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Jessica Rodriguez Resume -3

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Jessica Rodriguez Resume -3

  1. 1. Jessica Rodriguez Tel: (540)836-0810| Email: jrvmsv@gmail.com Target: Healthcare and Business Professional Multifaceted and goal-driven Registered Dietitian and Business Professional with 15+ years of experience accrued in oversight and leadership of customer-facing and administrative support operations in the healthcare and scientific research industries, reinforced with ample academic qualifications in business management at the graduate level.  Offers a demonstrably effective interpersonal style that actively promotes positive relationships with internal and external partners representing a wide variety of professional backgroundsand functionsin supportof responsive problem-solving.  Bringsa proven commitment to customerservicevalues as well as teambuildingand development,alongwith theanalytical and leadershipabilities required tomake and carry-out evidence-based, data-driven decisions.  Possesses highly-effective project management and communication capabilities harnessed in prioritizing, coordinating, and managing multiple concurrent tasks, combined with advanced budgeting and financial stewardship experience. QUALIFICATIONS IN ACTION CONSULTANT 2013-Present SoriantHealthcare, Alpharetta GA Brought on board with this niche consulting company to identify and deliver cost-savings solutions in the healthcare industry while improving productivity and efficiency without compromising quality. SELECTED CONTRIBUTIONS & ACHIEVEMENTS  Harnessed a trust-based approach to client relationships emphasizing consistency, transparency, and accountability in decision- making and implementation of project goals.  Assistedin successfully negotiatingvendor contracts andmanagingRFP/RFIprocess forsupport services andvendingcontracts.  Assisted in the successful transition of broadline suppliers to group purchasing organization with gleaned significant off-invoice cost savings and incentives for both self-op and contract managed departments.  Provided interimleadership in a 450+ bed hospital/extended care center and a 60-bed community hospital, overhauling the food and nutrition operation and achieving annualized savings of 1.2 M and 500K respectively in combined food, supply and labor expenses.  Improved department revenue streams by re-organizing retailoperations and pricing andenhancingofferings in the retail venue. ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF FOOD & NUTRITION / MORRISON MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 2012-2013 ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF FOOD & NUTRITION / MORRISON MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 2011-2012 RMH Healthcare, Harrisonburg VA Tapped to take ona pivotalleadership role within the foodandnutritiondepartment ofthis healthcare provider with a criticalmandate in restoring and improving the department’s performance in employee engagement, while assuming oversight of key departmental functions in budget management, staffing and HR, workforce-management relations, and process improvement. SELECTED CONTRIBUTIONS & ACHIEVEMENTS  Developed key tools, templates, and spreadsheets to track employee performance and document individual awards and achievements with tangible results in engagement score improvements fromthe 60th to the 70th percentile.  Created contestsamong employeeswith aimto increase patientsatisfactionthrough performance andcustomerserviceincentives, and implemented daily meetings to announce patient “shout-outs” rewarding exceptional service.  Improved purchasing and enhanced budgeting tools to create capacity for meals-from-scratch and develop alternative menus for special dietary needs using “webtrition” tools while reducing cost-per-tray from$2.20 to $1.70.  Reduced retailcosts on packaged items such as in-house preparedmuffins from$0.45 to $0.20 to allow for more effective use of labor, while achieving dramatic improvements in menu appeal among the patient population. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Operations Management Principles Accounting&Budget Administration CustomerRelations &Engagement Human Resources Management Cost-Effective FinancialStewardship Trust-BasedLeadership Cultures FinancialPlanning & P/L Ownership Competitive Analysis &Data Synthesis Strategic Recommendations-Building Data-Driven Decision-Making Continued…
  2. 2. Jessica Rodriguez Page 2 QUALIFICATIONS IN ACTION, RMH Healthcare, CONTINUED…  Incurred substantialcostsavingsbytransferring a key registered dietitianresources ontotheMorrisonpayrollas salaried employees to reduce overtime for $28K in annual savings, while enabling a higher per-meal rate of $39 from$37.75.  Enhanced the departmental work culture and atmosphere in addition to implementing an internship programtargeting a local university in order to supplement the student field experience programthrough recruitment of registered dietitians.  Oversawthe utility and retaildepartmentsandreduced laborthroughattritionand minimized employee downtime in orderto phase- out full-time employee positions in utility and retail resulting in $536 in weekly labor savings.  Expanded the mandate ofthe clinical nutrition department with regard to clinical outreach andcommunity programming in order to increase competitiveness with other regional hospitals with daily improvements in community interests.  Implemented a floor-levelmanagement teamto trackand reviewdaily customervisits against corporate standards andincentivized performance in order to drive concurrent improvements in employee and customer satisfaction. BIO-NUTRITION RESEARCH MANAGER 2005-2011 General Clinical Research Centre, University of Virginia Hospital, Charlottesville VA Brought onboardwith thisNational Institute ofHealth-funded research operationinbio-nutritionresearchto manage a limited budget with significant constraintson capital and operational purchasing while providing for the creation ofmetabolically-balanced dietsin support of investigations and restructuring the organization for cost-effectiveness purposes. SELECTED CONTRIBUTIONS & ACHIEVEMENTS  Ensured priority service to NationalHealth Institute investigators and secured payment forexternalaccess to limited servicesand space resources, while managing costs associated with weighing, measuring, and discarding food items.  Developed the toolsand processesrequired toestablish financialself-sufficiencyfortheGCRC following a collapse in NIHsupport through extensive review of labor spending, charges-per-meal, and marketing costs.  Played an instrumentalrole in restructuring the organization toreduce laborexpenditures while remodelling managementpositions with part-time capacities, working with management and the university to approve the budget.  Partnered with investigators to re-examine budgets and put in place an hourly rate forregistered dietitian services and factored in the costs associated with product wastage in order to decrease the cost-per-meal from$68 to $32.  AuthoredSOPs,protocols,and policies encouraging investigatorstewardship offood resources in orderto improve on the overall cost of research efforts and foster a cost-conscious working atmosphere. DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS 2002-2003 Royal Care Management, Staunton VA Retained with this service provider specializing in food and nutrition services to two assisted living facilities to play an instrumental leadership role in improving resident menu satisfaction while simultaneously reducing cost-per-meal, directing the activities of 30+ operational staff and actively promoting the facility brand to encourage a 20% increase in occupancy rate SELECTED CONTRIBUTIONS & ACHIEVEMENTS  Entrusted to manage a full range of confidential employee records including performance appraisals, absentee reports, salary changes, and vacation requests while scheduling and supervising kitchen, service, and utility staff.  Served as the unit’s nutrition and dietetics expert in the supervision ofdietetic interns throughout clinicaland research rotations, and the management of nutrition and dietary protocols. ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCEincludes ClinicalDietitian(2003-2005) with Rockingham Memorial Hospital, Harrisonburg VA, Outpatient &Clinical Dietitian(2000-2002)with SouthShore Hospital,WeymouthMA,and Outpatient &Clinical Dietitian (1998- 2000) with Florida Hospital, Orlando & Altamonte Springs FL. EDUCATION & TRAINING REGISTERED DIETITIAN MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Averett University, Danville VA BACHELOR OF SCIENCES IN DIETETICS Andrews University, Berrien Springs MI