Building A Talent Acquisition Strategy For The Ages: People & Culture

Regional Sales Manager, Federal em Cornerstone OnDemand
17 de Jan de 2017

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Building A Talent Acquisition Strategy For The Ages: People & Culture

  1. Is your Talent Acquisition Strategy Ancient History or one for the Ages? On People & Culture: Current Trends In Talent Management Digital Citizens In The Age of The Platform Economy
  2. Culture & Identity
  3. Drinking from The Cup of Nestor The earliest evidence to suggest this timeless Greek identity endured through the dark age comes from a small poem found in a most unlikely place
  4. The Bronze Age
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  9. Mentoring
  10. An Effective Fighting Machine
  11. What made the Ancient Greeks so effective ?
  12. The Story of Bucephalus Leadership Development & Commitment: • One Millennial who made his mark in history • “I can tame this horse to ride,” “It only needs the right rider”. • “Horse whispering” or natural training
  13. One for the ages: • Economic troubles and over reliance on slave labor • Over expansion and military overspending • Government corruption and political instability • Christianity and the loss of traditional values • Weakening of the Roman legions
  14. • 28 year-old biotech start-up founder Eleni Antoniadou aims to change medicine forever • NextGen alum Manolis Kellis co-leads MIT/Harvard team that’s discovered a metabolic “master switch” that controls obesity Example of Connecting Students and Young Professionals with mentors, leaders and career resources
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  16. • Building a Sustainable and Replicable Mobile 1st Approach: Search, Social & Mobile • Data Tells The Story: Aggregation & Analytics • Reputation Management: Sentiment, Personality & Culture • The Rise of Talent Communities & Employer Collaboratives: Diversity, RICs, STEM Talent Culture & Identity: Building Your Employer Branding Strategy
  17. Building Your Media Strategy: The Three Fates of Media • Paid • Earned • Owned
  18. Step One: Take an Honest Assessment Assess your employment brand from the job seeker's perspective. Step Two: Define Your Message Build a brand that reflects your company values and mission. Step Three: Transform your Employer Brand Improve your brand without breaking the bank. Step Four: Implement an Action Plan Manage your employment brand now and in the future. Building Your D&I Strategy: Workplace Inclusion & Identity
  19. Retain Your Talent
  20. • People & Culture • Optimize Resources • The New Normal • Mission Driven • Metrics & Analytics • Digital Transformation • Inclusive Diversity
  21. 28% of Americans have used a smartphone as part of a job search, and half of these “smartphone job seekers” have used their smartphone to fill out a job application Americans increasingly reach for a smartphone when they need to accomplish a variety of online tasks and looking for work is no exception. Some 28% of Americans – including 53% of 18- to 29-year-olds – have used a smartphone in one way or another as part of a job search.1
  22. Exhaust • Modeling candidates • Ad targeting options • Personas • Candidate Journey • Notions of Digital Identity: Demos, Interests, Behaviors, Connections, Contextual
  23. Digital Transformation meet Hiring Reform Sourcing & Strategic Talent Acquisition
  24. Modernizing Human Capital Management 1. Rethink HR processes and workflows 2. Focus on interactivity, and maintain the human touch 3. Think in terms of data 4. Look at cloud options 5. Raise awareness and provide training
  25. • Broaden Reach • Candidate Engagement • Qualified Resume
  26. Digitization of Your Career Paths
  27. Employee Insights Leadership Aspirations Market Perceptions Internal Comms External Affairs EVP
  28. –Johnny Appleseed “Type a quote here.” Content Created & Shared
  29. Search Engine Visibility
  30. Commonly used social media platforms
  31. Citi-States Rise STEM & Regional Innovation Clusters
  32. Major Types of Retargeting: Ads served to person based on pages visited.
  33. Programmatic Ecosystem: The Gatekeepers, Buyers & Sellers
  34. Big Data: Workforce • The Answers will be logical • Access greater pool of talent • Solutions will be fast and accurate • No skeletons in the closet • Bridge the Gap Between Customer Engagement and Employee Engagement • Organized and Easy to Reference Answers LA Tech Watch by By Rick Delgado
  35. The Engineering Challenge