61st, and Fukuoka:88th) named Top 100 global cities for an innovation economy in 2014 (Source: Innovation Cities™ Index 2014; 2thinknow) The 29th easiest doing business environment among 189 countries in 2015 (Source: Doing Business 2015; The World Bank) JAPAN’s Ranking
  5. 5. Startup Ecosystem in Japan Source: The World Factbook; Central Intelligence Agency PEOPLE & SOCIETY Ethnic groups: Japanese 98.5%, Koreans 0.5%, Chinese 0.4%, other 0.6% Languages: Japanese Population: 126,919,659 (July 2015 est.) country comparison to the world: 11 Major urban areas - population: Tokyo (capital) 37.833 million; Osaka-Kobe 20.123 million; Nagoya 9.373 million; Kitakyushu-Fukuoka 5.528 million; Shizuoka-Hamamatsu 3.239 million; Sapporo 2.579 million (2014) Birth rate: 7.93 births/1,000 population (2015 est.) Death rate: 9.51 deaths/1,000 population (2015 est.) ECONOMY GDP (purchasing power parity): $4.751 trillion (2014 est.) note: data are in 2014 US dollars (1USD=JPY105.8) GDP - real growth rate: -0.1% (2014 est.); 1.6% (2013 est.); 1.8% (2012 est.) GDP - per capita (PPP): $37,400 (2014 est.); $37,400 (2013 est.); $36,800 (2012 est.) note: data are in 2013 US dollars(1USD=JPY97.6) GDP - composition, by sector of origin: agriculture: 1.2%; industry: 24.5%; services: 74.3% (2013 est.) Labor force: 65.48 million (February 2015 est.) country comparison to the world: 9 Labor force - by occupation: agriculture: 2.9%; industry: 26.2%; 'services: 70.9% (2015 est.) Unemployment rate: 3.6% (2014 est.) Inflation rate (consumer prices): 2.7% (2014 est.); 0.4% (2013 est.) Central bank discount rate: 0.3% (31 December 2014) JAPAN’ Facts
  6. 6. Startup Ecosystem in Japan FUKUOKA city HIROSHIMA prefecture NARA city MIE prefecture HAMAMATSU city CHIBA city YOKOSUKA city STARTUP CITY PROMOTION CONSORTIUM OSAKA city (2nd largest city) NATIONAL STRATEGIC SPECIAL ZONES TOKYO city (Capital city) The National Strategic Special Zones are designated by the national government based on the perspectives of boosting the international competitiveness of industry and promoting the creation of centres of international economic activities by giving priority to advancing structural reform of the economic system. Especially, three of the six business- friendly zones including in “Tokyo area (aiming to be a real global business hub),” “Kansai area (promoting innovation reform)” and “Fukuoka city (supporting business foundation as part of employment reform)” can be selected to generate new internationally competitive businesses through startups and innovation by building the most business-friendly environment in the world. The Startup City Promotion Consortium was launched in Dec 2013. Currently, governors of Japanese five cities and two prefectures are taking an initiative to support startups and enhance starup ecosystem in Japan. With the aim of turning Japan into a country where entrepreneurship is highly valued, local municipalities that are actively promoting entrepreneurship and encouraging startup businesses established this consortium. In cooperation with economic organizations, members share advanced approaches and know-how while seeking ways to be role models by using the unique features of each municipality. “Japanese startups have been gaining momentum with government support” JAPAN’s Starup Momentum
  7. 7. Startup Companies
  8. 8. [Accounting Service] http://corp.moneyforward.co m/ Money Forward is a Japanese personal accounting app. Money Forward, Inc 株式会社マネーフォワード [Financial Service] http://www.freee.co.jp/ Automatic cloud accounting software designed for letting business people put more focuses on creative activities [Financial Service] https://kanmu.co.jp/#clo Just pay with a credit card to receive deals and other benefits Kanmu, Inc. 株式会社カンム [Invoice Management] Service] https://info.misoca.jp/ Cloud invoice management system that lets users create and send snail mail from within the browser. Misoca Inc. 株式会社Misoca [Business Card Service] http://www.corp- sansan.com/ Creating a worldwide business card market. Sansan, Inc. Sansan株式会社 [Consulting Service] http://studist.jp/ Studist Corporation provides simple manual creating tool, "Teachme Biz." Studist Corporation 株式会社スタディスト freee K.K. freee 株式会社 Hot Startups in Japan [Settlement Service] https://www.showcase- gig.com/ A mobile payment platform, “O:der” which connects between consumers and merchants. Showcase Gig. 株式会社Showcase Gig [Recruiting] http://site.wantedly.com/ A Japanese social recruiting platform that allows employers to find potential employees. Wantedly, Inc. ウォンテッドリー株式会社 [Accounting Service] http://crowdcast.jp/ Crowd Cast is a Tokyo based software company that focuses mobile-first & consumer-driven enterprise app called "bizNote". Crowd Cast, Ltd. クラウドキャスト株式会社 [Settlement Service] https://webpay.jp/ WebPay is a payment gateway for developers in Japan WebPay ウェブペイ株式会社 [Personnel Service] http://www.cydas.com/ A cloud-based human resource empowerment platform. CYDAS Inc. 株式会社サイダス [Statistical Analysis] http://xica-inc.com/ Xica, which provides “xica adelie,” is a statistical analysis tool for business persons without expertise, XICA Co., Ltd. 株式会社サイカ Business Service
