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  1. 1. James (Jimmy) Crooks 1614 Highland Ave Weston, WI 54476 (715) 680-0836 Cell E-mail: jimmycrooks@yahoo.com __________________________________________________________________ OBJECTIVE: Seeking a career in the Telecommunications Industries Skills: • Certified in installation and splicing of multimode and single mode fiber optics. • Climb for construction and antenna installation in a variety of conditions. • Perform a rescue from heights. • Operate complex winches, man-lifts, forklifts and heavy equipment. • Operate diagnostic equipment to assess the operation of antennas and feed lines. (Anritsu site master, TDR, FDR, Watt Meter, Spectrum Analyzer (Marconi). • Proficient in PC operation and software (Microsoft office, photo documentation, RF testing) • Management and administration skills in a small business and corporate environment. • Ability to motivate others through a proven work ethic and leadership by example. • Develop training and safety programs for field employees. • Over 160 certifications in Pure Safety and OSHA training including the OSHA 10/30 Hour classes. Background: Grew up in a family owned tower installation company started by my grandfather in the 50’s. Both my father and grandfather were both broadcast engineers, and instilled a positive work ethic and familiarity with the electronics environment from an early age. I began working summers out in the field from 1982 to 1984 and then began full time after High School.
  2. 2. WORK EXPERIENCE: Goodman Networks Oct 2012 to Present Construction Manager II 2012 to 2013 Manager 1 / Project management 2013 to present − Operate effectively in a standardized method environment. − Manage and track project expenditures. − Define project objectives and identify resources needed. − Prepare the projects overall steps, milestones and projected outcome. − Monitor procurement of materials for all projects. − Establish sub-team hierarchy as required to complete projects and close issues. − Coordinate critical path dependencies. − Track and drive issues to resolution. − Coordinate with internal and external parties to ensure projects are meeting the schedule. − Develop and present routine status reports on project timelines, issues and jeopardies. − Ensure accurate invoicing. − Effectively meet the customer’s needs and build productive internal and external relationships and take responsibility for customer satisfaction and loyalty. − Ability to manage multiple complex parallel projects. − Understand the finical impact of decisions on the profitability of the project. − Productively operate with a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. − Demonstrate good judgement in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions. − Develop and maintain quality control procedures. − Evaluation of personnel workloads and productivity including producing reviews of individuals in my team. − Keeping the project team well informed of changes and updates. − Facilitate client meetings effectively.
  3. 3. Velocitel Inc. June 2012 to Sept 2012 Project Manager − Plan, execute and finalize projects according to deadlines and within budget. − This includes acquiring resources and coordinating the efforts of team members and third-party contractors in order to deliver according to plan. − Define project objectives and oversee quality control throughout its life cycle. − Direct and manage project development from beginning to end. − Define project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals. − Develop project plans and associated communications documents. − Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion. − Estimate resources and participants needed to achieve project goals. − Draft and submit budget proposals, and recommend subsequent budget changes where necessary. − Manage project expectations with team members and other stakeholders. − Delegate tasks and responsibilities as needed. − Identify and resolve issues. − Identify and manage dependencies and critical path. Develop and deliver progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation, and presentations. − Proactively manage change. − Define project success criteria and disseminate to involved parties. Goodman Networks April 2010 to May 2012 Construction manager II − Meeting with A&E firms, work with Site Acq to find proper sites, work with RF department on search rings, develop plans, work on specifications on plans, managing materials to get sites done. Manage quotes for companies to complete work, work hands on with customers and landlords, attended zoning meetings, etc. − Order Power, Telco walks, completing forms, managing/coordinating install of Telco & Fiber to Cell. − Managing antenna sectorization. − Managing DC power plant swap out and installation during maintenance windows. − Ordering structural analysis. − Managing Deployment meetings.
  4. 4. Radiant Wireless Inc., Juda, WI. 2003 to 2009 Owner & President − All duties included in operation your own business (2-3 employees) operating in multiple states. − Cellular tower and antenna system maintenance − Certified in installation and splicing of multimode and single mode fiber optics. Asbuilt Construction, Reedsburg, WI. 2002-2003 Operations Manager Estimator & Invoicing Part time field crew WFI construction, Milwaukee, WI. 2000 to 2002 Construction Manager II Duties included, but not limited to: − Supervise CM I personnel to ensure compliance with quality standards, schedule and budget − Coordinate with Site Acquisition personnel to procure third party services such as Architectural and Engineering (A&E) services, soils engineering and analysis, environmental surveys, land surveys, structural engineering services as required. − Perform a construction analysis of the site during the tech team visits (TTV), and create budgetary estimates of the sites final cost based upon the TTV. − Coordinate production of specialized drawings such as zoning drawings, and lease exhibits for SAS and Zoning Specialists. − Procure forms, apply for utility services to site, coordinate design and installation of utility services with utility, A&E firm and construction contractor. − Perform review of final construction drawings and make necessary changes. Ensure signoff of all parties involved (RF Engineering, site acquisition, zoning, customer representative). − Perform materials takeoffs and create materials requisitions. − Develop scopes of work for construction operations and issue Request for Quotation’s (RFQ’s). − Receive and analyze responses and create bid spread analysis. Present analysis and backup to designated person on project (Customer representative, project manager, construction manager). − Supervise and manage contractor operations, and onsite construction of wireless facilities.
  5. 5. BCS Wireless, New Glarus, Wi 1996 to 2000 Field supervisor 1996 to 1997 Project Manager 1997 to 2000 Director of Quality Control 1997 to 2000 National manager of inspections Dept 1997 to 1998 Operation Manager 1998 to 2000 Duties included, but not limited to: − Schedule all field personnel (25 to 45 men) − Develop project managers − Assemble and Implement all project books to crew leaders − Monitor all projects through daily contact, site visits, and man hour counts − Schedule all cranes and other relates sub contract equipment − Assist accounting in billing work sheets − Assist estimating with bids (all estimates come across my desk) − Handle most fleet management − In charge of field training − In charge of site completion reports (technical review) − In charge of all aspects of change orders − In charge of authorizing all field time sheets and daily task reports − In charge of documentation, completion and placement of job files Sub zero Freezer Company, Madison, Wi 1994 – 1996 − Main line assembly worker: Silver solder of compressors. − Test room trouble shoot technician: Broadcast Communications Systems, Inc, Verona, Wi 1984 – 1994 − Tower Technician, Field Supervisor Education: − Rebublic High School 1980 to 1984 − Madison area tech college 1989 • Management techniques • Project planning − Blackhawk tech college 2006 • Basic accounting − Andrew Corp • Multiple certifications in institute training courses 87’,93’,98’,04,07 − Comtrain 04’,07’,2010’
  6. 6. • Tower technology • Inspections • Rescue training References Alex Byers 469-500-6509 Dave Nelson 608-239-6311 William Marks 715-252-7519 Jeremy Crooks 406-546-2485 Eric Parkin 608-293-1769 Brian Edlund 847-502-1579 Dale Schwoerer 608-444-6407
  7. 7. • Tower technology • Inspections • Rescue training References Alex Byers 469-500-6509 Dave Nelson 608-239-6311 William Marks 715-252-7519 Jeremy Crooks 406-546-2485 Eric Parkin 608-293-1769 Brian Edlund 847-502-1579 Dale Schwoerer 608-444-6407