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GreenRoom Agency Capabilities Deck

  2. 3 ABOUT US We’re master storytellers with the passion and skillset to move the needle for the world’s most innovative consumer brands. Our award-winning public relations and digital teams work with a vast range of companies that all share a common mission: create innovations and deliver them to the masses. GreenRoom is the vehicle that enables brands to achieve their mission of reaching customers in North America and beyond. Whether it’s consumer electronics, home & housewares, outdoor goods, food & beverage or health & beauty products, our passion for our clients’ objectives drives our ability to craft campaigns that generate consumer engagement and unparalleled results for our brands.
  3. 4 SERVICE OVERVIEW We feature a dynamic mix of communications strategies including holistic PR services, digital marketing & resources in content creation for print, web, photo & video. We help build awareness & drive sales by highlighting key vertical markets, geo-targeting regional audiences & growing communities to increase your social range. LEARN MORE PUBLIC RELATIONS • Media Relations • New Product Launches • Internal, Corporate & Consumer Communications • Media Tours, Trade Shows & Media Events • Thought Leadership • Executive Media Training • Crisis Communication DIGITAL • Content Creation • Community Management • Influencer Marketing • Paid Media • SEO • Measurement & Optimization CREATIVE • Packaging, POP Materials & Brand Collateral • Brand Style Guidelines • Graphics & Illustrations • Website Architecture & Development • Photography & Production STRATEGY • Measurement & Analysis • Customer Journey Development • Brand Audit • Buyer Personas • Experience Mapping & Customer Journey Development • Research • Brand Identity, Architecture & Positioning • Analytics Insights & Reportings
  5. 6 WHAT WE DO DIFFERENTLY A hallmark of the agency includes strategic initiatives to leave no journalist untouched with relevant story fodder. To give a sense of how we approach PR programs, the following are a few core competencies that demonstrate our team’s tactical approach: Ingratiating ourselves with various business groups ensures we’re never operating within a silo. Whether it’s knowing the correct engineer’s counsel for an award submission or working with sales teams to geo-target retailers’ headquarters, our approach to earned media is designed to achieve business goals. Beyond your dedicated account leads, each member of the account team is trained on your product portfolio and pursues vertical markets concurrently, resulting in increased coverage. Complimentary GreenRoom media tours throughout the year to brief journalists on products and brand while uncovering story arcs and opportunities for executives to share vision and insight. Weekly internal progress meetings ensure outreach and review unit management are on pace to deliver continual coverage beyond product launches. To more effectively message the narrative, GreenRoom creates short video clips to mirror pitch campaigns. Topical or seasonal in nature, these clips are packaged for the media to include in stories taking extra creative work off their plates and having a greater say in the positioning of a product. We’re experts in creating and pursuing story arcsthatresonateinarangeofmediamarkets, leading to maximum consumer visibility. We don’t “spray and pray,” but take a methodical approach to saturating each vertical market through personalized outreach. We don’t ever consider vertical markets “completed” as there are always new contacts to forge relationships with. CREATING THE NARRATIVE AGENCY CROSSPITCHING BRAND STYLE GUIDES CONSISTENT RESULTS EXTENSION OF IN-HOUSE TEAM VERTICAL MARKETING APPROACH
  6. 7 PUBLIC RELATIONS SUCCESSES Foreo is a $2 billion oral and skincare brand that needed to make a big splash in the tech vertical leading up to CES. In the six months prior, GreenRoom aggressively placed product coverage and brand stories with key outlets through the holidays and strategized for their CES debut. Results: During the 10-day CES timeframe in January, FOREO’s UFO garnered over 955,219,979 impressions. Highlights include: USA Today, CNET, Digital Trends, Engadget, Allure, Refinery29, The Next Web, and YouTube sensation, iJustine. Additionally, the UFO was recognized as CES 2018 Editors’ Choice Awards by Reviewed. com. The Holmes Report recognized GreenRoom’s work as the winner of the Best in Tradeshows & Events Award in 2019. Blast Motion was launching a campaign with Major League Baseball and the Houston Astros, and the agency spearheaded consumer media outreach to showcase the product’s ability to improve athletes at any stage with swing data insights. Results: With a pre-launch strategy in place, the agency generated coverage, executive profiles and product coverage in Men’s Fitness, Sports Illustrated, Fox Business, Engadget, Inc., Dealerscope, Sport Techie, and Wall Street Journal. GreenRoom coordinated a shoot with CNET’s video team and the Houston Astros that was timed around the All-Star game for maximum SEO value. The Holmes Report recognized GreenRoom’s work as the winner of the Lean Marketing category in 2017.