  9. 9. [Media] http://about.smartnews.com /en A news aggregation and reading app. SmartNews, Inc スマートニュース株式会社 [Media] http://gunosy.co.jp/ A news app that determines your interests based on your social media accounts, serving up news updates that will likely fit your taste. [Media] http://www.uzabase.com/ Provides information infrastructure supporting decision-making in business activities. UZABASE, Inc. 株式会社ユーザベース [Media/E-commerce] http://otakumode.com A Japanese digital media site focused on Japanese Otaku culture. Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. [Crowdsourcing] http://www.lancers.co.jp/ A Japanese crowdsourcing giant that competes with Lancers. CrowdWorks Inc 株式会社クラウドワークス [Crowdsourcing] http://www.lancers.co.jp/ A Japanese crowdsourcing giant. LANCERS,INC. ランサーズ株式会社 Hot Startups in Japan Gunosy Inc 株式会社Gunosy [E-commerce] http://hachimenroppi.com/e n/index.html A Japanese search and portal site for perishable goods such as fish, vegetable, and fruit. Hachimenroppi Inc. 八面六臂株式会社 [E-commerce] https://stafes.co.jp/ A Japanese search and portal site for lunch box and catering. STAR FESTIVAL INC. スターフェスティバル株式会社 [E-commerce] https://thebase.in/ A service that lets you create your own commerce site. BASE inc. BASE株式会社 [E-commerce] http://bracket.co.jp/ A service, called “Stores.jp” that allows users to build online stores. A BASE competitor. Bracket, Inc 株式会社ブラケット [E-commerce] https://monoco.jp/ A mobile/web flash sale site that sells unique designer goods from around the world. MONOCO, Inc. 株式会社MONOCO [E-commerce] http://www.ohmyglasses.jp/ An e-commerce site for eye-glasses. Oh My Glasses Inc. オーマイグラス株式会社 Lifestyle Service
  10. 10. [Game] http://www.gu3.co.jp/ A Japanese social and mobile game development company with offices in Korea and Singapore. gumi Inc 株式会社gumi [Music] https://company.nana- music.com/index.html A Tokyo-based startup which develops Karaoke app called nana. [Video Streaming] http://about.moi.st/en/ A service that lets you stream live video for free right from your iPhone/Android. Moi Corporation モイ株式会社 nana music, Inc. 株式会社 nana music Hot Startups in Japan [Hardware] https://pluto.io/ A Japanese smartphone- based remote control system for consumer electronics products. Pluto Inc. 株式会社Pluto [Marketplace] https://www.mercari.com/jp/ A mobile marketplace app for second-hand goods. Mercari, Inc. 株式会社メルカリ [Marketplace] https://fablic.co.jp/ A mobile marketplace app for girls where they can buy and sell clothing. Fablic,inc. 株式会社Fablic [Marketplace] http://eventregist.jp/en/ A ticketing marketplace for buying and selling event tickets. EventRegist Co., Ltd. イベントレジスト株式会社 [Marketplace] http://peatix.com/ A ticketing marketplace for buying and selling event tickets. Peatix Inc Orinoco Peatix株式会社 [Real Estate] http://ietty.co.jp/about.html A Japanese real estate startup that offers a housing service where agents suggests listings to users. ietty 株式会社ietty [Restaurant] http://en.toreta.in/ A Japanese iPad based online reservation system for restaurants and bars. Toreta, Inc. 株式会社トレタ [Child-rearing] http://asmama.jp/ A childcare sharing service with the aim to link service users and neighbouring service provider using cell phones. AsMama Inc., 株式会社AsMama [Fitness] https://www.finc.co.jp/index. php A Japan’s healthcare startup, providing online weight-loss advice solutions through smartphone. FINC, Inc. 株式会社FiNC Lifestyle Service
  11. 11. Startup People
  12. 12. 36 People You Should Know YOSHITERU AKIRA Former Founder LINE Corporation MATTHEW ROMAINE HIROSHI MIKITANI TOMOKO NAMBA HIRONAO KUNIMITSU AKIRA MORIKAWA YOSHIKI YASUI EMI TAMAKI Founder & Chief Executive Officer Cookpad Inc. Founder & Chief Executive Officer Rakuten, Inc. Co-Founder & Director DeNA Co., Ltd. Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Gengo, Inc. Founder & Chief Executive Officer gumi Inc. Founder & Chief Executive Officer iemo Founder & Chief Executive Officer Mercari, Inc. Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Happy Hacking Life Founder & Chief Executive Officer Origami Founder & Chief Executive Officer ChatWork Founder & Chief Executive Officer WHILL, Inc. MARI MURATA SHINTARO YAMADA TOSHIYUKI YAMAMOTO SATOSHI SUGIE 穐田 誉輝 南場 智子三木谷 浩史森川 亮 國光 宏尚 山田 進太郎村田 マリ 玉城 絵美康井 義貴 杉江 理山本 敏行 Successful Entrepreneurs
