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Microsoft for startups 2017

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Microsoft BizSpark, Startup Programs, Azure

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Microsoft for startups 2017

  1. 1. Microsoft for Startups Joe Raio Senior Technical Evangelist
  2. 2. Joe Raio Senior Technical Evangelist DX Audience joe.raio@microsoft.com @joescars github.com/joescars Based in Miami, FL United States. Proud father. Passions are Music, Space, Aviation & all things Technology
  3. 3. Microsoft Innovation Center
  4. 4. http://www.meetup.com/MICMiami/
  5. 5. Microsoft for Startups
  6. 6. We’re committed to Startups Top Startup program accelerating Startup Microsoft Accelerators 41K active US Startups 8+ years Microsoft Ventures Fund22 US Startup Accelerators Early stage Startups Later stage Startups
  7. 7. We are located in 10 cities Steve Seow Seattle & Boulder Brian Gorbett Silicon Valley Lauren Tran Silicon Valley Anthony Kelani Los Angeles Ryan Joy Austin Jordan Svancara Kansas City Martin Schray Chicago Josh Drew Boston & NYC Tereza Nemessanyi New York Tobias Wright Atlanta Sonal Mane National Programs
  8. 8. Industry leading offers $360,000 over 3 years 25 seats for 1 year $500 Bing credit Help with your tech stack Office hours Architecture design sessions Direct engineering engagement Hackathons Access to our ecosystem 697 Global accounts 3,373 Corporate accounts 19,002 SMB accounts 2,000 Partners (OEMs, Sis, VARs, Distributors, etc.) What to expect from us Microsoft Professional Direct Support for 3 years
  9. 9. Startup Microsoft Startup Cloud Architect I’m here locally to help with your tech stack, office hours, and access to Microsoft’s ecosystem Access to Microsoft experts Virtual Office hours Limited local Product team engagements Customer introductions Partner introductions BizSpark & Professional Direct Support Dedicated BIZSPARK resource to help you activate your offers. You have access to MICROSOFT PROFESSIONAL DIRECT support for the duration of your Azure credits. 1 2 3 4 How we help
  10. 10. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms123401.aspx 19 APIs 17 APIs 11 APIs 8 APIs Tech sandbox, do more 14 APIs 350 million Windows 10 PC globally Over 1 billion Windows users
  11. 11. Welcome to our Startup family
  12. 12. BizSpark for Startups
  13. 13. http://www.BizSpark.com
  14. 14. Program Benefits Two Startup Programs For startups less than 5 years old, privately held, less than $1 million annual revenue Mature startups that are scaling their business Available to members of select Accelerators Free Azure Cloud Services $750/mo for 1 year ($150/mo for each of 5 developers) $120K two year declining Free Software and Services MSDN Subscription includes Office, Visual Studio, Windows Server and SQL Server   Support Technical, product and business training and support   MS Ecosystem Access to investors, advisors and valuable offers   Microsoft startup program benefits "BizSpark gives us the licenses for Azure, Visual Studio, and SQL Server that we couldn’t have afforded on our own. It gives us marketing support and networking support to help us reach the investors who are funding our expansion." Owolabi Olatunji Founder & CEO, Hutbay
  15. 15. BizSpark and BizSpark Plus Helping Startups Succeed Free Azure cloud services BizSpark - up $750/month FREE Azure cloud services for one year BizSpark Plus - $120,000 FREE Azure available through select accelerators With support for Windows plus most OSS including and Linux, .NET, Node.js, PHP, and Python Access to software and tools Download developer licenses for Microsoft’s most popular products optimized for startups Developer Store Accounts Publish your Windows apps for free for one year Technical Support Hundreds of free training classes, professional technical and product support plus four free phone support incidents. Scale with Microsoft Azure $120K Offer When you are ready to scale, work with our network partners, be nominated for BizSpark Plus
