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Writing Portfolio - Joseph Hoye

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Professional portfolio of writing - covers general business profiles, interviews, theatre reviews, SEO product rewrites, complex subjects made simple, straight reporting, editing and InDesign. Oh... and coffee, of course.

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Writing Portfolio - Joseph Hoye

  1. 1. Portfolio... Joseph Hoye writer, editor, coffee fiend© Joseph Hoye. 2011 1
  2. 2. The Chosen OnesThe Milk In Your Coffee 3 The pieces in this portfolio are a cross sectionFirst appeared in NZ News UK of some of the work that I have created since 2009. All of the writing is my own, as are theThe Butler: a review 4 photos unless otherwise stated.First appeared in NZ News UK A large part of this body can be found onlineThe Coffee Masters 5 from my time as editor of New Zealand News UK, a publication that’s been around sinceFirst appeared in NZ News UK 1927.Peta Mathias: a side dish 7 But I have also contributed to magazines, rewritten SEO product reviews, ghostwrittenFirst appeared in NZ News UK a non-fiction manuscript and, as seen on the final page, edited a short story anthology.Villa Maria 9 Each piece shows off a different style or voice.First appeared in NZ News UK So the first piece presents complex info in a simplified manner, Coffee Masters gives aStarting a Business 11 general business profile, Christchurch Re-First appeared in NZ News UK membered is an emotive first-person account while Step Up For Christchurch is straightChristchurch Remembered 13 reportage.First appeared in NZ News UK The View From... seems innocuous at first but pays testament to some creative editing. TheStep Up For Christchurch 15 piece required 200 words max but the sub- ject wrote 300 words per question.First appeared in NZ News UK The portfolio was created using InDesign -Open House 16 take note that I can drive it, along with MS Office and Photoshop (plus I easily adapt toFirst appeared in International Paper Board Industry new content management systems).The View From... 17 Finally, I make no apologies for slightly over-First appeared in A&B: ACCA magazine representing coffee in this portfolio. Coffee keeps my world revolving, not just the im-Camera Copy Rewrite 18 bibing but also the hunt to find or brew the perfect cup.Sold to writing agency Use me when you need engaging copy forTravel Copy Rewrite 19 your website, business, magazine or book.Sold to writing agency Contact: joseph.t.hoye@gmail.comAll copy and images © Joseph Hoye unless stated. This portfolio was created using InDesign 5.5© Joseph Hoye. 2011 2
  3. 3. The Milk InYourWhy does cow’s milk make Coffeecoffee taste even better than italready does? Like love, it’s all out. Lower fat will give youabout the chemistry! easier foaming ability while higher fat will give you a raptur-A lot of it has to do with lactose, ous taste experience.which is not good news for thelactose intolerant. • More fat – less foam – more tasteLactose is a sugar, in this case acombination of galactose and A good barista will be able toglucose. For the science geeks extract foam from just aboutout there, it’s C12 H22 O11. any cow’s milk. Test your local café and see if the coffee makerSugar is soluble - it dissolves in can get decent foam from fullwater. More so when it has been strength milk.heated. Thus, heating milk is go-ing to make it taste sweeter. Always make sure your barista is making your latte, flat white or• Milk – naturally sweet. cappuccino from scratch – with• Hot milk – naturally fresh, cold milk.sweeter. Why?Milk also contains various levels As milk is heated up, the pro-of fat. And fat is a flavour carrier. teins change shape. Remember,It’s the troop transporter of the it was the proteins that allowedculinary world. If you are truly the foaming to take place. If theworried about calorie count- proteins have changed shapeing, stick to espresso or non-fat once through heating, theymilk. If your coffee drinking is all won’t change back by leavingabout having the most pleasur- the milk to cool. It’s a one-way,able experience possible, don’t one-time process.quibble over full fat milk. At 4%,it won’t harm you if you’re eat- If you suspect your coffeeing and exercising well. professional is reusing warmed milk, ask for the fresh moo juice.Milk also lends itself to foam- It will taste much better anding – think of a cappuccino style after all, you’re the one payingcoffee. This foaming is due to for it.the protein in milk. Rememberyour mother/teacher telling So milk is all about convertingyou milk is a food? That’s due to an already glorious espressothe protein. Basically, when you coffee into a sensual delight forsteam the milk with an espresso your taste buds. Natural sweet-wand, hot air is trapped inside ness, flavour and tiny explosionscoatings of protein. Bubbles, in of warm air are awaiting youother words. in your next latte, flat white or cappuccino. And now you knowNow, the protein and the fat why. Enjoy!have a tendency to slug things© Joseph Hoye. 2011 3
  4. 4. This is the tale of five dinner While the play is a New Zealand guests and the butler who production, it is not about New The Butler serves and observes them. As Zealand. Writer Joe Bennet said the evening party progresses, “Its subject matter, the stuff it two other guests arrive unbid- addresses, is not especially NZ. den. Much of the play revolves Nor is it especially anywhere. around how they fit into the It is, we hope, universal… the a review party mix. Be warned - there is some nudity and simulated sex. Butler is concerned with social rules, with the gulf between public and private behaviour.” The cast are all members of the Loons Circus Theatre Company. The Butler evolved through Their athleticism is astound- director Mike Friend. Tasked ing, combining tumbling and with showcasing Christchurch’ circus skills with more conven- CircoArts school, an early The tional acting. To say they bring Butler was born. A revised show high energy to their roles is not was staged at The Loons in Lyt- hyperbole, it is an understate- tleton and then just carried on ment. gaining momentum to reach the Pleasance theatre in Lon- It is unfair to draw attention to don. particular cast members of TheTake a 2 pound Butler because each occupies The Butler is a powerful, rau- a unique role, with specific skill cous juggernaut