  13. 13. 36 People You Should Know SHOKEI SUDA Founder & Chief Executive Officer AnyPerk. YOKIKO MUTO SOUICHIRO MINAMI KAORU HAYASHI TAICHI MURAKAMI TARO FUKUYAMA HIKARI SAKAI LISA KATAYAMA Founder & Chief Executive Officer Enigmo Inc. Founder & Chief Executive Officer BizReach, Inc. Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Digital Garage, Inc. President Travelzoo Japan Founder & Chief Executive Officer Livesense Inc. Founder & Chief Executive Officer MONOCO Inc. Founder The TOFU Project Founder & Chief Executive Officer Interest-marketing Inc. Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Cinnamon Founder & Chief Executive Officer Bracket, Inc. TAKEHIRO KAKIYAMA MIKU HIRANO YUSUKE MITSUMOTO 須田 将啓 林 郁南 壮一郎福山 太郎 村上 太一 柿山 丈博 片山 理沙 坂井 光 光本 勇介平野 未来 武藤 友木子 YO SHIBATA Founder & Chief Executive Officer Spotlight, Inc. 柴田 陽 Successful Entrepreneurs
  14. 14. 36 People You Should Know HIROYUKI WATANABE Former Chairman & Group Chief Executive Officer Sony Corporation JOICHI ITO GEN ISAYAMA SHOGO KAWADA SOICHI KARIYAZONO NOBUYUKI IDEI KIYOTAKA KOBAYASHI SHINJI KIMURA Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer B Dash Ventures Inc. Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer WiL LLC Co-Founder & Director DeNA Co., Ltd. Director MIT Media Lab Partner Globis Capital Partners Founder& Group Chief Executive Officer Sun Bridge Inc. Co-Chief Executive Officer Gunosy Inc. Founder & Chief Executive Officer Chanoma Inc. Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer MOVIDA JAPAN Inc. ALLEN MINER TAIZO SON 渡辺 洋行 川田 尚吾伊佐山 元出井 伸之 屋薗 聡一 木村 新司 小林 清剛 孫 泰蔵 伊藤 穰一 TAIGA MATSUYAMA Partner East Ventures & Kronos Fund 松山 太河 Founder & Chief Executive Officer Skyland Ventures YOSHIHIKO “MAX” KINOSHITA 木下 慶彦 Established Venture Capitalists
  15. 15. Startup Program
  16. 16. Program Length: 3months - 1 year Application Due: August URL: http://incubatefund.com/fellow-program/ Incubate Fund Fellow Program KDDI CORPORATION KDDI株式会社 Samurai Incubate Inc. 株式会社サムライインキュベート StartupGoGo Committee StartupGoGo実行委員会 NTT DOCOMO, INC. 株式会社NTTドコモ Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. 株式会社リバネス DG Incubation, Inc 株式会社DGインキュベーション Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities 特定非営利活動法人 ETIC Incubate Fund インキュベイトファンド MOVIDA JAPAN Inc. モビーダジャパン株式会社 Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities 特定非営利活動法人 ETIC Startup Support Program Program Length: 6months Application Due: - URL: http://www.movidainc.com/program/ MOVIDA Seed Acceleration Program Program Length: 3months Application Due: - URL: https://onlab.jp/ Open Network Lab: Seed Accelerator Program Program Length: 6months Application Due: September URL: http://www.susanoo.etic.or.jp/ ソーシャルベンチャー・パートナーズ東京 ソーシャルベンチャー・パートナーズ SUSANOO: Social Startup Accelerator Program Program Length: 6months Application Due: June URL: http://kigyojuku.etic.or.jp/ Social Startup Initiative Program Program Length: 6months Application Due: August URL: http://www.kddi.com/english/ventures/mugenlabo/ KDDI ∞ Labo: KDDI Ventures Program Program Length: 4.5months Application Due: February URL: https://www.nttdocomo-v.com/village/en/ Docomo Innovation Village Program Length: 1 - 6months Application Due: August URL: http://www.samurai-incubate.asia/ Samurai Startup Day Program Length: 6months Application Due: June URL: http://tenjin-color.jp/ TENJIN COLOR: Seed Acceleration Program Program Length: - Application Due: - URL: http://en.techplanter.com/entry/ TECH PLANTER.: Seed Accelerator Program Incubator & Accelerator programs
  17. 17. Program Length: - Application Due: May URL: http://sido2015.com/#toppage Sido Next Innovator Livesense Inc.(株式会社リブ センス) / Cookpad Inc.(クッ クパッド株式会社) IBM 日本アイ・ビー・エム株式会社 Microsft 日本マイクロソフト株式会社 The Asahi Shimbun Company 株式会社 朝日新聞社 BUSINESS BANK GROUP, INC. 株式会社ビジネスバンクグループ Osaka prefecture 大阪府 Initiative for Development of Entrepreneurship in Asia NPO法人アジア起業家村推進機構 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 経済産業省 Tokyo Metropolitan Government 東京都 Organaization for Small & Medium Enterprises Regional Innovation 独立行政法人中小企業基盤整備機構 Startup Support Programs Program Length: - Application Due: - URL: http://osaka-startupper.jp/ Seed Accelerator Program Program Length: 5.5 months Application Due: October URL: http://www.asia.or.jp/ Seed Accelerator Program Program Length: 6months - 1year Application Due: September URL: http://businest.smrj.go.jp/ BusiNest Accelerator Course Program Length: - Application Due: June URL: http://www.startup50.jp/ STARTUP 50 Program Length: 6months Application Due: September URL: http://www.asahi.com/shimbun/medialab/accelerator/ Asahi Shimbun Accelerator Program Program Length: - Application Due: - URL: http://www-07.ibm.com/ibm/jp/bluehub/ IBM BlueHub : Incubation Program Program Length: 3 - 6months Application Due: - URL: http://aka.ms/msvjp Microsoft Ventures: Acceleration Program Program Length: 6months - 1year Application Due: - URL: http://www.entrepreneur-ac.jp/ Entrepreneur Academy Program Length: - Application Due: - URL: http://www.bdc-tokyo.org/?cat=3 Business Development Center TOKYO Government & Other programs
