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Azure General Overview for Miami Data Science UG

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Lighting talk on Azure, Machine Learning, AI and services related to the Miami Data Science meetup.

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Azure General Overview for Miami Data Science UG

  1. 1. Joe Raio, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
  2. 2. Joe Raio Senior Technical Evangelist DX Audience joe.raio@microsoft.com @joescars github.com/joescars Based in Miami, FL. Proud father. Passions are Music, Space, Aviation & all things Technology
  3. 3. http://www.meetup.com/MICMiami/
  4. 4. Open and Hybrid Data-Driven Intelligence Trust App Innovation
  5. 5. Trust Detect and mitigate threats The most trusted and compliant cloud Achieve global scale, in local regions
  6. 6. 38Azure regions NEWLY ANNOUNCED: France: France Central and France South Korea: Korea Central and Korea South DoD East and Central Achieve global scale, in local regions Trust
  7. 7. HIPAA / HITECH Act Moderate JAB P-ATO FIPS 140-2 FERPA DoD DISA SRG Level 2 ITAR CJIS GxP 21 CFR Part 11 IRS 1075Section 508 VPAT ISO 27001 SOC 1 Type 2 ISO 27018 CSA STAR Self-Assessment Singapore MTCS UK G-Cloud Australia IRAP/CCSL FISC Japan China DJCP New Zealand GCIO China GB 18030 EU Model Clauses ENISA IAF Argentina PDPA Japan CS Mark Gold SP 800-171 China TRUCS Spain ENS PCI DSS Level 1 CDSA Shared Assessments MPAA Japan My Number Act FACT UK High JAB P-ATO GLBA DoD DISA SRG Level 4 MARS-E FFIEC ISO 27017 SOC 2 Type 2 SOC 3 India MeitY Canada Privacy Laws Privacy Shield ISO 22301 Germany IT Grundschutz workbook Spain DPA CSA STAR Certification CSA STAR Attestation HITRUST IG Toolkit UK Trust The most trusted and compliant cloud GLOBALUSGOVINDUSTRYREGIONAL
  8. 8. Open and Hybrid Data-Driven Intelligence Trust App Innovation
  9. 9. Open and Hybrid
  10. 10. Open and Hybrid Data-Driven Intelligence Trust App Innovation
  11. 11. Support business strategy with any data Learn and engage with artificial intelligence Predict and respond proactively Data-Driven Intelligence
  12. 12. The cloud offers limitless computing power Speed EconomicsScale
  13. 13. Here is how successful companies are staying ahead Exploring new business opportunities with data-driven services Improving visibility and making accurate predictions with remote monitoring Getting the right products to the right places with inventory management Offering customers exactly what they want, when they want it, with personalization Fixing problems proactively before they start with predictive maintenance
  14. 14. Customer Insight Customer Acquisition Service Analytics Financial Analytics Demand Forecasting Employee Insight Customer Feedback Analytics Cross sell & Upsell Contact Center Analytics Financial Forecasting Inventory Optimization HR Insight Churn Analytics Lead Generation & Opportunity Scoring Fraud Management IT Operations Insight Pay for Performance Marketing Optimization Risk Management Operational Efficiency Personalization Procurement Insight Product Recommendation Spend Insight Product Innovation Supplier Insight Marketing Sales Service Finance Operations Workforce Opportunities exist across functional areas EXAMPLE SOLUTIONS
  15. 15. SPEECH Convert spoken audio to text Convert text to spoken audio Extract intent of user Give me directions to the closest ATM Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech Service VISION What is in the image? Computer Vision Category People; 1 face Adult / Racy? False / True Dominant colors Accent color KNOWLEDGE Top publications in AI? Knowledge Exploration Service SEARCH Search for ‘cute kittens’ Bing Search LANGUAGE Play today’s Daily Show Natural Language Processing Data-Driven Intelligence
  16. 16. Open and Hybrid Data-Driven Intelligence Trust App Innovation
  17. 17. http://aka.ms/tryazure https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/machine-learning/ https://gallery.cortanaintelligence.com/
  18. 18. Q&A
  19. 19. Joe.Raio@Microsoft.com http://joeraio.com Download this presentation: www.slideshare.net/joeraio