of a produc-ball-peen ham- sets. The ‘Twisty Twinz’ Jola tion firmly aimed at adults. This and Nele Siezen, are partner is not a production suitable former and ask a acrobatics specialists, twirling children or the moral minor- from high wires and bending ity. The script often leaves thefriend to smack in ways that the human body is audience howling with laughter probably not meant to. Pascal while the action leaves themyou on the fore- Ackerman is an accomplished gasping for breath at the sheer musician amongst other things. power of the human body. Ithead with it. That’s However, two performances did will make you uncomfortablehow stunned you’ll be after stand out. as it pricks your illusions. It willwatching The Butler. make you reassess how you Tom Trevella brought an ex- behave publicly. And it willPenned by NZ columnist and tremely world-weary view to undeniably entertain you. See itwriter, Joe Bennet, this is thea- the title role. “And I, a butler in at the Pleasance before it closestre on speed. Muscular, in your the night, have seen it all.” Per- on 31 July.face and highly entertaining, haps he has but the audienceThe Butler tears away the fa- probably has not. He brings toçade of pinot pretensions to mind the melancholy Jaquesreveal the grotesqueries of our What: from ‘As You Like It’, completesocial interactions in a way that with glimpses of mischief when The Butlerleaves viewers both uncomfort- he can’t help but interact withable and in awe of the visual his diners. Where:spectacle. Sophie Ewert sings gospel A Pleasance Theatre, Isling-Think of the opening scene of Capella. But not in this show. ton, London.Kubrick’s 2001 and cross it with Here she is the attention seeker,Jackson’s Meet the Feebles. Toss using all the tricks possible to When:in a good measure of Cirque du draw focus to herself. Her laughSoleil and just the smallest hint would strip the Sistine Chapel July 9-31of Play School. That’s the start- and could possibly be mistakening place for The Butler. for a character on its own.© Joseph Hoye. 2011 4
  5. 5. The Coffee The Guardian is better in- formed, flying a reporter to Auckland to learn how to cre- ate the perfect flat white with Allpress Coffee. Four weeksMasters delay would have saved them the price of an airfare, with Tony Papas about to open the All- press coffee roastery and café in Shoreditch.Business Profile: - better than almost anywhereThe belief is that London already else in the UK. Why is London But it is not just about the flathas good coffee in Starbucks, so open to Kiwi coffee culture at white. It is about the qualityCosta and the other chains. It the moment? of coffee and the social scenedoesn’t and it’s up to us to edu- surrounding it that London is Part of the current interest in latching on to. Tim Ridley andcate. New Zealand coffee knowledge Richard Reed partners will be opening Coffee- and coffee in general lies with smiths in the coming months, the humble flat white. Tubbs a joint Anglo/Kiwi venture, and Wanigasekera of Sacred Café have done the hard yards inLondon, once a world hub in market research. Tim pointscoffee houses, with a coffee his- out that theretory dating back is a growingto the eighteenth awarenesscentury and in London ofpredating Paris’ quality coffeecoffee culture, is and that therising up from a New Zealandlong, dark age - style is seenan age in which as head andgreasy spoon shouldersdiners were above the rest.the only places He talks aboutavailable to grab people want-a cup of coffee. ing places toNow, as London- socialise thaters are beginning aren’t pubs orto accept that bars and thatthere is an explo- this is some-sion of flavour thing that Newwaiting for them Zealanders al-inside a cup of acknowledges that the big ready do withwell made coffee, Kiwis are tak- chains needed something new coffee shops.ing up the challenge of provid- to promote and the flat white fiting that high quality shot. Chris Ammerman and Miles the bill. Staff at the High Street chain EAT will tell customers Kirby, partners at Caravan inDrop into a packed café in that a flat white is just an Ameri- Exmouth Market, agree. “We’reLondon to order an espresso cano with hot milk. While any just emulating what we didand chances are great that the coffee connoisseur will cringe at back in NZ… we believe inestablishment is owned and run that description, it’s an improve- quality over quantity and wouldby New Zealanders. The service ment. Two years ago, the same rather take a little longer mak-will be excellent, the food fresh staff would have just stared ing an excellent cup of coffeeand driven by taste while the blankly at any customer order- than rushing a customer outcoffee itself will be outstanding ing one. the door with something barely© Joseph Hoye. 2011 5
  6. 6. adequate.” Their head barista,Daniel, calls a good espresso“love in a cup” and in tastinghis ristretto, it becomes easy tounderstand why. The warmth ofred stone-fruits lingers on thepalate, long after the cup hasbeen drained.One of the factors that is surelycontributing to the Kiwi con-nection is the willingness ofNew Zealanders to roast theirown beans and in smallerbatches, instead of relyingon wholesalers who are onlyinterested in volume sales. Thecoffee is fresh and the qualityreaches the high standards and Richard Reedtastes set by each café. Sacred,Coffee Shop of the Year finalistsin this year’s London LifestyleAwards, will look at roastingnext year, Allpress opens inthe next couple of weeks andaccording to Tony Papas, theircafé is just a working billboardfor the beans. Caravan havebeen roasting since Februaryand Nude Espresso built a sepa-rate roastery a block away fromtheir café near Old SpitalfieldsMarket.Richard Reed of Nude Espressoinvokes the “can-do” attitudethat New Zealanders pridethemselves on - that knowl-edge that if something is bro- Miles, Chris and Daniel of Caravanken, we have to fix it ourselves. Like all his compatriots, Rich- are ever likely to taste. With aHe sees New Zealand’s isolation ard’s enthusiasm for coffee is texture like molten honey andas a key to the growth of a kiwi infectious. “Coffee education a deep, almost chocolate taste,style of coffee. That if New Zea- begins as soon as a customer his ristretto will still conjure alanders wanted products that enters the premises.” He grins. smile weeks after tasting it.the rest of the world had, then “If they’re unlucky, I’ll talk towe had to adapt the ideas and them about coffee for hours” . And that’s what good coffee is.techniques to our marketplace. It’s this kind of “bad luck” that Not an acrid shot of pick-me-He also believes that the evolu- needs to befall London’s coffee up caffeine but something thattion of coffee culture that took drinkers more often, because lingers, that brings back goodplace in New Zealand during talking about coffee with peo- memories and keeps us com-the Eighties is happening now ple like Richard inevitably leads ing back for more. This is wherein London, putting New Zea- to its consumption and Richard New Zealanders excel with cof-land baristas and roasters in an roasts and makes some of the fee. As Daniel said, it’s love in aenviable position. most amazing espresso you cup.© Joseph Hoye. 2011 6