  7. 8 MEDIA EXPERIENCE Whether it’s a marquee technology journalist, consumer interest producer, or a business bureau chief, we’re a trusted resource for the biggest media outlets in circulation today. To prove our prowess, we’ve identified recent media placements via the clickable logos below. SPORTS BROADCAST CONSUMER LIFESTYLE INTEREST BUSINESS TECH GAMING MEN’S INTEREST HOME INTEREST WOMEN’S INTEREST
  9. 10 DIGITAL SERVICES With our client’s overall goals in mind we look to develop a bespoke strategy that not only capitalizes on the social platforms our clients exist on, but also pays heed and utilizes all other marketing initiatives at play, ensuring a cohesive and more effective path to success. We focus on effective eCommerce marketing including Optimization, Keyword Research, Content Development, PPC Management, Site Layout and Structure and Compelling Calls To Action, all with the aim of intentionally leading users towards the end goal: purchasing your products or services. We have expertise in creating campaigns in all aspects of Paid Digital Media from PPC to Social to Retargeting, and more. We have managed an array of e-commerce, lead gen- eration and customer acquisition campaigns specially designed to achieve our clients goals. We pride ourselves on creating successful email campaigns that are engaging, relevant, informative, and entertaining. When devel- oping email marketing plans we ensure your emails are strategic, trustworthy, relevant and coordinated across all applicable channels, creating a synergy across all of your market- ing efforts. Great content is the fuel that drives your digital marketing activities. We create content that is relevant to your audience and helps them see you as a valuable source of infor- mation! Creating clever content that is not promotional in nature, but instead educates and inspires, is tough but well worth the effort. From SMS and MMS to in-app marketing, there are many ways we can help a brand reach their audiences via mobile devices. We work methodically to find the most impact- ful ways to achieve a brands marketing goals, going beyond the traditional mechanisms to deliver your message across digital channels by incorporating mobile into the fold. E-MAIL MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA MOBILE MARKETING CONTENT MARKETING E-COMMERCE PAID MEDIA
  10. 11 DIGITAL SUCCESSES Del Monte Foods With a solid foundation, the agency created a multi-faceted program that focused on original photography, custom graphics and compelling messaging. Results: The agency created a social content strategy that conveyed the produce in such a way that spoke directly to that core audience, moms. However, in order to keep the content engaging and not alienate other key demographics, the agency ensured diversity in the content through the development of timely social activations. Within seven months, Del Monte Fresh social accounts reached new milestones in engagement metrics, as well as broader corporate goals. GreenRoom’s efforts surpassed Del Monte Fresh’s year-end goals by the end of the quarter! Over 200% increase in Instagram Followers and Over 100% increase in Engagement across Instagram & Facebook. Cleer is a designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art high- performance audio electronics. As an emerging brand they needed to create a following to validate themselves as they were rolling out a series of new products in the crowded audio tech landscape. Results: Through the creation of community building multimedia digital campaigns across all social channels, we were able to build an audience of raving fans throughout the evolution of their product offerings. In all of our digital we used a mix of product and lifestyle content to establish a greater connection between the products and lifestyle. In 2019 we launched a campaign #ownthemoment across different cities where we connected with our urban audiences and how they Own the Moment in their own lives, creating a network of brand loyalists. Through these initiatives we have seen the Facebook audience grow by over 14,000% and likewise the Instagram audience by over 4,000%. Increasing engagement rates through fresh content and messaging has led to increased awareness and conversions across all mediums.
  11. 12 DATA-DRIVEN SALES APPROACH A ROI-focused, comprehensive strategy is the hallmark of everything we do here at GreenRoom. It is all centered around a data-driven approach with an extensive A/B campaign testing process which ensures budgets are maximized and results are realized. Community building, engagement, and shopping cart engagement campaigns will be launched and measured against KPIs including page likes, post engagements, click-through ratios, and total revenue generated. A key component in successful digital campaigns is the targeted execution of social advertising spend. The GreenRoom team devises and evaluates strategies that help to drive success across all digital platforms. We strive to reach far above industry averages in traffic, growth, and conversions for our advertising campaigns. Our clients benefit from the synergy between our advertising and creative teams; by developing assets in conjunction with our creative studio, we help ensure that each campaign is masterfully crafted to reach the targeted audience.
