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Improbable objects

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Speaking activity, easy to use in class.

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Improbable objects

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  12. 12. POSSIBLE USE IN CLASS  Ask a student to describe the object he/she sees to the others, without necessarily naming the item. They must use their imagination to mentally visualise the object.  Working in groups, students describe how these objects can be used.  Finally we can ask the students (depending on their age) to draw and / or create a new improbable object. These are of course only a few possibilities, don’t hesitate to add some comments if you have more suggestions! Jo M English
  13. 13. These exercises were largely inspired from a book I discovered at a book fair: les objets introuvables, by Jacques Carelman. Of course with all sorts of new technologies a lot of people have created - if only digitally - a good deal of those virtual improbable objects. You may find a few yourselves on the internet! Contact details: josette.molle@gmail.com Don’t forget to write ‘English ideas’ in the object so I know this is not spam!! Looking forward to hearing from you. You can also find me on LinkedIn Jo M English