  7. 7. Peta Mathias “Like telling the world how to produce great kiwifruit. That was a dumb idea.” She has long conducted business in France and we moved on to the difference between settinga side dish I’ll give you this’. For women, relationships are at the core of up a business there and in New Zealand. Great food for thought networking. Men are possibly for any Kiwi wanting to move intoIn London to address more competitive in the way the French marketplace.the New Zealand they work. Men’s relationships “It’s like night and day. I had a are built around doing thingsBusiness Women’s together, whereas women’s restaurant in Paris, which drove me insane trying to run it. TheNetwork about de- work relationships are built French love bureaucracy. It’s around talking things throughveloping relation- together. Men tend to use a lot much easier and faster to open anything in New Zealand – aships in business, less words than women. bank account, a business, aNew Zealand chef, “Successful business people relationship. It’s all hugely these days are using a lot more complicated in France. It’s aauthor and television traditionally feminine qualities, much older way of thinking. Thecelebrity Peta Mathi- like negotiation and artistic Dutch are much better at doing qualities. Masculine skills aren’t business. They’re very open, inas made time avail- as valued as they once were. sex and business. New Zealand-able to NZNewsUK Men are needing to learn many ers tend to be a bit the same. more feminine skills in order to We just want everyone to dofor an interview. She stay on top of business. When well. That said, I’m not really ashares some fascinat- you sell a product, you no business person. I’m an artist, so longer sell a product. You sell I let other people run my busi-ing insights into men a story. Storytelling is such a ness now. I have producers andand women, busi- feminine skill.” publishers to do all that. They do all my marketing and I justness, food and Face- We touch lightly on the New Zea- do the job.”book. land way of business and wheth- er Kiwis have a different attitude I mention watching her seriesI ask Peta about business – what to it than other nations. Taste NZ while living in Singaporemakes someone successful and and ask how she feels about be-what it is that women in business “We’re almost naïve in the way coming recognized internation-do differently to men. She be- we share and help other people ally. And it’s now that I realise twolieves networking is a dominant in business,” and she says this things. The first is that there is apart of women’s lives, particularly with some pride. “The way New part of her that is intensely pri-in New Zealand. Zealanders relate to other New vate. And the second is that Peta Zealanders in business is differ- Mathias is becoming a Facebook“It’s a part of our pioneering ent from the way other people junkie.heritage and also stems from do it. Whenever I’m talking withbeing isolated geographically. I Americans who have come over “I found Facebook incrediblythink we start doing it naturally for business, they’re always helpful in terms of business.when we’re about five. We start amazed at how much informa- That’s why I joined. Not to tellnegotiating at kindergarten. If tion New Zealanders will give people that I’d just made a cupyou watch little girls and boys, away about their business that of tea but to make professionalthey play completely differently. Americans would keep to them- contacts and to let people knowGirls are already compromising selves. Of course sometimes we what I was doing in terms ofand negotiating at that age. make some mistakes with that food, writing and filming.They say ‘if you give me that, openness. “ She grins wryly.© Joseph Hoye. 2011 7
  8. 8. “Facebook is a feminine tool – is the obvious example of how “I just have so much to do.something that women have we mix different flavours, tech- Otherwise I’d stay in bed allalways done. Now men have niques and cuisines from differ- day. I love being in bed and it’spicked up on it. I just don’t have ent parts of the world. In fact, getting harder to get out thethe time for Twitter but I’m in a lot of the really good chefs in older I get. Sometimes I justlove with Facebook. Who would London are New Zealanders or decide not to get out. I’ll get myhave thought that someone like Australians.” newspapers and my computerme who hid from contact with and then spend all morning stillstrangers is now addicted to it. Peta pauses again to think on my in bed if I don’t want to get out. next question: whether New Zea- The great thing about working“Up until a few months ago, landers are innovators or adap- freelance is that you’re free -you couldn’t even contact me tors when it comes to food. and it provides inbuilt motiva-through my website because I tion, because you don’t have a “… I think we have very adven-was so overwhelmed by being regular pay check every month turous palates, so we’re a bit ofa high profile person. I spent to cover your life. both. We try anything and if ita lot of time keeping people works then great. If it doesn’taway from me. Then my pub- “Sometimes, when the sero- we move on and try somethinglisher talked me into joining tonin levels are low at 5 am, I else. New Zealand is very luckyFacebook. Suddenly, all these ask ‘What have I contributed, with all the different immigrantfans who might have sent an really, to anyone or anything? communities because the firstemail to TVNZ, who might have Am I a waste of space or is all thing we do is start eating theirforwarded it on to me, found of this worth it?’ That’s my Irish food. Sometimes they can’t getme and were able to say what side, which is very dramatic. a job in their chosen profession,they felt about Taste NZ. It was Then my feet hit the ground. I simply because they’re over-the first time I’d had contact have something to eat and the qualified. So they open up awith international viewers. It’s serotonin levels are back up and restaurant and we get to profitcute and wonderful because all life is fantastic. I think most art- from that.”sorts of people write to you on ists and freelancers spend a lotFacebook.” Music also plays a large role in of time asking themselves “Am Peta’s life. I on the right track? Can I do itNo conversation with Peta a better way’.” She shrugs andMathias can ever overlook food. “It stems from studying it at then says, “maybe it’s the sameIt is the base on which so much of school, under Sister Mary Leo for people with normal jobs.her public life is built on. I ask her (a link she shares with Damesif she believes there is a creature Malvina Major and Kiri Te “When you freelance, peoplenamed New Zealand Cuisine. Kanawa). Most of my books are let you know pretty quickly if about food and travel but I al- you’re doing your job properly.“That’s the big question. I think ways include a lot about music. There’s no safety at all. Somethere is. I long for New Zealand And now that I have started up people find that very distress-food when I’ve been away for my own production company – ful but I find it very stimulating.a while.” She takes a moment Redhead Media – there’s always Sure, the freedom is great butto think. “I think what we do a segment on music. We just you don’t have the financialreally well is middle of the road. finished filming a show on the security that other people have.Our produce is sparkling and south of France, due for release But I think you do have a muchrelatively clean, although not as early next year in New Zealand.” more rewarding life.”clean as we like to make out. There’s time for one more ques- She finishes with a comment that“I think once we realised that tion and I want to learn a touch frames her life.we weren’t English, that we more about what makes Petawere a South Pacific nation, our “Success? Success is determined Mathias tick. So I ask her whatcuisine changed dramatically, by what you think success it is that makes her get up eachalthough that was a world-wide means. It’s achieving what you morning. She laughs.thing. Australia, America: all want to achieve.”these western cuisines suddenly “I have to pay the mortgage.got very good. Peter Gordon© Joseph Hoye. 2011 8
  9. 9. Villa Maria The 2008 vintage caused some problems for New Zealand. An above average harvest that season plus the recession saw the price of NZ wine drop remarkably. For a brief while, New Zealand wine became a mere commodity to be traded, rather than seen as something to be coveted. People with little interest in the NewOver a cup of Kiwi-style coffee in Shepherd’s Bush, Zealand wine industry were buying up vastNew Zealand wine marketer Bernard Budel chats tanks of NZ wine and churning it out underabout New Zealand wines in Europe and conduct- pop-up labels with little thought for Branding business as a Kiwi there. New Zealand. Holland is an excellent example.For many people, Bernard Budel has the greatest Un-storied Kiwi wines that were rushed intojob in the world. He flies around Europe market- the market and were fetching 10 Euros a bottleing one of New Zealand’s best wine brands while quickly tumbled to 5 Euros.also promoting New Zealand itself. His presenta-tions showcase the wine but also extend to 2009 was a good vintage, with New Zealand’sthe land that produces that wine usual high quality on offer. However, 2010 is– Aotearoa. Every good wine de- something else.serves a story. Anyone who It was that once in a lifetime season, where thethinks wine is just about ripening time was extended by an extra montha liquid should think due to an unexpected drop in temperaturesagain. The land and at the crucial time. Mr Budel said “It’sthe story surround- just blown my mind. It’s wine oning the wine are steroids. Even old wine hands likealmost as im- (2007’s NZ Winemaker of theportant as Year) Gordon Russell havethe wine been stunned by theitself. 2010 harvest. OurMr Cellar Selection, which is one stepBudelpoints atHolland asa great place tomarket New Zea-land wine. Little wineis produced there and the downDutch are not so taken with from ourthe French or Spanish styles. Their premier Re-drinking culture is sophisticated, serve range, isthey have money to spend and are very exceptional.”open-minded. Russia is also a market with The problem thathuge potential. They love the Western style of ph New Zealand wineries otliving, and wine drinking is seen as something os up have had this year, andvery westernized. They also love anything high- pl it’s ied a nice problem to have,end, and New Zealand wine can be pricey. There is that the 2009 bottles in Europeare still some legislation problems that mean it sold out, with a month’s extra wait foris not simple to take wines into Russia but those the 2010 bottles.problems will be smoothed out long term. Russiais in many ways still a young market. “It’s not until you come to Europe that you re-© Joseph Hoye. 2011 9
  10. 10. alise how good New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is. ship from New Zealand filled with wine is goingBack home we just call it Sav, but here, it’s just so to leave far less of a footprint than a number ofdifferent from anything coming out of the Loire lorries trundling through the back lanes of FranceValley or Chile, South Africa or Tasmania, that you to the UK and other markets, each only carrying abegin to realise that New Zealand Sauvignon hundred cases.”Blanc is THE Sauvignon Blanc. Our red wines aregood, too. They sit between the big juicy Austral- Marketing New Zealand wine is as much aboutian reds and the more earthy French wines – so marketing New Zealand as it is about the wine.we offer the best of both worlds. Europe, with its Mr Budel speaks about European wine tasterscold winters, needs big red wines. It’s a comfort being captivated as much by the images of thefactor, I think,” said Mr Budel. land that the wine comes from as they are by the wines.Mr Budel moved on to address some of the ad-verse publicity from environmental impacting. “I But he has also identified a few key differences inthink we have got through the silly carbon-foot- the