  18. 18. Startup Fund Raising
  19. 19. INCUBATOR & ACCELERATOR URL: http://east.vc/ URL: http://www.movidainc.com/ MOVIDA JAPAN Inc. モビーダジャパン株式会社 URL: http://www.samurai- incubate.asia/ Samurai Incubate Inc. 株式会社サムライインキュベート URL: http://www.sunbridge-gv.jp/ SunBridge Global Ventures Inc. 株式会社 サンブリッジ グローバルベンチャーズ URL: https://onlab.jp/en/company / DG Incubation, Inc 株式会社DGインキュベーション Fund Raising East Ventures URL: http://www.kddi.com/english /ventures/ KDDI CORPORATION KDDI株式会社 URL: https://www.nttdocomo- v.com/village/ URL: http://en.incubatefund.com/ Incubate Fund インキュベイトファンド URL: http://www.j-seed.com/ J-Seed Ventures, Inc ジェイ・シード株式会社 URL: http://skyland.vc/ Skyland Ventures URL: http://femto.vc/fs.html Femto Startup LLP 有限責任事業組合フェムト・スタートアップ NTT DOCOMO, INC. 株式会社NTTドコモ URL: http://www.ntvp.com/english .html Nippon Technology Venture Partners 株式会社 日本テクノロジーベンチャーパートナーズ URL: http://partyfactory.vc/ URL: http://www.archetype.co.jp/ en/ Archetype Corporation アーキタイプ株式会社 URL: http://globalbrains .com/en/ Global Brain グローバル・ブレイン URL: http://www.etic.or.jp/english/ index.html Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities 特定非営利活動法人 ETIC URL: http://mistletoe.co/ Mistletoe, Inc.partyfactory, Onc. 株式会社partyfactory URL: http://www.fvc.co.jp/english/ index.html Future Venture Capital Co.,Ltd. フューチャーベンチャーキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.hokkaido- vc.com/index.php/english.ht ml Hokkaido Venture Capital, Inc. 北海道ベンチャーキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.h-vc.co.jp/ Hiroshima Venture Capital CO., LTD. 株式会社広島ベンチャーキャピタル URL: http://www.kvp.jp/about/ind ex.html Kyushu Venture Partners Co.,Ltd. 九州ベンチャーパートナーズ株式会社 ANGEL CAPITL CO.,LTD. エンゼルキャピタル株式会社 INDEPENDENT URL: http://www.angelcapital.jp/in dex.html Equity (Venture Capital)
  20. 20. INDEPENDENT URL: http://www.dcm.com/en URL: http://anri.vc/ ANRI URL: http://www.infinityventures.c om/main_eng Infinity Venture Partners インフィニティ・ベンチャー・パートナーズ URL: http://wilab.com/en/ WIL, LLC. 株式会社WiL URL: http://www.globiscapital.co.j p/en/ GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS & Co. 株式会社グロービス・ キャピタル・パートナーズ Fund Raising DCM Ventures DCMベンチャーズ URL: http://femto.vc/fgc.html Femto Growth Capital LLP フェムトグロースキャピタル有限責任事業組合 URL: http://voyage- ventures.com/english URL: http://improvista.jp/?lang=e n ImproVista LLP. URL: http://www.insprout.com/ insprout Corporation 株式会社insprout URL: http://www.mickk.com/en/ Mobile Internet Capital, Inc モバイル・インターネットキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.leadcapital.jp/Pa ges/default.aspx Lead Capital Management Co.,Ltd. リード・キャピタル・マネージメント株式会社 VOYAGE VENTURES, Inc. 株式会社VOYAGE VENTURES URL: http://www.sun-8.jp/profile-e Suneight Investment Co.,Ltd. 株式会社サンエイト インベストメント URL: http://bdashventures.com/in dex.php URL: http://www.nvcc.co.jp/en/ind ex.html Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd. 日本ベンチャーキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.jaic- vc.co.jp/eng/index.html Japan Asia Investment Company, Limited 日本アジア投資株式会社 URL: http://www.miraicapital.co.jp / Nippon Mirai Capital Co., Ltd. 日本みらいキャピタル株式会社 ココン株式会社 URL: http://www.icp5.co.jp/en ICP Inc. 株式会社アイシーピー B Dash Ventures Inc. B Dash Ventures株式会社 URL: http://www.whizp.com/e/ URL: http://www.biofrontier.co.jp/ BioFrontier Partners, Inc. 株式会社バイオフロンティア パートナーズ URL: http://www.innovation- engine.co.jp/e/top.htm Innovation Engine Inc. イノベーション・エンジン株式会社 URL: http://www.ut-ec.co.jp/cgi- bin/WebObjects/1201dac04 a1.woa/wa/read/120a3bb30 cb+++/ The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd. URL: http://www.weruinvest.com/ WERU INVESTMENT Co., Ltd. ウエルインベストメント株式会社 Whiz Partners Inc. 株式会社ウィズ・パートナーズ URL: http://www.entrepia.com/ Entrepia Japan アントレピア株式会社 Equity (Venture Capital)
