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  1. 1. GUINNESS & COMMUNITIES GIUINNESS staff repairing roads with the community in Douala - Cameroon
  2. 2. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY MANAGEMENT. SOME PROJECTS I MANAGED FROM 2003 - 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility is a process by which corporate bodies conduct business whilst acting in the interest of the society. From 2003 to 2010, as pioneer team member working closely with the Director of Marketing (2003-2005) and Director of Corporate Affairs and London team (2006-2010), I managed the CSR agenda of Guinness Cameroon S.A, a Diageo group specialised in fabricating and commercialising famous alcoholic beverage brands across the world. As PR Projects Coordinator in Marketing, then CSR & Communications Manager in Corporate Affairs, my job included Community Relations, Employee and External Stakeholders’ Engagement on various related PR activities like Responsible Drinking Awareness, which I will present separately. In this presentation, I will be showcasing part of my activities on the Guinness & Communities Agenda, that forms part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Guinness Cameroon officially launched the GUINNESS WATER OF LIFE PROJECT, during the “World Water Day” celebrations in 2002, whereby through the Diageo Foundation funding, engaged in financing water projects in 8 villages in the highly enclave Upper Bayang Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary in the South West Region of Cameroon. This project fell in line with Guinness Cameroun S.A and Diageo’s contributions towards conservation of the environment for which they operate and helping these communities to fight against water-bone diseases caused by scarcity of water. This kicked off in March 2002, with Wildlife Conservation Society as Technical Partner. An inauguration ceremony was organised at the end to celebrate with each community. GUINNESS & COMMUNITIES
  3. 3. The eight communities in the South West Region of Cameroon involved were:  Ntale, Etodi, Mangwekan, Tangang, Bambe, Ntenmbang, Sumbe and Defang. In 2003, the first phase of Guinness Community projects initiative baptised the GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECT, was launched in grand style, with important government, media, community, consumer and other Public Relations stakeholder partners engaged in the process from launch, selection, work kick-off, to projects inaugurations.  11 communities benefited from this corporate initiative. PROJECTS USER POPULATION  Quartier Gentil bridge project New Deido Douala - 75.000 in 3 quarters  School construction in Poumdze Baham in the West - 6.000 in 2 villages  School construction projects in Demsa Garoua in the North - 3000 in 4 villages  Rural Electrification in Nkolnda Ayéné in the Centre - 300 in 4 villages  Bridge project at Sodibanga in Nyong et Kellé – Centre - 3200 for 9 villages  Hygiene and Sanitation in Kouogouo Bafoussam in the West - 2000  Water boreholes with manual pomps at LogNkoll Sanaga Maritime - 5000 for 4 villages  Water tank & stand taps in Ngomgham in Bamenda North West - 4500 for 4 villages  Water tank & stand taps in Lolodorf in the South - 2000 for 6 villages  Rural Electrification at Bafia in the Centre 16000 for 15 villages  Health Centre renovation and equipment supply in Njungo in the South West 5000 for 10 villages TOTAL : 122.000 Beneficiaries GUINNESS & COMMUNITIES
  4. 4. In 2004, the second edition of GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECT project was launched. To sustain this longlasting community initiative, Guinness Cameroun S.A engaged in contributing a total amount of 150 million FCFA and 10 projects were selected with the help of an independent jury comprised of respectable personalities across all walks of life. A community development partner (Association pour la Promotion des Initiatives Communautaires Africaines) supported us technically in analysing projects relevance, carrying out feasibility studies to select the best projects and accompanying us on the field. In 2005, projects comprised:  Construction of water supply tank and stand taps at Ngomgham North West Region  School building with equipped classrooms in Demsa North Region  Water tank rehabilitation and construction of stand taps at Bomono Littoral Region  Construction of water retention flabs at Soulédé Far North Region  Water tank and stand taps in Bertoua East Region  Water boreholes with manual pomps in Meiganga Adamaoua Region  Water boreholes with manual pomps in Nkolbikon I Bertoua East Region  Water tank and stand taps in Foumbot Noun West Region  Water tank and stand taps in Mezam North West Region  Water tank and stand taps in Kassalafarm Douala Littoral Region See some pictures attached. NB: beneficiaries data not available here. GUINNESS & COMMUNITIES