way New Zealanders and Europeans conductprint backlash. There has been some good work business, differences that other New Zealand-done showing rightfully that one large container ers wanting to do business in Europe should be aware of. He believes that the Europeans are a lot more focused than their Kiwi counterparts, able to plough through work very rapidly. They know how to plan something with great efficiency, then just do it with limited per- sonnel. He also admits that the Europeans have great established networks, sometimes centuries old, that New Zealanders just don’t have the history to tap into. Having existing relationships to call upon helps speed up the busi- ness process. Contrasting with that, Mr Budel points out that European business people really appreciate the openness with which New Zealanders conduct business. New Zealand wine is still very much a niche market in Europe, competing against wine produc- ers from France, Spain and Italy. In fact, just .005 per cent of the world’s wine production comes from New Zealand. That said, New Zealand wines are known for the fantastic quality they offer and are highly sought-after and much anticipated. With that in mind, if you see any of the 2010 vintage then snap it up quick and prepare to have your mind blown. Bernard Budel: photo supplied.© Joseph Hoye. 2011 10
  11. 11. Starting a BusinessSo you’re a Kiwi and you have a itself if she had done the back- Her workgreat idea for a business in the ground work while still in New with theUK. Great. But before you take Zealand. policethe plunge, make sure you take and in thesome advice from those who She also fell into some difficul- navy hashave gone before you. ties when the time came to taught renew her UK visa. After a lot Pauline a1. Do as much research as of problems, she contacted the lot aboutyou can before you arrive in the New Zealand business group how vitalUK KEA in the UK who quickly put commu- her in touch with a great UK nication2. Make sure you are legal based lawyer who only worksand stay legal. is in business, which is why she with New Zealanders. Problems is now moving into the use ofThese are the top two tips from sorted. Neuro-Linguistic Programmingbusiness presentation skills Maggie’s other tip is to get as a means of self-inspiration forguru Maggie Eyre. into your own place as soon as business leaders. possible rather than relying on She also has two further pieces friends to give you accommoda- of advice. tion. Having to pay the rent or mortgage on your own place is 1. Outsource the work that a great business catalyst. you hate doing. It has to be done but can be soul-destroy- “Kiwis speak the same lan- ing if you hate it. guage. We say how it is,” ac- cording to business coach Paul- 2. Get connected. ine Wright. “For me, the biggest thing would be to talk to the This second piece of advice people that you want to sell to. is something that both Mag- Are Britons just as passionate gie and Pauline agree on. In about your idea or product as fact, Maggie’s next book will you are?” Just because it was a be on networking. And while good idea in New Zealand does there are plenty of networksMaggie Eyre: photo supplied not mean it will translate across for Kiwis around London – Kea, to the other side of the world. NZ Society, New Zealand Busi-Maggie arrived in the UK from ness Women’s Network - Paulinea successful PR career in New “And get a business coach.” would be interested in startingZealand as well as a stellar It’s the kind of advice you’d a business network for the Kiwiscareer in New Zealand theatre. expect from a business coach, who live further north. Based inThis former artistic director of especially in dim economic Carlisle, she is in a perfect posi-the New Zealand Performing times but Pauline is not some- tion to reach down into LeedsArts Centre arrived in the UK one to ignore her own advice. and Manchester or up intoand spent her first six months Every week she calls up her New Scotland.learning the lay of the land – Zealand mentor to talk businessvaluable time that could have and it’s an appointment she Coming up with the ideas doesbeen spent on the business wouldn’t dream of cancelling. not seem to be a problem for© Joseph Hoye. 2011 11
  12. 12. New Zealanders. London has feels like glass and should be a on the back foot.seen Allpress Coffee begin winner with event managementroasting coffee beans this year. companies. So, network like crazy, do yourSo too are Nude Espresso. And research before coming overthis year Caravan became the Sandra points out that product (or before giving up your cur-first restaurant in London to launches in the UK cost a lot of rent UK job), and remain legal.roast coffee. The Sacred coffee money if you’re going to do it Three basic tips to get a newshops are going from strength properly but also agrees that business underway. If you haveto strength while the Coffee- the connections you make can further tips, NZNewsUK wouldSmith’s Collective are about greatly alleviate that. “Who you love you to share them withto open their first coffee shop know in the UK is important,” our readers.on Leather Lane – the Depart- says Sandra.ment of Coffee. One would then The problem with choosingassume London is well catered a Kiwi seasonal product likefor coffee by Kiwi businesses. wine is in guaranteeing supplyBut sometimes it’s finding the throughout the year. Pukekoquirky ideas to fill a particular Bend have a Central Otagoniche in an over-crowded mar- Pinot Noir and a Gibbston Val-ket. ley Sauvignon Blanc bottled forSandra Ledger and business them but waiting on containerspartner Chris Nathan have to arrive can be frustrating.turned to wine, with a twist to Business can be a tricky… busi-their wine label Pukeko Bend. ness. More so when setting up in a new country. Key advice amongst those who have gone before: network, network, net- work. Some people will always shy away from the so-called Kiwi Mafia, that group of New Zea- landers who are happy to re- main staunchly Kiwi-connected while overseas. The problem with staying away from them and “making a go of it on yourPukeko Bend: photo supplied own” is that these Kiwis are often very well connected in aRather than attempting to fit diverse range of industries.into an overcrowded market,they have seen how highly New Britons retain ties to Old BoysZealand wine is thought of in networks, Working Men’s Clubs,the UK then looked for the gap Conservative Clubs and anyin the market. number of other associations that allow them to network.That gap is in the single serve New Zealanders aren’t oftenPET bottles ideal for sporting given the opportunity to en-and cultural events and fully gage in these groups, at leastrecyclable – without the po- not until success is proven.tential injury that glass carries.Their aim is to take on the High Ignoring fellow Kiwis and theStreet with a great, eco-friendly advantages they can bring is toproduct. The bottle looks and put your business well and truly© Joseph Hoye. 2011 12
