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Builder baby bathwater

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Builder baby bathwater

  1. 1. BUILDER, BABY & BATHWATER PROPONENT, TASMANIA’S SPECIAL CHARACTER & INTERESTING PROPOSALS. Contrary to popular acceptance; our urban heritage is not in buildings and gardens alone. Our urban heritage is in manmade constructions and natural landscape. ABOUT NATURAL LANDSCAPE HERITAGE The Earth and all its resources is natural heritage (albeit seriously trashed as we know). Natural landscape heritage is relative to our making country suitable to our need, desire and taste. Landscape is what we use to create outdoor amenity about our constructions. Often natural landscape is AN IMPORTANT POWERFUL BACKDROP, CORNERSTONE, EDIFICE OR ITEM FOR OUR TOWNS. IT MIGHT BE CLASSIFIABLE AS ETHERIAL, AS MONUMENTAL OR ICONIC CHARACTER. There is a need, as far as practicable, TO PROTECT AND CONSERVE THIS URBAN NATURAL LANDSCAPE; to itemize, quantify and qualify it - as we do for buildings. In Tasmania we have itemised forest, national parks, cathedrals and city halls. Some things we have taken for granted. Some yet to be itemized are iconic landforms and prime agricultural land, modern architectures and Aboriginal trading routes. All this itemization is the heritage in our Tasmania. Much of it is Character Heritage. It is inspirational, aesthetic, beautiful, of substance and awe inspiring wilderness shaking its fist of joy in and about our towns, highways and horizons; diluting our cyber suffocations. It fosters our children, relieves our stress, brings our visitors. It is free. We deplete it we lose great value.
  2. 2. The Saudi sheiks might spend billions to copy it in their deserts. We have it free to gluttonize, sit on, trash and sell-off. Of course most of us enjoy it free for all those good reasons. LET’S DEVELOP OUR CURRENT SPARSE OFFICIAL INVENTORY OF NATURAL LANDSCAPE HERITAGE. In no order we have: Kunanyi and its Organ Pipes, the Nut, the Bicheno town boulders, Paddy’s Knob at St Marys, town rivulets. She-oaked waterfronts of the Derwent, Crescent Beach and don’t build a dramatic resort in Remarkable Cave, the Hazards, Seven Mile Beach slowly losing its virtual wilderness spit-end twenty minutes from capital city …… etcetera. These all need Conservation Plans same as we apply to buildings. The plans will identify the impact these items have on our towns, their orientations and their forms. It should not take long at all to create an essential inventory including likely character valuations subject to local modification. Rhetorical Proposal: Build a cable car takeoff on the roof of Hobart City Hall to ride to the Pinnacle. This would cause uproar for the City Hall as a sacred cow heritage item and no clarity for the Pinnacle as a useful geomorphic Hobart area urban design adjunct.