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  2. 2. T OP TEN TRENDS INCUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT10. Digital Migration 9. Automating Correspondence 8. Multichannel Management 7. Targeted Marketing When Forbes looked at 10 business trends to watch 6. Marketing Automation in 2012, customer engagement was a recurring topic. 5. Platform Standardisation A more intimate understanding of the customer was cited as a key growth driver.1 You can get 4. Mobile and Electronic Billing there with a company-wide approach to customer 3. Call Centre Optimisation communications. 2. ustomer Experience C Management Find out how to create a winning customer experience and build customer loyalty utilising 1. ngageOne™ E Pitney Bowes Software. Call 0800 840 0001 Communication Suite or visit us at pb.com/engage. 1 Forbes, December 26, 2011
  3. 3. DIGITAL MIGRATION While companies would like to eliminate paper statements, customers are resisting. Leaders understand that it can’t be all-or-nothing; you need flexible options to ensure you can speak to customers in their preferred channel. When you create, manage and deploy content across multiple channels from a single platform, you earn high marks for superlative10 customer service. AUTOMATING CORRESPONDENCE Many organisations still rely on Word templates forcustomer correspondence and treat the errors associated with their cut-and-paste manual process as a cost of doing business. New technology has made it easy to create and deliver interactive documents. Drop-down 9 menus and integrated data feeds support compliance, while centralised templates expedite content updates.
  4. 4. MULTICHANNEL MANAGEMENT When departments communicate in silos, customers receive conflicting, off-brand messages and a disconnected experience. Now you can standardise with enterprise-wide systems that integrate with your core operating system. 8 Individual business units can create, deploy and send out branded communications via print, mail, email, SMS, text and social media to deliver a consistent, positive experience across every touchpoint. TARGETED MARKETING CIOs rank dirty, fragmented and inaccessible data as a multi-million pound problem – one that interferes with cross-sell, upsell and retention efforts. Today, marketers are taking a more active role incustomer data quality, leveraging customer intelligence to craft personalised, timely and relevant messages based on sophisticated insights. Now you can focus efforts on 7 persuadable segments and drop marketing costs 40%.
  5. 5. MARKETING AUTOMATION The days of designing for specific channels and campaigns are over. Now you can optimise content for every channel including print, email, Web, SMS and smartphone, through a single platform. And automatically deploy according to customer preferences using rules-based decisioning and predictive analytics. As you engage customers with 6 personalised communications and relevant transpromo messages, satisfaction increases. PLATFORM STANDARDISATION Some organisations rely on five, ten or even fifteenplatforms to manage customer communication, which leads to inconsistencies and redundant efforts. Market leaders are moving to multi-purpose communication platforms that make it easier to speak to customers in a unified voice, 5 even when communications are created by different departments, product lines or channels.
  6. 6. MOBILE AND ELECTRONIC BILLING Customers want companies to cater to their preferences, such as mail my statement or text my overdraft notice. With multichannel delivery integrated with your core systems, multichannel billing is easy. Bill payment is automated, 4 lowering the cost of delivery across channels. So today’s trend is for a customer’s Web experience to mirror their offline experience, with all communication channels integrated.CALL CENTRE OPTIMISATION Every interaction represents an opportunity to strengthen relationships, and today more companies are finding ways to turn call centres into profit centres. A 360º customer view, with real-time access to documents andcommunications, increases productivity and response time. Predictive analytics can pinpoint the best next action basedon the call context and boost responses to cross-sell offers. 3
  7. 7. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT Instead of counting on the heroic efforts of individuals, leading organisations design workflows that ensure a replicable, consistent customer experience happens routinely. Now you can cost-effectively manage, measure and monitor customer 2 communications at every touchpoint, changing processes and approaches to drive satisfaction and loyalty. ENGAGEONE COMMUNICATION SUITE Increasingly, businesses are choosing the EngageOne™ Communication Suite from Pitney Bowes Software – the only scalable, company-wide communication engine that makes it easy to engage customers across every channel with relevant, cost-effective, relationship-building connections. 1Discover how you can unify customer communications across your organisation, connect withcustomers on any platform and transform every touchpoint into a two-way dialogueSee how organisations like yours are taking their customer communications to the next levelat pb.com/engage. Visit us today and receive the latest CCM Report from Forrester Research.
  8. 8. For more information about Customer Communication Management fromPitney Bowes Software call 0800 840 0001 or visit us at pb.com/engageUNITED STATES CANADA EUROPE/UNITED KINGDOM ASIA PACIFIC/AUSTRALIA800.327.8627 800.327.8627 +44 800 840 0001 +61.2.9437.6255pbsoftware.sales@pb.com pbsoftware.canada.sales@pb.com pbsoftware.emea@pb.com pbsoftware.australia@pb.com pbsoftware.singapore@pb.com Pitney Bowes Software Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pitney Bowes Inc. Pitney Bowes, EngageOne and the Corporate logo are registered trademarks of Pitney Bowes Inc. or a subsidiary. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2012 Pitney Bowes Software Inc. All rights reserved.