  13. 13. Christchurch RememberedIt’s a big church, the Roman ing. People we know, family the late Sir Howard Morrison.Catholic Cathedral of West- and friends, are homeless. The We listen, but few of us sing.minster. Big and imposing. The grief on our faces tonight canground level is brightly lit while only hint at the horrors that The Brigadier reads Ecclesiastesthe ceiling is dark, as if night Christchurch went through. But to us: Chapter Three, versesand day are both present. Up they are our horrors too. We are 1-14. I do not know if the wordsabove, the gloom barely hints at still in shock. You can see it in are a comfort to anyone. Theythe Byzantine-styled art. people’s eyes and hear it in our just seem to reflect what is - a responses. We are hurt. We cry. time for tears - and what is toThe congregation buzz and We mourn. We are not yet ready come - a time for healing.hum before the service, then to sing or laugh.silence descends ten minutes Our Prime Minister has sentbefore the vigil starts. It is not There is a season for everything, a message, expressing hisan easy silence. a time for every occupation un-It is not a congregation at ease. der heaven:Forgive me if I do not report the A time for givingfacts. Instead, allow me to tell birth, a time foryou a story - a true story. dying; a time forIt is 2am as I write. Like many planting, a timeof London’s Kiwis, it feels as if I for uprootinghave not slept for days, staring what has beennon-stop at Twitter feeds, news planted.websites, Facebook and a long A time for killing,string of emails, trying to come a time for heal-to grips with the Christchurch ing; a time for knocking down, aearthquake. condolences and sympathy time for building. and thanking us for gatheringI know. Better staring at a com- A time for tears, a time for together. He promises Christch-puter than broken buildings laughter; a time for mourning, a urch will be rebuilt... bestand bodies. time for dancing. wishes, John Key.Very few of tonight’s congrega- Brigadier Phil Gibbons will read The message is read out bytion are Catholic - possibly not these lines from the Book of Ec- Derek Leask, New Zealand’seven Christian. It is a congrega- clesiastes to us later in the ser- High Commissioner to thetion of New Zealanders, gather- vice. For now, we sit in silence. United Kingdom. He followsing publicly for the first time to with words of his own, urg-contemplate the Christchurch At 7pm, a bell sounds and peo- ing us to stand strong. He tooearthquake. Our grief is still raw.ple stand as Canon Christopher thanks us for gathering tonight. Tuckwell proceeds to the front He praises the New ZealandThe earthquake tore apart a of the cathedral before wel- community for our energy andcity on the other side of the coming us. Ngati Ranana, all in spontaneity in banding togeth-world to us but it also tore apart black, lead us in Whakaaria Mai/ er to raise money and organisesomething inside of us. People How Great Thou Art, a song that events like tonight’s so quickly.we know are dead or still miss- brings to my mind an image of He singles out this event’s© Joseph Hoye. 2011 13
  14. 14. organisers for special mention hum along for a minute before one else looks despondent. Part- Nick Mitchell, Josh Stent and everything clicks. It’s Leonard of the night’s subdued natureBronwen Horton. Cohen’s Alleluia. may have been the unfamiliar Catholic words but tonight wasBefore the vigil, I asked Nick and Then silence again. This time for the first time that many of usJosh about the service and why two minutes as we call to mind had come face to face with ourthey felt compelled to organise all those who have perished in own grief. We were never goingit. Nick answered with typical the quake. Two minute silences to clap along.Kiwi straightforwardness. “It’s usually drag on but not thiskind of obvious why we organ- one. After, Canon Tuckwell farewellsised it.” Fair play. He continued. us at the door. We are quiet. We“If we hadn’t, someone else Paddy Austin, a former Christch- greet friends, tentatively shak-would have done it. We just urch City councillor, reads from ing hands as if something mightwanted to do something.” And the accounts of some of the break and tumble to the floor.that is how we feel, thousands survivors. She manages a wryof miles from New Zealand. We smile as she fights off the tears. These are still early days for thejust want to do something. She is not the only one. “Who- New Zealand expat commu- ever thought we’d be living in nity. Over the next few nights,Nick came up with the idea tents and queuing for water,” we will gather in taverns andand ran it by his old uni mate, she reads. theatres, cinemas and cafes toJosh. They sent an email out to raise money and probably tofriends and contacts and within We sing again, this time with raise glasses; to share a tear andthree hours the feedback was Hayley Westenra leading our a smile or two, but tonight wephenomenal, including inter- national anthem. Even now, have acknowledged our griefest from the High Commission. most people listen or just as a community away from itsThen Bronwen Horton put her murmur the words. It is not home.hand up to help and the service until Hayley returns to her seatsnow-balled to an estimated to cry that I remember she’s a Tonight was a turning point5000 people in attendance. Christchurch girl. for our community of Kiwis in London. We have seen and ac-Back to the service. There are prayers of remem- knowledged the shock and dev- brance to follow. The Catholics astation in each other. We willNgati Ranana sing again. It’s in in the congregation give the still grieve; we will still weep.Maori but the tune is familiar. I correct responses while every- And some time in the near future we will come together again and officially remember the dead. But right now we will start to rebuild. To Nick, Josh and Bronwen: thank you. To Christchurch: we are thinking of you, praying for you and do- ing all in our power to help. Kia kaha, Christchurch.© Joseph Hoye. 2011 14
