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Personalizing medicine: Discourses, practices, itineraries

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Conference Panel Presentation

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Personalizing medicine: Discourses, practices, itineraries

  1. 1. PERSONALIZING MEDICINE: DISCOURSES, PRACTICES, ITINERARIES (Panel 48) EASA Medical Anthropology Network |2017 Biennial Conference Network Meeting 5-7 July, Lisbon, Portugal
  2. 2. Context and purpose Precision medicine seeks to prevent and treat diseases according to the genetic variability of individuals and the socio-environmental context where they live. The purpose of this panel is to reflect on some of the discourses, practices and itineraries through which this goal is concretized in everyday lives of individuals and populations.
  3. 3. Presentations  Speaking Precision Medicine: Preliminary results from the analysis of the discourses produced in a conference on biotechnological applications in biomedicine José Carlos Pinto da Costa (CRIA/FCSH-NOVA)  DNA nations. Personalized medicine and its infrastructures of solidarity Ine Van Hoyweghen (Life Sciences & Society Lab, KU Leuven)  Archiving healthy and illness: conceptualisation of the body in a Portuguese biobank Brígida Riso (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa – ISCTE-IUL;