  16. 16. Established in 2008 Countries 165 100,000+ Members 1,500+ Partners BizSpark, Microsoft’s program dedicated to startups 35,000 Graduates Free Software, Tools and Support
  17. 17. Let us engage with you • Join BizSpark https://bizspark.microsoft.com/
  18. 18. Microsoft Azure
  19. 19. The world is changing, so are we
  20. 20. >90% of Fortune 500 use Microsoft Cloud
  21. 21. 40Azure regions
  22. 22. Azure: The Trusted Cloud More certifications than any other cloud provider HIPAA / HITECH Act FERPA GxP 21 CFR Part 11 ISO 27001 SOC 1 Type 2ISO 27018 CSA STAR Self-Assessment Singapore MTCS UK G-Cloud Australia IRAP/CCSL FISC Japan New Zealand GCIO China GB 18030 EU Model Clauses ENISA IAF Argentina PDPA Japan CS Mark Gold CDSA Shared Assessments Japan My Number Act FACT UK GLBA Spain ENS PCI DSS Level 1 MARS-E FFIEC China TRUCS SOC 2 Type 2 SOC 3 Canada Privacy Laws MPAA Privacy Shield ISO 22301 India MeitY Germany IT Grundschutz workbook Spain DPA CSA STAR Certification CSA STAR Attestation HITRUST IG Toolkit UK China DJCP ITAR Section 508 VPAT SP 800-171 FIPS 140-2 High JAB P-ATO CJIS DoD DISA SRG Level 2 DoD DISA SRG Level 4 IRS 1075 DoD DISA SRG Level 5 Moderate JAB P-ATO GLOBALUSGOVINDUSTRYREGIONAL ISO 27017
  23. 23. Azure App Service Build and scale cloud apps Web Apps Mobile Apps Logic Apps API Apps .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python Auto patching Auto scale Integration with existing apps Continuous deployment
  24. 24. Web and mobile Event-driven microservices LOB integration and hybrid apps No-code apps App Innovation
  25. 25. A/B Testing Live Update Storage Push Notifications Crash Reporting Remote Config. Identity Tables
  26. 26. A/B Testing Live UpdateStorage Push Notifications Crash Reporting Remote Config. Identity Tables Visual Studio Mobile Center Mission control for mobile apps Windows, iOS and Andriod :-)
  27. 27. Azure IoT Hub Cloud-scale messaging Two-way communication Per-device authentication Multi-protocol support Cloud-scale gateway Hyper scale IoT solution
  28. 28. Innovation at work – real world IoT use cases Electric charging stations Street sweepers Postboxes Aircrafts Auto Elevators Factory floor Oil equipment Cows Engines Vending machines Buildings Fryers Medical devices Vaccine dispensers Trucks BusesDogs Oil distribution Smart meters Internet of Things Power plant Surveillance Power tools Racing Mining equipment Smart grids
  29. 29. Azure Cognitive Services Language Speech Vision Search Knowledge
  30. 30. Support business strategy with any data Learn and engage with artificial intelligence Predict and respond proactively Data-Driven Intelligence
  31. 31. Demand forecasting Predictive maintenance Vehicle telemetry ClientsData ML STUDIO API Modeling & APIs Traditional data Web data Big data Data-Driven Intelligence
  32. 32. Litware Insurance Bot Has joined the conversation Hi! How can I help you today? Type a message… Interact in personal, natural ways Smart Recommendations, personalization, immersive experiences Infuse processes with intelligence Dynamics CRM Capitalize on hidden insights beyond your data Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Enrichment Litware Insurance Data-Driven Intelligence
  33. 33. SPEECH Convert spoken audio to text Convert text to spoken audio Extract intent of user Give me directions to the closest ATM Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech Service VISION What is in the image? Computer Vision Category People; 1 face Adult / Racy? False / True Dominant colors Accent color KNOWLEDGE Top publications in AI? Knowledge Exploration Service SEARCH Search for ‘cute kittens’ Bing Search LANGUAGE Play today’s Daily Show Natural Language Processing Data-Driven Intelligence
  34. 34. Open and Hybrid Data-Driven Intelligence Trust App Innovation
  35. 35. Q&A
  36. 36. Joe.Raio@Microsoft.com Download this presentation: slideshare.net/joeraio