  15. 15. Danny Bent Warming ip The Gherkin Step Up For Christchurch1037 steps. One grey step after dominantly walkers, late entrant what we could do,” he said.the other. That is the number of Danny Bent broke through the “Today, you’ve shown them.”stairs it takes to climb London’s five minute barrier. His 4:56 mark When Mr Gardner spoke, theGherkin. was the best of the day. Mr Bent total charity funds raised had adds the StepUp4 crown to his exceeded £275,000 and was ex-On Sunday, 22 May, 1000 en- three World Champion titles in pected to go beyond £300,000.trants raced up the Gherkin to Bog Snorkeling Triathlons.help raise funds for Christch- For those disinclined to exer-urch. A charity adventurer, he has also tion, there was also an option recently completed a 15,000 km to pay to take the lift to the topMajor sponsors of the race bike ride from England to India. floor.and Gherkin co-owners Evans His book chronicling the trek,Randall hosted a day of racing, You’ve Gone Too Far This Time, Back on the ground, performersmusic and Kiwi food and wine Sir, is just short of best-seller kept a party-like atmospherein an effort to raise £250,000. status. He plans to cycle to the going. Opera trio Elysium 3 North Pole in 2013. wowed the crowd throughoutRunning in the first wave, Ru- the day. Maori performancepert Sanford-Scutt set the time First woman to the top, in an im- group Manaia coaxed volun-to beat of 5:02 minutes. The pressive 5:46, was Gillian Banks. teers on stage and led them innewly qualified teacher had re- the haka Ka Mate. Troubadorscently returned from Auckland Kent Gardner of Evans Randall Laura Tapp and Matt Mitchin-and was delighted to head the addressed the crowd, thank- son also produced sterling setsleader board. ing them for their support. “We filled with some classic Kiwi wanted to show Christchurch songs.In the penultimate wave of pre- Rupert Sanford-Scutt Kent Gardner© Joseph Hoye. 2011 15
  16. 16. Open House 32 Italian heading Article Open House OPEN HOUSE IN LUCCA FOR SCA CELEBRATING ONE MILESTONE MAKES FOR A GOOD EVENT, CELEBRATING SEVERAL MILESTONES MAKES THAT EVENT SPECIAL. A A report by fter a couple of tough years, SCA SCA for making its home in Lucca. He stated that Joseph Hoye Packaging in Lucca, Italy have plenty to businesses like SCA played a great part in alleviating celebrate and did so in style during their the effects of poverty felt in the region by the recent open house. Customers, suppliers and special downturn of the economy. guests were invited to the event in Lucca, Italy’s Signore Stefano Bacelli, President of Lucca traditional heart of paper-making, for presentations, province, related how he had been present at the mill interactive modules and an exclusive walk-through when its roof had collapsed in 2009. He mentioned of the paper mill. that he was both amazed and impressed by how the The event acknowledged the complete staff of SCA Lucca managed to turn the disaster refurbishment of SCA’s PM2 and celebrated the around, returning to peak productivity in just four return of their mill to full productivity after the roof months. He too thanked SCA for its continued INTERNATIONAL PAPER BOARD INDUSTRY JULY 2010 caved in one year ago. The introduction of two new presence and economic input into the area. products to roll off the paper machines was also The open day was was also attended by Michael greeted with enthusiasm by customers. Cronin, President of SCA Packaging. Mr Cronin Participants gathered at the stylish Villa Rossi just opened with the concept of sustainability and what it outside the city of Lucca. Introductions and means to SCA. At heart, sustainability came down to congratulations were held over a light lunch before a three factors: environment, cultures and profitability. range of speakers addressed the participants. After a “Without these three significant ingredients, we don’t general welcome by the Managing Director, Claudio have a successful business for the future,” he said. Romiti, the audience listened to two of Lucca’s He went on to say that SCA is fully committed to leading public servants. Signore Alberto Baccini, minimising its environmental footprint by leaving mayor of the Porcari municipality of Lucca, thanked the least footprint behind and maximising the scarce© Joseph Hoye. 2011 16
  17. 17. The View From© Joseph Hoye. 2011 17
  18. 18. Camera Copy Camera CopySupplied RewriteOriginal text supplied by writing agency. Title: Casio Exilim Pro EX-P700Keyword: Casio Exilim Pro EX-P700 Subtitle: Room for growthThe $599 Casio Exilim Pro EX-P700 has much to Summary: A solid effort by Casio that has some-offer users who want lots of features and relatively thing for everyone.good ease of use. And despite its poky performanceand inconveniently scattered analog buttons, Keywords: Casio Exilim Pro EX-P700there’s a lot under the hood to appeal to seriousamateurs and point-and-shooters alike. The Casio Exilim Pro EX-P700 is not the greatest performing 7MP around but it gets the job done.The all-metal, dark grey and nickel-trimmed EX-P700 is light, slim, and generally well built; despite Press the power button and the Casio Exilim Proits lack of an effective non-slip grip or surface and EX-P700 boots up in 3.1 seconds, which isn’t tooa flimsy plastic door concealing its ports, it’s easy bad but recycling click to click with flash and LCDto hold and operate, even one-handed. The optical enabled drops the performance to a poor 4.6viewfinder is more accurate than those on many seconds. That’s a long time to wait before tak-comparable cameras, but it lacks a focusable diop- ing another photo. Thankfully shutter lag is justter, essential for eyeglasses wearers. On the other 1/10th of a second.hand, its 2-inch LCD is bright, and the text menus The lens is a Canon f/2.8 to f/4, 33mm-132 mmare highly readable and well organized. The select equivalent and will take additional auxiliarydial can be easily rotated by thumb, but many of the Canon lenses if an adapter is fitted. The Casioanalog buttons require both hands to access. Oddly, Exilim Pro EX-P700 is capable of 4x optical zoom-several of the buttons are on the side, rather than ing plus 4x digital zooming but I’d rather not usethe back of the camera, forcing the user to tilt the the