  21. 21. FINANCIAL INSTITUTION URL: http://www.jafco.co.jp/englis h/ URL: http://www.mucap.co.jp/eng lish/tabid/66/Default.aspx Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd. 三菱UFJキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.mizuho- vc.co.jp/english_info/index. html Mizuho Capital Co.,Ltd. みずほキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.smbc- vc.co.jp/index.html SMBC Venture Capital SMBCベンチャーキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.nissay- cap.co.jp/index.html NISSAY CAPITAL CO.,LTD ニッセイ・キャピタル株式会社 Fund Raising JAFCO Co., Ltd. 株式会社ジャフコ URL: http://www.shinsei- ci.com/en/ Shinsei Corporate Investment Limited 新生企業投資株式会社 URL: http://www.daiwa- inv.co.jp/english/ URL: http://www.smtcap.jp/englis h/profile/ Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Capital Co.,Ltd. 三井住友トラスト・キャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.tmcap.co.jp/engli sh/index.html TOKIO MARINE CAPITAL CO., LTD. 東京海上キャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.msivc.co.jp/top_ en.html MITSUI SUMITOMO INSURANCE Venture Capital Co.,Ltd. 三井住友海上キャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.yedvc.co.jp/ YASUDA ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. 安田企業投資株式会社 Daiwa Corporate Investment Co., Ltd. 大和企業投資株式会社 URL: http://www.sbinvestment.co. jp/ SBI Investment Co., Ltd. SBIインベストメント株式会社 URL: http://www.orixcapital.co.jp/ URL: http://www.resona- gr.co.jp/resonacapital/ Resona Capital Co.,Ltd. りそなキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.seibucapital.co.j p/ Seibu Shinkin Capital Corporation 西武しんきんキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.shinkin-vc.co.jp/ Shinkin Capital Co.,Ltd. 信金キャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.chibagincapital.c o.jp/ CHIBAGIN CAPITAL CO.,LTD. ちばぎんキャピタル株式会社 ORIX Capital Corporation. オリックス・キャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.ikegin-c.jp/ URL: http://www.tottoricap.com/ Tottori Capital.Co. とっとりキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.g-cp.jp/ The Gogin Capital Co.,Ltd. ごうぎんキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.neostella- cap.co.jp/en/index.html NEOSTELLA CAPITAL CO.,LTD. ネオステラ・キャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.fidelitygrowthpart ners.jp/en/about-us Fidelity Growth Partners Japan SENSHU IKEDA CAPITAL CO.,LTD. 池田泉州キャピタル株式会社 URL: http://www.hcc82.co.jp/inde x.html Hachijuni Capital Co.,Ltd. 八十二キャピタル株式会社 Equity (Venture Capital)
  22. 22. CVC URL: http://www.klabventures.jp/ en/ URL: http://www.greeventures. com/en/ GREE Ventures, Inc. URL: http://www.recruit.jp/compa ny/about/group/ Recruit Global Incubation Partners Co.,Ltd. 株式会社リクルートグローバルインキュベーションパー トナーズ URL: http://gmo-vp.com/en/ GMO VenturePartners, Inc. GMO VenturePartners 株式会社 URL: http://www.gumiventures.jp/ gumi ventures 株式会社gumi ventures Fund Raising KLab Ventures Inc. KLab Ventures株式会社 URL: http://www.cyberagentventu res.com/en/about/ CyberAgent Ventures, Inc. 株式会社サイバーエージェント・ベンチャーズ URL: http://ventureunited.jp/ URL: http://www.intelcapital.com/ Intel Capital インテルキャピタル URL: http://www.dgincubation.co.j p/en DG Incubation, Inc. 株式会社DGインキュベーション URL: http://www.kizuna- capital.co.jp/ KIZUNA CAPITAL PARTNERS Co..Ltd きずなキャピタルパートナーズ株式会社 URL: http://www.i-sigma- capital.co.jp/ iSigma Capital Corporation. アイ・シグマ・キャピタル株式会社 VENTURE UNITED, inc. ベンチャーユナイテッド株式会社 URL: http://www.inteccap.co.jp/in dex.html INTEC IT Capital. 株式会社インテック・アイティ・キャピタル URL: http://www.techv.co.jp/en/a bout/index.html URL: http://www.mitsui- global.com/ Mitsui & Co. Global Investment, Inc. URL: https://lne.st/ Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. 株式会社リバネス URL: http://yj-capital.co.jp/en/ YJ Capital Inc. YJキャピタル株式会社 URL: http://cybridgeventures.jp/ CYBRiDGE Ventures. サイブリッジベンチャーズ ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc. 伊藤忠テクノロジーベンチャーズ株式会社 URL: http://www.dbj- cap.jp/english/ URL: http://www.incj.co.jp/english / Innovation Network Corporation of Japan 株式会社 産業革新機構 URL: http://www.sbic.co.jp/ Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd. 東京中小企業投資育成株式会社 URL: http://www.sbic-cj.co.jp/ Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd 名古屋中小企業投資育成株式会社 URL: http://www.sbic-wj.co.jp/ Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd 大阪中小企業投資育成株式会社 DBJ Capital Co.,Ltd. DBJキャピタル株式会社 GOVERNMENT Equity (Venture Capital)
  23. 23. Startup Networking & Competitions
  24. 24. Networking & Competitions Connect, learn, and share with professionals at networking events! Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. http://tokyo.startupweekend.org/ Social Venture Partners Tokyo (SVP Tokyo) is a network of engaged philanthropists (Partners) that aims to accelerate social entrepreneurship in Japan. They offer various networking events every month. http://www.svptokyo.org/events/ Skyland Ventures Fest Tokyo (#SVFT) is a global startup event (all English). They are aiming to create a platform where "global startups meet global talents” in Tokyo. http://svft.skyland.vc/ Innovation Weekend serves as a platform to develop “global venture business originating and discover promising entrepreneurs and support them by offering a chance to raise seed money and receive other supports by linking investors and startups together. http://innovation-weekend.jp/ Samurai Incubate has been organizing startup showcase events in many cities in Japan in partnership with Deloitte’s Tohmatsu Venture Support, called Zenkoku Startup Day or literally All-Japan Startup Day. http://www2.deloitte.com/jp/ja/page s/about-deloitte/articles/news- releases/nr20140501.html Samurai Venture Summit is one of biggest conferences gathering more than 100 companies including startups, venture capitalists, incubators. http://samurai-venture- summit.asia/ StartUP Engine is an networking event for anyone interested in staring new business. http://startup- engine.com/event/731 HackerNews is held monthly, and there is usually a good mix of Japanese and foreigners, and programmers and business types. https://hntokyo.doorkeeper.jp/ Major Networking Events
