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  1. 1. History Valle del Café has been established in Colombia for the past three years, prior to that, the Owners and Founding members have been involved within the industry collectively for 24 years . Working together with our partners the farmers through technical, commercial and social support endorsing all aspects of Environmental controls and developments. As roasters ourselves , we understand the need for quality as the demand for Specialty Single Origin Coffee increases. We work together with our clients ensuring quality of supply and developing relationships built on trust and integrity. Valle del Café Colombia SAS Calle 21 # 12 – 43 Ed. Torre 21 704 – Armenia, Quindío, Colombia Tel: +57 731 2289 / Mobile: +57 314 434 2539 - 311 339 5562 john@valledelcafe.com / cesar@valledelcafe.com / www.valledelcafe.com SOURCED DIRECTLY FROM THE FARM Our coffees are purchased directly from the Farmer, paying fair prices, Incentives, technical and social support, Our goal is that of working together, building and maintaining relationships with the farm and our clients Ensuring a Fair Deal for all. GREEN DIRECT FROM THE FARM TO YOUR "CUP" Single Origin Specialty Micro-Lot. Certified Co-Operative. Traceability from Farm to Cup. Sustainable and Environmentally grown with social Responsibilities. STANDARDS AND CRITERIA Our all coffees are classified as Single Origin Specialty.Sourced from one Farm, with complete Traceability Hand selected and sorted Cupped and Sensorial analysis in line with SCCA standards and protocols. Description of Farm, area, location and Coffee variety. WORKING TOGETHER WITH OUR CLIENTS we offer a unique service, enabling the discerning Roaster the opportunity in offering his clients the consumer, that experience of tasting some of Colombia`s finest Single Origin Coffees. SHIPPING - STORAGE Beans are stored in our facility in Florida Packed in 60kg (132 lbs.) GrainPro Hermetically sealed bags plus outer fique (Burlap) sacks. CONTACT US We look forward in discussing your Green requirements, Any information you may require please contact us. CONTACT US