  12. 13 BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Consumer purchasing habits are ever- evolving and we are keenly aware of trends and market forces that may impact our client’s bottom line. Our team constantly analyzes these shifts which dictates our strategic planning and success metrics. Data-derived intelligence paves the way for successful campaigns. Through customer behavior exploration, consumer surveys and even web & social scraping, our team will work with you to extract key data points valued by media and consumers to create storylines and visually compelling content that will resonate with key target audiences. and visually compelling content that will resonate with key target audiences. From launch or project reporting to monthly, quaterly & annual reporting, our bespoke approach provides our clients with full insights & analysis to not only measure marketing success effectively but also provide ammunition to continue to improve the business at large. GreenRoom thoroughly explores the competitive landscape, identifying competitor’s cross-channel marketing initiatives and seeking out opportunities for our clients to capitalize and increase their market share. Our first initative when engaging with a new client includes a granular analysis of earned media to date, a thorough industry evaluation, as well as a detailed competitor analysis to develop effective brand messaging. Insights learned from this deep evaluation streamline success right out of the gates. We identify and target audiences most likely to purchase your product. Our team compiles intelligence reports conveying insights on ideal demographics, their shopping habits and the media outlets and influencers that best facilitate their purchasing decisions. DATA STORYTELLING CONSUMER INSIGHTS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS MEASURING SUCCESS AUDIENCE SEGMENTATION MEDIA STRATEGY
  13. 14 INFLUENCER MARKETING With a footing in both traditional Public Relations and Digital marketing we are positioned for optimum success within the influencer realm. We engage influencers from thousands of followers to those with millions all focused on your target markets to drive traffic and sales. We have a robust network developed through consistent engagement we look to leverage for our clients to hit the ground running. Our influencer marketing strategy includes everything from engaging with Facebookers & Instagrammers with large followings to promote your brand by posting photos with your product. Utilizing goal-focused tactics ranging from working with prolific YouTube influencers to ideally position your brand, to initiating Instagram or Snapchat “takeovers” where the hired influence controls your company’s social media platform for a day, Our approach always includes granular research on any given influencers before we decide to do business with them to ensure they not only have the desired demographic following and reach but to also ensure they are the right fit for the brand.
  14. 15 PUBLIC RELATIONS + DIGITAL MARKETING SYNERGY Our PR and Digital departments are deeply intertwined and work collaboratively to ensure symbiosis of strategy, execution and key learnings. The result is a cohesive program that refines and expands the reach of your brand. Whether it’s real-time counsel on a major piece of earned media, competitor and industry trends or the latest insights from analytics research, the teams stay in lockstep to not only complement each other’s efforts, but advance your brand in the eyes of the media and reaching consumers on digital channels.
  16. 17 CREATIVE STUDIO GRAPHIC DESIGN VIDEO PRODUCTION BRAND STYLE GUIDES IN STUDIO & LOCATION PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGING & DESIGN ANIMATION The GreenRoom team is here to assist you in taking your digital brand into the real world with production-ready designs for business cards, envelopes, invitations, post cards, stationary, promotional materials, and more. Our experienced designers work closely to align with your vision and give expert coun- sel to offer a seamless experience that yields visually striking assets. We leverage the latest trends to create items that give your products an authentic modern feel. From pre-production to post-production, Greenroom will coordinate all aspects of a video shoot. We scour the country for ideal locations, models and music that will bring your creative vision to life. To maximize ROI, we ensure the content can be repurposed for a myriad of platforms and uses. Our experience includes logo design, col- or palettes, typography, construction grid, photography guidelines, and more. For each of these, GreenRoom will supply multiple for- mats and color formatting to enable you to use your branding in every situation - ensur- ing all of your vendors and partners portray a consistent brand voice. Custom designed for original product pho- tography, lifestyle vignettes, videos and more, our in-house studio offers the ability to pro- duce eye-catching creative in expedited timeframes. We’re also not bound by the stu- dio and identify relevant locations in any part of the country to mark and stage for a greater diversity of visual assets. We know that motion design captures users’ attention and can mean up to 86% more con- versions. Our experienced design team will create dynamic animation that communicate your message in an entertaining way. Sometimes you want your product to be featured outside what is attainable in a live-action shoot. We’re up for that challenge! Our team will push the creative limits of our brand standards, helping your product and message stand out in a competitive market- place. We employ stop-motion, gifs, flat lay images, motion graphics and additional styles to make your images sing.
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