  25. 25. TechCrunch Tokyo Nov http://jp.techcrunch.com/events/ Seedstars Tokyo Oct http://www.seedstarsworld.com/startup-competition/ Networking & Competitions Year-round pitch event: Tohmatsu Ventures Support’s Morning Pitch (every Thu; https://www.facebook.com/MorningPitch) IE KMD Venture Day Tokyo Dec http://www.venturedaytokyo.com/ SEMICON Japan (Innovation village) Dec http://www.semiconjapan.org/ja/node/3586 START UPPER CONTEST Dec http://osaka-startupper.jp/ Samurai Venture Summit 2-3 sessions /year http://svs10.reacher.jp/ Infinity Ventures Summit 2 sessions /year http://www.infinityventures.com/ivs/ TOKYO STARTUP GATEWAY 2 sessions /year http://tokyo-startup.jp/about SF Japan Night 2 sessions /year http://sfjapannight.com/ RISING EXPO Jun-Aug; http://www.rising-expo.com/en/ Microsoft Innovation Award Jun https://www.microsoft.com/ja-jp/ventures/mia15/ B Dash Camp Sep http://bdashventures.com/en/events/ Mashup Award Oct-Nov; http://ma9.mashupaward.jp/ NES STARTUP COMPETITION Apr http://nes.jane.or.jp/en/pitchevent SLUSH ASIA Apr http://asia.slush.org/ AEA(Asian Entrepreneurship Award) May http://www.fdc.or.jp/aea2015/en/index.html Innovation Weekend (Tokyo; Osaka) 2 sessions /year http://innovation-weekend.jp/ Decoded Fashion Startup Summit (Tokyo) Year-round in worldwide http://japan-bmc.com/2015/english-page/ CONNECT ENTERPRENEOURS AND INVESTORS! PRESENT YOUR IDEA TO THEM! - Pitch events and competitions offer great opportunities to fundraise and network. Major Pitch Event & Competition
  26. 26. Startup Places
  27. 27. Support Places & Co-working Spaces Area Area Area Area STARTUP CAFE Offered by Fukuoka city Free consulting services for startups, network events & shared working spaces are available http://www.startupcafe.jp/index. html OITA CITY INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT PLAZA Offered by Oita city 24h accessible private office rooms with reasonable price http://sangyo.horutohall-oita.jp/ ASHISUTA Offered by Sendai city Free consulting services for startups & various seminars to support startup business are provided http://www.siip.city.sendai.jp/ass ista/index.html IBPC(International Business Promotion Center) Offered by Osaka city Support services to potential incoming businesses & temporary offices etc are offered http://www.investosaka.jp/en/ind ex.php S-CUBE Offered by Sakai city (Osaka) Free consulting services for startups, network events & shared working spaces are available http://www.s-cube.biz/index.html ITABASHI-KU KIGYOUSHIEN FORUM Offered by Itabashi-ku (Tokyo) Consulting services, network events & shared working spaces are available http://www.itabashi-kigyou.jp/ CHIBA-LABO Offered by Chiba city Co-working office spaces, consulting services & various seminars/events to support startups are provided http://www.chiba-labo.jp/ F-SUS YOKOHAMA Offered by Yokohama city Office spaces, consulting services, & networking events for female startups. http://www.idec.or.jp/kigyo/wom an/index.php HAMAMTSU KIGYO-KA CAFE Offered by Hamamatsu city Free consulting services & networking events/seminars for startups http://www.hamamatsu- startup.com/ Major Startup Support Public Facilities
  28. 28. Support Place & Co-working Space Place name URL Area City Share Office Meeting Space Senier/ event Space Consulting Servise event Learning Opportunity Share house Sendai cocolin ● ● ● - ● ● - http://cocolin.jp/ Sendai IRORI ISHINOMAKI ● ● - - - - - http://ishinomaki2.com/v2/english/ Sendai SOCiAL Laboratory ● ● ● - - - - http://socilabo.com/ Kisennuma co-ba kesennuma ● ● ● - - - - http://ima210.com/co-bakesennuma/ Kisennuma Coworking!