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Technology’s impact on society

  2. From at home, school, work and even on our spare time, technology has become very prevalent in our every day lives. Not only has this started to have an impact on our minds and bodies, but also to our community and our everyday human interaction. INTRODUCTION
  4. HISTORY  The word “technology” was very uncommon in the 20th century (Wikipedia, 2015)  In the 21st century the main technology that was being invented was electronics (Wikipedia, 2015)  The first computer was invented in 1946.  The first cell phone was invented in 1973.  Today technology surrounds us in everything we do, from computers, microwaves, car washes to drive-through’s, technology has come a long way and is now a part of peoples everyday life.
  5.  Although technology has had a lot of positive affects on peoples minds there are also a lot of negative affects it has had on people.  With technology available at any time of the day, technology has taken away the need of critical thinking.  Getting ideas for things right off the internet it has contributed to people becoming less creative and less independent. EFFECTS ON THE MIND Source: (Barakat, 2014)
  6.  Technology has also had a negative impact on people’s body’s and overall health  It has largely contributed to obesity and lack of physical activity especially in children.  Also with the amount of wireless technology, radiation has become a concerning health issue in todays world. EFFECTS ON THE BODY Source: (Newtural, 2014)
  7. Source: (Martin, 2013)
  8.  Technology has had many positive affects on society but has also impacted society in many negative ways  With social media being so popular today it has had a major impact on online bullying which has contributed to many cases of depression and social issues. EFFECTS ON SOCIETY Source: (Fox, 2012)
  9.  Technology has also replaced a lot of human contact which has caused people to become less familiar with how to interact with society.  With elderly people being unfamiliar with the latest technology it has created a gap between age groups which has created a barrier between different groups of people. EFFECTS ON SOCITY CONINUED Source: (Tate, 2015)
  10. I believe the issue of technology effecting society can relate to the conflict theory. This theory focuses on how different social groups competing for power and resources and how social inequality will result in conflict. (Mooney, Holmes, Knox, & Schacht, 2013). This relates to technology having an impact on society because it definitely creates inequality when there are only certain groups of people that know about the latest technology and social media which causes a big disconnect between different groups of people. CONFLICT THEORY
  11.  Overuse of technology in teens can lead to serious development problems (Coleman, 2012).  With the amount of problems coming up from the use of technology today it is said there is a higher demand for psychologists as a result (University of Alabama Huntsville, 2015).  The Digital Divide is a divide in age groups, races, or even genders, due to the lack of accessibility to technology or digital devices. FACTS AND FINDINGS
  12. FACTS AND FINDINGS CONTINUED Source: (Skikuli, 2008)
  13. In conclusion, although there are many benefits to technology there are also many downfalls that people forget about. It is important to be educated on all aspects of something especially when it is impacting mind’s body’s and society all together. As long as people are aware of the negative impacts technology can have on society we can try to use it in positive more effective ways for our everyday life. CONCLUSION
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