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5 Tips For Any Veteran Seeking VA Disability Compensation

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Veterans Disability is a long and complicated process. There is not a lot of information provided to Veterans when they apply for compensation. These 5 simple tips will benefit Veterans who have filed for benefits already, or may be filing for the first time.

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5 Tips For Any Veteran Seeking VA Disability Compensation

  1. 1. VeteranDisabilityBlog.com 5 Tips for Any Veteran Seeking VA Disability Compensation Presented by Jonathan Edward Corra, MA Jan Dils Attorneys at Law
  2. 2. 1. Be Patient I have worked with hundreds of Veterans through my work with the firm, and the ones with a positive attitude have an easier time with their claims. If you are out of work, have bills piling up, and are suffering from a disability, this may be tough to do. Remember that you are not alone in your frustration with this process. VeteranDisabilityBlog.com
  3. 3. VeteranDisabilityBlog.com 2. Educate yourself about the Process Learning more about the process as a whole will likely make you feel more at ease about what’s going on. Most people would not go into a complicated surgery, or buy a house, without doing research first on what to expect.
  4. 4. VeteranDisabilityBlog.com 3. Find others Like You Why not discuss your VA Disability Claim with the Veterans who served with you? Perhaps your buddy has a resource that will benefit you, or the name of a great treatment facility. For Veterans suffering from PTSD, depression, or any other type of mental disability, seeking help from your peers can make a world of difference. A lot of VA facilities offer group counseling, and several of our clients claim it is beneficial.
  5. 5. VeteranDisabilityBlog.com 4. Seek Treatment When it comes to your claim, seeking treatment can lead to your it getting approved. The VA needs to know that your disability is affecting you now. Seeking treatment will show that it is bothering you. Not seeking treatment will make them assume that you are fine
  6. 6. 5. Hire an Attorney An attorney, like the ones working for Jan Dils Attorneys at Law, will review all of your paperwork, submit responses to the VA, research your case, represent you at hearings, and so much more. Disability is stressful; why not let someone else handle the bulk of that stress for you. VeteranDisabilityBlog.com
  7. 7. VeteranDisabilityBlog.com For more information, check out VeteranDisabilityBlog.com or Fight4Vets.com Jonathan is the lead writer for VeteranDisabilityBlog.com. He has been working with Veterans for almost three years at Jan Dils Attorneys at Law. Jon also manages the firms social media sites and has a masters degree in corporate communications from West Virginia University.