@Ishinomaki ● ● ● - ● ● - http://cwyappesu.jimdo.com/ Tokyo BOAT ● ● - ● - ● - http://boat.voyagegroup.com/ Tokyo Hatch Cowork + KIDs ● ● - - - - - http://hatchcowork.com/space/ Tokyo Venture Generation ● ● ● ● - ● - http://www.venturegeneration.jp/about Tokyo HUB TOKYO ● ● ● - ● - - http://hubtokyo.com/ Tokyo PORTAL ● ● ● - - - - http://www.hituji.jp/portal/ Tokyo HAPON Shinjyuku ● ● ● - - - - http://hapon.asia/shinjuku/ Tokyo WILLFU Startup Village ● ● - - - ● ● http://willfu.jp/startup_village/ Tokyo Tokyo Share Shirogaredai - - - ● - - ● http://irodorifactory.com/shirokanedai/ Kanagawa BUKATSUDO ● ● ● - ● ● - http://bukatsu-do.jp/about/index.html Chiba KOLI ● ● ● - ● ● - http://koil.jp/en Osaka Osakan ● ● ● ● ● ● - http://www.osakan-space.com/ Osaka Bluetas ● ● ● - ● - - http://bluetas.com/ Osaka CommonPlace ● ● ● - ● - - http://thecommonplace.the-place.jp/ Osaka Kowledge Capital ● ● ● - ● - - http://kc-i.jp/facilities/salon/p02.html Osaka GVH#5 ● ● ● - ● - - http://www.gvh-5.com/ Osaka FACTO ● ● ● - - - - http://facto.jp/ Osaka SHIGOTOBA BASE ● ● ● - ● - - http://shigotoba-base.com/#service011 Kobe Plug078 ● ● ● - ● - - http://www.plug078.com/ Nagoya My Café ● ● ● - ● - - http://www.nagoya-mycafe.com/index.html Kyoto oinai Karasuma ● ● ● - - - - http://oinai-karasuma.jp/ Fukuoka OnRAMP ● ● ● - - - - http://onramp.jp/ Fukuoka TENJIN COLOR ● ● ● ● ● ● - http://tenjin-color.jp/ Kitakyushu Fabbit ● ● - - ● - - http://fabbit.in/ Kitakyushu Himitsukichi ● ● ● - ● - - http://xn--ces3r67g0s5b.net/ Kumamoto Mirai Kaigishitu ● ● ● ● ● ● - http://mirai-k.or.jp/ KANSAI Area KYUSHU Area Location Major Services TOHOKU Area KANTO Area Major Co-working Office & Share House
  29. 29. Support Place & Co-working Space URLLocation Nationwide Site Name Note Nationwide http://tsukuruba.com/co-ba/co-ba [Operator] Tsukuruba Inc. [Note]10 places in many parts of the nation are available by becoming a co-ba networking member. Coworking.com [Operator] Coworking.com [Note]One of large co-working office searching site in Japan. http://co-work-ing.com/ Nationwide the incubator [Operator] BUSINESS BANK GROUP, INC. [Note]The site introduces 637 rental offices and public Incubation facilities. http://the-incubator.jp/office/official/tohoku/index.html Nationwide e Share Office [Operator] Bizceed co.ltd [Note]Information of share offices, co-working spaces, and rental offices throughout the nation are available. http://eshareoffice.jp/ Tokyo About Tokyo Office [Operator]Real Tokyo Estate [Note]Information of a number of unique, qualified share offices and rental offices in Tokyo is provided. http://www.tokyorealoffice.jp/ Tokyo The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Official Site [Operator]The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry [Note]The site introduces incubation facilities in Tokyo https://www.tokyo-cci.or.jp/entre/sisetsu/ Useful Co-working Office Searching Site
  30. 30. Startup Recruitment
  31. 31. Recruitment URL 9 Green Green is the largest career site in IT and Web industries in Japan. https://creww.me/ja http://www.green-japan.com/ TalentBase Atrae, Inc., an operator of TenantBase, officers the recruitment service by using computer-based matching system which can access more than 5 million social data. 8 Combinator Combinator offers an opportunity to meet with Over 50 professional startup companies in Japan. https://www.combinator.jp/ 6 Creww Creww is one of largest startup communities in Japan and offers matching servises for startups. https://talentbase.io/ 5 Startup The site is operated by PE&HR Co.,Ltd. to match between starup copampanies and venture-minded job seekers. http://www.s-venture.jp/ 4 Ambitious The site is operated by Wild Card Co., LTD. to match between starup copampanies and venture-minded job seekers. https://b-ambitious.jp/ 3 WANTEDLY Wantedly is a hotbed for startups looking for employes and for aspiring founders looking for each other. https://au.wantedly.com/about/overview 2 Justta Justa is an English-language jobs board catering exclusively to the Japanese startup community. https://justa.io/en 1 AngelList Over 2,200 companies have hired candidates from AngelList. https://angel.co/tokyo/jobs Site Name Note 7 Major Recruitment Site
  32. 32. Startup Visa
  33. 33. Visa Foreign nationals with the following residential status are permitted to work in Japan. Residential statuses permitted to work in any type of industry or job: "Permanent Resident", "Spouse or Child of Japanese National", "Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident" and "Long term Resident" Foreigners having one of the above residential status are completely free to engage in any type of activities in Japan. They are free to do any type of job and also to change it if they wish. Residential status with which people are permitted to work within the limit of certain types of job, industries or job contents: "Professor", "Artist", "Religious Activities", "Journalist", "Business Manager", "Legal/Accounting Services" "Medical Services", "Researcher", "Instructor", "Engineer", "Specialist in humanities and International services", "Intra-company