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FA 10 Poster

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FA 10 Poster

  1. 1. Current Projects Overview 1. The Simulcast Computer accepts video output from a presenter’s laptop and then displays the output on a touch screen. 2. The presenter is allowed to (SMART Classroom – FA10) make pen annotations onto the screen, which are then Prototype team: James McCloskey, Kevin sent to the projector. Crossan, Alric Althoff, Daniel Park 3. The slides from the presenter, Data Analytics team: Jawon Lee, Jerad Acosta, the annotations and the audio are recorded as a video and Henry Phuong, Taylor ScottThe student web interface allows collaborative note-taking, in can be uploaded to our web Web Dev team: Bryan Cuevas, Raymond Chen, system.which information is pulled from the combined set of notes from Aaron Dubie, Ben Ngall students to highlight the most important parts of the lecture,as well as the most common terms and key words. 4. Students can access the recorded lectures on our web TA: Max Twogood system and add their own Advisor: Ryan Kastner notes to that lecture. With support from: GStreamer Pipeline User Interface Software & Technology Conference, Oct. 2 – 7, New York Goal of UIST project: Transfer the User Interface controls from the touch- screen to the Microsoft Keyboard. Using Vala Programming Language  Allows for rapid development and design  Uses mature open-source libraries  Solid base for sane development platform  Mirrors familiar UNIX commands, philosophies  High-level (Java, C#), but compiles to machine code for high- performanceLeft: Shows the old UI + Laptop Right: Shows the captured video output Work in Progress UI