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Transformation Framework

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Agile Technologies' industry proven Transformation Framework designed to optimize the execution of your business and technology strategies.

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Transformation Framework

  1. 1. THE AGILE BUSINESS PROCESS OPTIMIZATION FRAMEWORK Agile Technologies has announced it has released the Agile Business Process Optimization Framework. This framework enables insurance companies to rapidly document and analyze the inner workings of their businesses. The innovative core of the framework is the easy to use and maintain interactive web-based presentation layer. This framework and the process analysis that it supports is a natural extension of Agile's Insurance Business Oriented Architecture. Agile’s Business Process Optimization Framework provides for comprehensive analysis and coordination of a business optimization initiative. The framework includes Business Architecture, Process Documentation, RACI charts, Implementation Plans and Transition State Diagrams. This comprehensive approach vastly improves the quality and completeness needed for a transformation project. Dan Mets, a Managing Consultant from Agile, stated, “What is most exciting about this framework is that it enables us to deliver valuable insights on complex business processes faster with higher quality to our clients. Additionally, it helps our clients better understand their existing business processes because they can visually interact with the tool.” The Agile Transformation Framework (877) 347-0228 info@agiletech.com | www.agiletech.com Bridgewater, NJ . Atlanta, GA . Columbus, OH Agile Technologies’industry proven Transformation Framework is designed to optimize the execution of your business and technologystrategiesandaddressesallcritical aspects of major organizational change for insurance carriers: • Core System Replacements • Company Mergers and Acquisitions • System Consolidations • Business Expansion TheframeworkincludesBusinessArchitecture, Process Documentation, RACI charts, Implementation Plans andTransition State Diagrams.This comprehensive approach vastly improves the quality and completeness neededforatransformationproject.
  2. 2. The foundation for this new framework is Agile’s Business Oriented Architecture. This architecture identifies all aspects of an insurance company. The Business Process Optimization Framework and the Insurance Business Oriented Architecture combine to provide a comprehensive analytical approach that rapidly identifies opportunities for business optimization. AgileTechnologies is an award winning management and IT consulting firm focused on improving the businesses of global insurance organizations. Founded in 1997 Agile enables their clients to achieve breakthrough results by leading them through unique Innovation, Execution, and Realization phases of business transformation and optimization. Combining real-world business experience with world-class technical expertise Agile Technologies provides a full range of business optimization and technology services to their clients. Agile Technologies serves their clients from offices in New Jersey, Georgia and Ohio and can be found on the web at www.agiletech.com. If you’d like more information about this topic please call 877-347-0228 or email info@agiletech.com.