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  2. What is nurse-patient relationship? • Series of interaction between the nurse and the patient in which the nurse assist the patient to attain positive behavioral change
  3. What are the characteristics of the nurse-patient relationship? • It is goal directed, focused on the needs of the patient, planned, time limited and professional.
  4. What are the basic elements of a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship? • Trust • Rapport • Unconditional positive regard • Setting limits • Therapeutic communication
  5. Phases of NPR: A. Pre-interaction phase • Begins when the nurse is assigned to a patient • Major task of nurse: to develop self-awareness • Data gathering, planning for first interaction
  6. B. Orientation Phase • Begins when the nurse and the patient interacts for the first time • Parameters of the relationship are laid • Major task of the nurse: Establish rapport, develop trust, assessment
  7. C. Working phase • The longest and most productive phase of the NPR • Major task: identification and resolution of the patient’s problems
  8. D. Termination Phase • Major task: to assist the patient to review what he has learned and transfer his learning to his relationship with others • Evaluation
  9. When to terminate NPR? • When goals have been accomplished • When the patient is emotionally stable • When the patient exhibits greater independence • When the patient is able to cope with anxiety, separation, fear and loss
  10. How to terminate? • Gradually decrease interaction time • Focus on future oriented topics • Encourage expression of feelings • Make the necessary referral
  11. Common Problems Affecting NPR • Transference – the development of an emotional attitude of the patient either positive or negative towards the nurse • Countertranference – transference as experienced by the nurse • Resistance – development of ambivalent feelings towards self-exploration