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Dark irregulars

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Choose your favorite clans among Kagero, Royal Paladin, Dark Irregulars and more at the online store of Vanguard Single cards.

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Dark irregulars

  1. 1. The Game of Evil and Souls Amongst many card and flash games, there is one game that is more based on souls and demons. It has a clan from the Dark Zone Nation. This clan is used in all the seasons of Tetsu Shinjou. The gameplay of these cards revolves around the number of cards increasing in their soul, and the advantage is gained on the basis of how large the soul is. The clan unit is extremely based on dark creatures from different mythologies and stories. This maintains a large soul that they feed off for the great effects. It is based on personalities like ghosts, demons, vampires and mutants. Nearly every card in this deck is based on Soul charges. The actual weakness of this deck of cards is the predisposition to milling-out. If you are careful and attentive, then it can become one of the most powerful and punching decks in the game. The list of Dark Irregulars deck differs by the grades of card such as: Grade 0- Cheshire Cat of Nightmareland x4 Dark Knight of Nightmareland x4 Blitz Ritter x4 Devil in Shadow/Greedy Hand Mad Hatter of Nightmareland x4 Grade 1- Doreen the Thruster x3 Yellow Bolt x3 March Hare of Nightmareland x2 Alluring Succubus x3 Succubus of Courtship x2 Grade 2- Emblem Master x3 Blue Dust x3 Aspiring Demon, Amon x1 Succubus of Deteriozation x3 Free Traveler x2 Grade 3- Dark Lord of the Abyss x3 Demon World Marquis, Amon x3 Bladewing Reggie x2 The deck has built up souls as ammunition for highly destructive maneuvers and violent. It's through the devastating techniques that can force cards from opponents, layering the skills together to enforce others to lay out more guards. The deck has two 11000 powers vanguards, both kings of Beelzebub and Diptera. This deck follows the make focus: It uses Stil Vampir,
  2. 2. Blue Dust, Succubus of Deterioration, and Alluring Succubus to fill the soul, and uses the Amon cards and Dorren the thruster to get the advantages. To reach the unreasonable levels with your Marquis Amon as your vanguard, you should select the boosters available, assuming you are not boosting with March Hare the perfect guard or a grade 0, all of your units reach the 15k, 16k, 20k, or 21k magical numbers. When Stil Vampir is unavailable, it can counter blast the deck that has Marquis Amon by using it only in the final turn situation. They are some of the cards that are part of the deck needs to be avoided entirely as they do not fit within the clan. They are outdated, unreasonable cost or simply useless for the gameplay. You can buy deck cards from Vanguard Single.com.au as they offer a variety of the cards and have an affordable price for the same. They have Demon World Marquis, Amon (SP) - English for $35.00, Demon Marquis, Amon "Reverse" (SP) - Japanese for $40.00, King Of Diptera, Beelzebub (RRR) - English for $3.00, King Of Diptera, Beelzebub (SP) - English for $15.00 and many more. Dark Irregulars have the incredible potential to be consistent. It has all the aspects of control, power and overall; it is most like a very entertaining deck to play. In this article we have discussed the various features of Dark Irregulars-Cardfight Vanguard Game. If you want to know more about Cardfight Vanguard Cards, you can view here: http://www.vanguardsingle.com.au/