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  1. 1.     JIAXIN SHEN 15615  NE  6th  St.  t  Bellevue,  WA  98008  t  (C)  205.563.6888  t  jshen891113@gmail.com     DEDICATED  &  TALENTED  PROFESSIONAL   Highly  motivated  self-­‐starter,  already  graduated  from  Samford  University  in  Master  of  Accounting  (MAcc)   degree.  Reliable  and  focused,  ability  to  succeed  in  dynamic  environments,  quickly  grasp  new  information,   and   skillfully   manage   multiple   tasks.   Proficient   in   fostering   positive   professional   relationships   and   collaborating   as   a   member   of   a   productive   team;   bilingual   in   English   and   Chinese.   Seeking   to   utilize   experience  and  exceptional  work  ethic  in  an  organization  that  values  dedication  and  hard  work.     KEY  SKILLS  &  STRENGTHS     § Accounting  &  Bookkeeping   § Knowledge  of  IFSB  &  GAAP   § Time  Management   § Organization  &  Planning   § Problem  Solving   § Collaboration  &  Teamwork   § Process  Improvement   § Analysis  &  Decision-­‐Making   § Microsoft  Office  &  Oracle     EDUCATION     Master  of  Accountancy  Program  (MAcc),  Samford  University-­‐Birmingham,  AL,  US,  2012-­‐2014   Bachelor   of   Science   in   Financial   Management,  Beijing  Information  Science  &  Technology  University,   School  of  Economics  and  Management,  Beijing,  2008-­‐2012   Related   Accounting   Coursework:   Accounting   Theory,   Fraud   Examination,   Auditing   II,   Applied   Professional  Research,  Government  Accounting,  Financial  Accounting,  and  Advanced  Accounting     INTERNSHIPS     Inspur,  January  2015-­‐Now   A  leading  IT  outsourcing  services  provider  in  China     Accounting  Assistant   § Prepare  and  examine  financial  records  for  accounting  department  in  China  headquarters   § Ensuring  purchase  requisitions  are  within  budget  parameters  and  compliance  with  Inspur's  policies   and  procedures   § Daily  bookkeeping     AIR  CHINA,  Beijing,  June  2011-­‐August  2011   One  of  the  major  airlines  of  the  People's  Republic  of  China.     Financial  Department  Assistant   § Entrusted  with  performing  a  wide  range  of  tasks,  including:  daily  reimbursements,  editing  expense   budgets,  operating  Oracle  financial  system,  wage  Accounting,  and  printing  checks.   § Ensured  accuracy  and  keen  attention  to  detail  in  processing  all  transactions.   § Worked  effectively  in  a  collaborative  team  environment  and  supported  others  with  daily  tasks.     ONLY,  July  2009-­‐August  2009   Denmark  clothing  and  accessories  company  located  in  China.     Sales  Representative   § Provided  exceptional  customer  service  and  communicated  with  customers  to  understand  needs  and   provide  guidance.   § Acknowledged  as  the  top  sales  representative  for  women’s  dresses.