transferee", "Entertainer", "Skilled Labor" and "Designated Activities"(under this status, it is permitted to work only in the activities designated by the Ministry of Justice, such as those on the working holiday scheme or in technical intern training program) Foreigners having one of the above residential status can receive job counselling and placement service. However, please note that even with this residential status, if he/she wishes to execute an income-generating business or receive remuneration in a different kind of residential status, then this person must obtain a permit for extra-status activities or change his/her residential status. [Note] Foreign nationals with the following residential status can not work in Japan unless they obtain a permit for extra-status activities: "College Student", "Pre-college Student" and "Dependent" Foreigners with the above residential status are not allowed to engage in income-generating business nor receive remuneration. In case the foreigners with the status of "College Student", "Pre-college Student" and "Dependent" wish to work must obtain a permit for extra-status activities from the Immigration Bureau before they start working. However, the permission is given only when it is clear that such activity does not affect his/her primal activity. Part-time job by college students and pre-college students is permitted to be within the scope that will not be a hinder to their study which is their primal activity. For example, college students are permitted to work up to 28 hours a week (occasional students and research students, up to 14 hours a week). Besides, part-time job by pre-college students has to be within four hours a day. Basic Information for Foreigners Working in Japan
  34. 34. Visa The most common way to start a business in Japan is to get an BUSINESS MANAGER VISA. [Authorized Activities] Applicants can allow starting or investing into a business in Japan, or managing business on behalf of foreign investors. [Basic Requirements] Applicants must first secure office space and prepare at least 5 million yen capital to invest in the business or hire at least two full-time workers before they even apply for it. In Japan, there are basically three ways for foreigners to run a company. One is to have an business manager visa. The second is to receive permanent residency and the third avenue is to marry a Japanese. To attract more foreign investment and help grow the economy, Japanese government is looking to encourage more foreigners to start their own businesses in Japan by easing visa requirements in specially designated zones. Uprated Visa Information is available on Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s Web site: http://www.mofa.go.jp/index.htm ACROSEED Co. LTD [Location] Tokyo [URL] http://www.kigyojapan.com/index.html Visa Application Support Agents Shiodome Partners Group. [Location] Tokyo [URL] http://www.tokyoto23ku.com/en/index.html NAKAI IMMIGRATION SERVICES LPC [Location] Osaka [URL] http://mu9noki.com/gaikokujinnkigyou/ Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents [Location] Tokyo [URL] http://www.immi-moj.go.jp/info/index.html Business Manager Visa
  35. 35. Startup Resources
  36. 36. Other Resource URLCategory Site Name Note 1 Startup News TECH IN ASIA A general site for startup news in Asia including Japan. https://www.techinasia.com/tag/japan/ 2 Startup News THE BRIDGE A general site for updated startup news in Japan. http://thebridge.jp/en/news/ 3 Startup News THE STARTUP It presents current startup trends in Japan, especially focusing on new product release and funding news. http://thestartup.jp/ 4 Startup News STARTUP X An Interactive site for statup-minded people, which is oprated by Nikkei Inc, a major Japanese newspaper company. http://pr.nikkei.com/stux/ 5 Startup News TechCrunch Japan It provides startup news in Japan with mainly IT startups. http://jp.techcrunch.com/ 6 Startup Information Japan External Trade Organization The Japan External Trade Organization, is a government- related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. http://www.jetro.go.jp/en/invest/ 7 Startup Information Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners It offers useful information for Foreigners who seek employment in Japan and Foreign nations with eligible work visas. http://tokyo-foreigner.jsite.mhlw.go.jp/english.html 8 Startup Information Japan Entry 101 A wiki for startups that aim to expand their business to the Japanese market. http://www.jpentry101.com/ 9 Startup Information Startup Innovators A blog for entrepreneurs to access useful legal and practical information on venture capital ecosystem, fund- raise, and so on. http://startupinnovators.jp/ Useful Web Site