  5. 5. In 2006, following a global issue on water, Diageo decided to launch a special program concentrated on water called the 1 MILLION CHALLENGE PROGRAMME ON WATER. This intended to provide water to at least 1 million Africans every year till 2015. From 2006 to 2010 when I left, total focus was placed on water supply projects. The following water projects were launched:  Ekombe Bondji South West Region  Water tank and stand taps in Mouko East Region  Water borehole, tank and stand taps in Nkolve Centre Region  Water borehole rehabilitation, tank and stand taps in Mouko Mbam et Kim Centre Region  Water borehole, tank and stand taps in Nkolnyada Centre Region  Water tank and stand taps in Garoua Boulai East Region  Water tank and stand taps in Doume East Region  Water borehole, tank and stand taps in Fangoum Batie West Region Total Beneficiaries: About 166 936 people NB: All projects are situated in communities around 10 regions of Cameroon. Some pictures attached. GUINNESS & COMMUNITIES
  6. 6. SOME GUINNESS WATER OF LIFE 2002 EDITION PROJECTS Project inaugurations: Team treak 5 hours to Tangang project (above) & Etodi (below – first tap in the village), South West Cameroon in 2005
  7. 7. GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECTS Water tank in Foumbot Noun, West; water at last! (above), Meiganga Adamaoua Region, school purpils celebrate water with their partner Guinness (below)
  8. 8. Bomono Douala Littoral celebrates water (right). MD of Guinness hands over keys to community (right) Tank officially unvailed (below) GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECTS
  9. 9. GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECTS The huge Lolodorf (South Region) Water network distribution tank (above), its catchment (left below) and community celebrating (below right)
  10. 10. Bamenda Ngomgham project launch with government officials present (extreme left) Work starts with employees joining in (middle) Completed tank on a festive mode (extreme right) GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECTS
  11. 11. Water splashes on World Water Day celebrations 2009 in Douala! Employees join community in digging trenches to channel water (below) Tanks ready (above), young girls can now carry water without pain (below extreme right) GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECTS
  12. 12. Bamenda Nkwen Community crowns MD, Guinness Water Ambassador and Josephine Yelang local elites in recognition of the excellent collaboration with village committee on implementation of their project Happy children - water at last! Village Chief happily taking the first sip 50M cube tank inauguration
  13. 13. One of the 8 Water conservation points in Soulédé Maroua Far North Cameroon Conservation point absorbing water for use during draught period GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECTS Soulédé suffers from acute water scarcity caused by draughts. Children digging sand to fetch for the precious liquid (above) Yes, Nkolbikon I Bertoua population enjoys water at last!
  14. 14. WATER, A BUSINESS IMPERATIVE WORKSHOP IN DOUALA, CAMEROON 2009 ENGAGING EXTERNAL STAKEHOLDERS Two Days-Conference participants Team developing strategy to further engage stakeholders on their responsibilities on water agenda
  15. 15. Celebrating Quartier Gentil Douala Littoral bridge (above), former bridge by the side, Villagers rejoice in having a bridge at last at Sodibanga village, Centre Region (below) GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECTS BRIDGES
  16. 16. GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECTS CLASSROOMS Launching work on the school building project at Demsa Garoua North (above) Purpils celebrating brand new/equiped classrooms at Demsa Garoua North Region (above & below) Official hand over ceremony to community
  17. 17. GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECTS RURAL ELECTRIFICATION Celebrating the completion of electrification project at Mefou Afamba Launch of electrification project at Mefou Afamba Centre Region Cameroon
  18. 18. HEALTH CENTRE RENOVATION AND EQUIPMENT At Njungo South West Region, the Dr happily presents one of the many equipment received from Guinness (after renovation of the health centre) Happy community celebrates and crowns MD « Chief Mokuté » (below). Community showers « Chief Mokuté » with blessings (above) GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECTS
  19. 19. Proceeds from waste transformation into organic manure project in Kouogouo village, West Region GUINNESS COMMUNITY FUND PROJECTS WASTE TRANSFORMATION
  20. 20. Tree planting: MD and employees enriching communities in Limbe (South West) and Douala, Littoral Region, Cameroon as part of PR activities to kick off the annual management conference OTHERS: TREE PLANTING PROJECT 2010
  24. 24. Recognition for Best Exposition on CSR in International Exhibition A well done from MD Guinness Cameroon S.A – my last day in Guinness on the 30th September 2010 SOME RECOGNITION!