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Slideshow: What Roles do Communication and Connection Play in a Secure Future?

  1. I N K H O U S E V I R T U A L P A N E L Communication & Connection for a Secure Future
  2. F E A T U R I N G C Y B E R S E C U R I T Y I N D U S T R Y E X P E R T S : Michael Bartley C8 Consulting Adam Janofsky Protocol Cameron Martin Checkmarx Davi Ottenheimer Inrupt Grace Lynch InkHouse
  3. What roles do communication and connection play in supporting a secure future?
  4. As a comms professional you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m an evangelist for the central role the communications arm of a business plays in the creation of a secure future for all. It is us that takes often-complex messages and transforms them into digestible, jargon-free prose that can be easily understood by the layperson, thus enabling them to put into practice the teachings needed to keep safe. So, remain ready at all times, comms folks, for the secure future of all is in our hands.” - Michael Bartley, Deputy Managing Director at C8 Consulting, UK
  5. It's increasingly rare for a cyberattack to target a single organization -- criminals and nation-states often use the same tools and methods to attack a wide variety of victims. Communication and collaboration across businesses and industries are essential if we want to prevent attacks before they happen and identify threats that might affect a wide variety of stakeholders.” - Adam Janofsky, Cybersecurity and Privacy Reporter at Protocol
  6. Despite a general increase in media coverage and executive-level recognition that security threats are growing in size and sophistication, there remains an education gap with the average consumer or business professional. We now know not to click on a strange link or wire money to someone whose email we think we recognize, but unfortunately, today’s hackers and other bad actors are just more creative. As communicators in the cybersecurity space, it’s our responsibility to take an active role in closing this education gap, connecting industry experts with the larger business community, in order to more effectively prevent breaches or at least limit their damage.” - Grace Lynch, Account Manager at InkHouse
  7. While we’ve seen strides made in the last two years or so to improve communications surrounding cybersecurity, there is still a lot of work to be done. As industry professionals, it’s critical that we continue to reinforce the importance of communications to bridge the gap between spreading this awareness and actually spurring change and improvements for a more secure future.” - Cameron Martin, Public Relations Manager at Checkmarx
  8. If President Eisenhower were alive today perhaps he would say logging into a big tech proprietary communications platform may advertise safety, but the thing lacking is freedom. The Internet and web were founded upon principles of freedom for communication and connection, a far more secure future comes from trustworthy technologies and standards that are meant to enable safe sharing of knowledge.” Davi Ottenheimer, VP of Trust and Digital Ethics at Inrupt
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