digital, preferring to crop on my PC at a latercamera to read the abbreviations. While the camera stage. With 7MP to play with and an averagehas a PC connector for attaching an external strobe resolution of 1475 lines, cropping is definitely thewith bracket, it doesn’t have a more convenient hot better choice.shoe.Like its predecessor, the 6MP EX-P600, the EX-P700 Daylight images are good, though they can be ahas a Canon f/2.8 to f/4 4X optical zoom lens, which fraction underexposed. Indoor flash images arehas slightly wider angle coverage 7.1 to 28.4 mm excellent up to 12 feet but beyond that, the Casio(equivalent to 33 to 132 mm in 35-mm) than most Exilim Pro EX-P700 will struggle. The Casio Exilimcomparable cameras. It has virtually the same Pro EX-P700 also struggles a little in low-lightfeature set as the EX-P600, including aperture and conditions, providing some decidedly grainyshutter priority, manual exposure mode, Best Shot images. Generally, I couldn’t wish for sharper im-Selector, and visual help cues that pop up when you ages in standard conditions. The colours are alsopress the Set button, as well as exposure, white bal- very good with surprisingly realistic flesh tones inance, and focus bracketing. One feature we found indoor flash portraits.disappointing is the camera’s video mode: It can Unfortunately, there is no RAW format availableonly shoot 320-by-240 video, though it can shoot in the Casio Exilim Pro EX-P700 but the JPEG anduntil memory is full. TIFF formats are more than adequate. The aver-It does, however, have some nifty (but less critical) age file size is about 4.5 MB large so it’s reallyfeatures, such as a world alarm clock with voice important to purchase a large SD card.message capability, a self-timer that shoots three The lack of a diopter adjustment makes the opti-consecutive images and lets you select the best, and cal viewfinder difficult for people with glasses buta month calendar that displays a thumbnail of the while the LCD screen does chew through power,first shot taken on each date. On the LCD, users can it is thankfully both bright and crystal clear...select a variety of views, including grid lines and...© Joseph Hoye. 2011 18
  19. 19. Travel Copy Travel CopySupplied RewriteKeyword: Los Abrigados Resort & Spa Title: Los Abrigados ResortI have noticed that a lot of members write reviews Subtitle: A place to recharge and revive.on Travel and Hotels and I have ruminated, it mustbe fun to able to travel so extensively. Im afraid Summary: This family and pet friendly resort goesworking in the building trades doesnt allow our out of its way to provide every facility you couldfamily to get away for vacations. Therefore I decid- hope for.ed to write reviews on some of the popular aspects Keyword: Los Abrigados Resort & Spaof Arizona, not as a visitor but as a resident. I willstart with my very favorite part of Arizona, Sedona. The Los Abrigados Resort & Spa is set in the stun-Los Abrigados, more than any other Sedona hotel, ning red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. This is a greatepitomizes what Sedona has to offer. Los Abrigados place to bring the family AND get some muchin located right in the center of Sedona on twenty- needed pampering. The spa part of the resorteight prime acres, partially located on state route offers massages, hot stone treatments, exercise179, partially on Oak Creek and strategically ad- regimes and full body skin treatments.jacent to Tlaquepaque, a wonderful collection of Surrounded by 22 acres of land, the Los Abriga-boutiques, art galleries and restaurants set within dos Resort & Spa caters for all but the mosta cluster of architecturally innovative, classically snobbish of holidaymakers. The buildings aredesigned buildings. Tlaquepaque, which started out in a Spanish style, reflecting some of Arizona’sas a artist colony in the seventies, has transmogri- heritage. Each unit comes with at least two largefied over the years into a quaint, aged, old world screen TVs, a balcony, mini-kitchen and a wet barappearing, commercial dynamo, which, settled plus space to comfortably accommodate fouramong ancient sycamore trees and other indig- people. The larger units contain full kitchens,enous vegetation, the babbling of Oak Creek and dining rooms and in some cases a Jacuzzi. Buttowering red cliffs, itself, has become the destina- the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa isn’t just for self-tion of many artists and the subject of numerous catering holidays, with several on-site restaurantspaintings. Fascinated by this intriguing, faux aged available.relic, I myself, have dabbled in painting Tlaque-paque. I admit to a certain amount of awe, when Children will have an amazing time here at thevisiting Tlaquepaque, maybe even envy, that I, a Los Abrigados Resort & Spa. There is a fantasticdesigner/builder, have never created anything this kids club available to dispel even the slightestclever and wonderful. But I digress. Back, to Los hint of boredom as well as giving the adults theAbrigados. Los Abrigados and Tlaquepaque seem opportunity to make the most of the spa ameni-to be enjoying, a very successful symbiotic relation- ties. The club generally meets poolside mostship. Tlaquepaque provides the atmosphere and days.shopping while Los Abrigados has the lodging andrestaurants. While I have not tried all the restau- For the really energetic guest, the Los Abriga-rants in the fast growing community of Sedona, I dos Resort & Spa provides basketball and ten-have tried several and have come to the conclusion nis courts, Bocce courts, a well-stocked weightsthat restaurants are not one of the towns strong room and many other activities.points. However, Los Abrigados features three fine But staying at the Los Abrigados Resort & Sparestaurants, a classy sports bar, an Italian restau- isn’t just about frenetic activity or even treatingrant and a steak house. I gravitate to the sports bar. yourself to some pampering. There are plentyI have stayed at Los Abrigados only once, in the win- of quiet secluded spaces to just get away fromter, in a standard room with two queen size beds. everything.The room rate was above average (about $185)and that was several years ago. Remember, tourist The Los Abrigados Resort & Spa is part of theseason in Arizona, is fall through spring.... Tlaquepaque community, full of great...© Joseph Hoye. 2011 19
  20. 20. cover supplied© Joseph Hoye. 2011 20