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M-Fly leadership 15-1-2

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M-Fly leadership 15-1-2

  1. 1. University of Michigan M-Fly Team The University of Michigan M-Fly team is a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aerospace Design team. The goal of the team competition is to design, build, and fly a remote controlled aircraft carrying its maximum payload over a set course. I am the Research and Development team leader.
  2. 2. The aircraft was designed iteratively; analyzing and optimizing aerodynamics, structures and controls. Our team chose a high wing monoplane with dragger tail and standard tractor configuration. A rule change requiring an electrical propulsion system gave my R & D team the opportunity to research, design and build the new system, balancing motor, battery, and aircraft weight constraints. Using electrical flight simulation software, key aspects of the propulsion system were tested and analyzed. Data was then entered into flight performance prediction software to compare design combinations and assist in predicting flight characteristics and performance over the entire range of flight.
  3. 3. To determine optimum thrust necessary to carry the heaviest possible payload, Altair INSPIRE simulation software was used to calculate the optimal thrust curve. Wind tunnel tests were conducted in the University of Michigan aerospace engineering laboratories to verify thrust measurements.
  4. 4. The SAE Aero Design competition considers communication skills vital in engineering and requires a formal design report and oral presentation. M-Fly team leaders presented its aircraft design to a judging panel. My section of the presentation (I am on the far right) focused on my team’s contributions related to the aircraft aerodynamics, electronics and landing gear. M-Fly team members actively participate in campus events to increase interest in the team and recruit new members. My efforts in the Fall semester included speaking with students about the opportunities to learn and apply engineering skills to real life engineering challenges.