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Animals reproduction

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this presentation is about how animals reproduce. It includes images to make learning easier.

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Animals reproduction

  1. 1. How do Animals Reproduce?
  2. 2. Reproductio n in animals can be sexual or asexual.
  3. 3. Sexual Reproduction  Most of the animals like dogs and cats reproduce in a way similar to humans.  The young animal is formed with the help of sex cells (gametes) from the parents.  The sex cells are the egg
  4. 4.  The individual that produces the egg cell is called female; and the one that produces the sperm cell is called the male.  The egg cell is the female gamete and the sperm cell is the male gamete.  The reproduction that involves a male and a female gamete is known as sexual reproduction.
  5. 5. The eggs of the frog are fertilized outside the body of the female.
  6. 6. The fertilized eggs (zygotes) develop into tadpoles in the water.
  7. 7. Another example is the egg of a hen which is fertilized inside the body. But the fertilized egg develops outside the body. The hen sits on the egg (or incubates)
  8. 8. Asexual Reproduction The prefix –a means none. Asexual reproduction means it does not involve sex cells. If the sea star is cut into sections such that each arm has a portion of the central disc, each section will grow the rest of the missing body
  9. 9. The growth of the missing body parts is known as regeneration. No gametes a re involved in this process.