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Genre narrative

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Genre narrative

  1. 1. Ancillary 1 Technical and Iconography Setting/Mise Characters audio codes – en Scene Product …………….. Design and layout Fonts/Colour Genre ……………….. scheme/ written style (lexis/tone)Chandler what are the conventions of content? Chandler: what The colour purple is Panda earring The position Katy Perry are the used throughout makes Katy Katy Perry is is used on conventions of my digipack- Perry look in is the front content in your feminine –appeals younger and seductive. album Ancillary one? to the main primary fits in more cover- Pop audience of with the target artist. females. audience. Neale: What are Position similar 1960’s hairstyle Black and Classic look. the instances of stylish fashionable Earring-wealth white gives Attractive repetition and colour scheme the album a performer difference? Stylish font classic look, on the feminine unusual for album Feminine cd similar the pop cover. to front album genre. Have you applied Lilly Thomas- purple Neale’s mental Written hand machinery to your autograph work? How?Chandler’s theory allows me to explain how I have used typical conventions of digipack inorder to create my ancillary album digipack and poster. The house style colours of black,white and purple are used throughout both ancillary tasks. The black and white gives thealbum a classic look with the purple making the album seem more feminine. The black andwhite look is unusual for the pop genre but I think it works well with the image. The femininelook would appeal to my main primary audience of females. The image of Katy Perry is usedas she is a pop artist, which is the genre my album will be based on. Katy is placed in whatsome may call a seductive position making the album look more attractive. The long pandaearring she is wearing makes Katy look younger therefore fitting in with the target audienceof the younger generation. Neal’s theory describes how the music industry repeats itselfthrough the main micro aspects of media. The positioning of my ancillary products arefashionable similar to other cd digipacks and posters. The font has been specifically chosen toappeal to appeal to its feminine audience. This is what many albums do by choosing fontsthat would suit a specific audience for example a soft curvy font is more feminine whilst astraight jiggered font is male based. Katy’s hairstyle has been repeated as it is a style thatassociates with the 60’s. The panda earring would also create a look of wealth. The ‘LillyThomas’ font used also looks as though it has been autographed giving the album apersonalised feel for the audience.