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A Field Trip to Our Partners

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A Field Trip to Our Partners

  1. 1. A FieldTriptoOur Partners We care aboutour Partners – a lot. We desire forourPartners to knowhowvaluable theyare tous. Afterall,we couldn’tdothis without them. Thismeanswe spendtime onthe phone.Notonlytalkingtoour Partnerswhoservice theircustomers, but buildingrelationshipswiththe Providers.Sometimes,thismeanswe evenattendthe webinarsour Providershosttoensure we stayup to date;sometimes itmeansreadingtheircase studies;sometimes it meansgoingoutto lunchwiththeir ChannelManagers orAccountMangers. See, TelecomBrokers wantsto leverage relationships.Truly,we are notanythingwithoutthem. Sometimes,asaPartnerSupportManager,we goonan adventure,aFieldTrip,tovisitourPartners.We love gettingtosee ourPartnersat work,runningtheirownbusinessesasmuchas we love havingthem visitourofficesforourtrainings,stoppingintopickup theirchecks, orjust poppingintosay hi. Our Partners matter. The way theyfunctionmatters. We are not here to “manager”our Partnersor treat themlike employees.No,we are here forour Partners.We are here to equipandsupportourPartners.It isin our titles, “PartnerSupportManager”. We wantto supportour Partnershoweverandwheneverwe can. It may soundsimple,butthat’sbecause itis. Support. Supportcan meandroppingoff chocolate ina mug at theiroffice tosayhelloandletthemknow we were thinkingof them; supportcanmeangoingto a brand new Partnersoffice andwalkingthem throughour website while gettingtoknow theirentire team. Support is not one size fits all and it shouldn’tevertry to be. Maybe itmeansgivinga listeningearasour Partnerscelebrate anopportunity,orventtheirfrustrations withan opportunity.RelationshipswithourPartnersare the key,because we know there are any numberof otherplacestheycouldgo to,but they are choosingtowork withus.Theirpartnershipis valuable andnottakenforgranted.We cannotdo it withoutthem. Our Partners are real people and so are we. Shouldn’tour support be personal and unique as well?