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Social Business

  1. Shift Happens
  2. Change is needed fast everywhere around us! A turning point in history
  3. Sustainable Network Society
  4. Contrasts WAS IS 90% of all work is drudge work Microprocessors do most drudge work Working with the same old gang Constantly expanding one's network of teammates Well defined organizational borders Shifting organizational alliances Products last for years Products last for weeks Technology helps link parts of the organization The network is the organization We are proud of being close to our customer We are proudly "at one" with our customer We sell rigorously engineered "great product" We sell information-enabled "awesome experiences" Procedure centric Client centric Passive: performs tasks as requested Active: creates WOW projects as inspired "Silos & Stovepipes" One seamless enterprise Product or Service Experience It works It leaves an indelible memory I'm glad I bought it I want more! Satisfied customer Member of the Club Agrees with your wallet Agrees with your psyche You get what you pay for You are surprised and delighted at every turn
  5. Sales+Marketing+Service+Product Development+Finance+Human Resources+Facilities Collaborate ONE Seamless Enterprise
  6. Collaborate At one with your customer
  7. Power shift Does the organisation believe this? Really....
  8. Customer is in control! The road to the heart of your customer
  9. In the new world.... ....value add comes from the quality of the experience provided
  10. Social Revolution
  11. Who will be winners? People who: Listen Connect Adopt Innovate
  12. Mass-individualisation
  13. Differentiate or die!
  14. Markets are conversations Conversations are relational Dialogue not monologue
  15. Marketing = ENGAGEMENT Your culture is open and transparent
  16. Marketing needs to CHANGE!
  17. How can an organization better relate, communicate and collaborate with every aspect of the enterprise including customers?
  18. Social Strategy
  19. Social Marketing Product Marketing Guerrilla Marketing Whitepapers Proposition Marketing Books Customer Service Video Integrated branding Blog (Corporate, Employer, Wiki Personal) Webinars & Email Marketing podcasting Viral Marketing Website Event Marketing ROI Partner Marketing How to guides Linkedin Twitter Hyves Facebook Online Xing Direct & indirect Slideshare Vertical solutions Meetup Sponsoring Digg Schools & Universities Innovation platforms & projects
  20. 7P's vs 7C's Physical - Connected Product - Collaborative Price - Customised Promotion - Conversations Place - Community People - Collective Process - Content
  21. Stop pushing! From push to pull Pull will help you fulfil customer intent. When done correctly people consider that helpful, meaningful and valuable.
  22. Everything and everyone is connected
  23. How to start your conversations? Start LISTENING.... ...and have a great story to tell
  24. NO YES Word of mouth and buzz, a story worth telling and sharing so that employees and customers can become ambassadors
  25. Customers are social.... Do we understand where customers are online and how social they behave in the context of business
  26. TRIBES = Like-minded Tribes people connected grow emotionally, virtually, when culturally living and people roaming around the recruit world. people Only 1 reason: Excellent product + Superior Service = Great Story
  28. Micro activities for enhanced and more effective marketing and better results
  29. Measure Attention Authority Engagement Virallity Business Impact WOW
  30. beyond solutions provide memorable experiences THINK EXPERIENCE Dreamketing
  31. Emotion Heart Passion Inspiration
  32. The only brand promise Enable people to do more True brand leadership Empower people to deliver the promise!
  33. What do you think..... will they feel as a result.... ....and what will they do afterwards.... YES! share, share, share, share....
  34. Change your brand strategy
  35. Which brand are you....?
  36. "joining" brands
  37. The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. Socrates (469 BC – 399 BC)
  38. Your reputation fuels brand promise Success = Senior Leadership Commitment + Employee Engagement + Execution Excellence
  39. Social Brands.... Needs - Wants Objectives - Ambitions Products - Solutions Features - Benefits Consistency - Personalisation Transactions - Experiences Rewards - Relationships Information - Education Automation - Human Maintenance - Enablement Satisfaction - Surprise Completion - Achievement
  40. Social Brand Leadership
  41. We are rapidly replacing trust in traditional authorities with trust in people YES finally! Be prepared....
  42. No matter what you put in front or in back of the word selling.... • consultative • solution • value based • advanced .... it still ends up with the sense of doing something "to" rather than "for" or "with" somebody.
  43. HELPING CLIENTS Intent SUCCEED It's that simple!
  44. Who you are stands over you and thunders so I cannot hear what you say.... Emerson
  45. Intent counts more than technique....
  46. We both want the same thing! Instead we both behave in ways that make it difficult to reach the end goal. WIN - WIN
  47. The change.... Single person -Multiple people Single call -Multiple calls en meetings Single issue -Multiple issues Uncomplicated issues -Complicated issues Little budget -Large investment Lower value add -High value add Price sensitive -Results sensitive Lower margins -High margins
  48. Helping clients succeed.... ....the only option!
  49. Practice getting connected with your intent so it becomes who you are, not wat you say or claim; so it communicates before you say a single word!
  50. We all HELP because we are all in SALES
  51. No guessing.... ....assumptions are the mother of all Fxxx-ups!
  52. Create focus
  53. The art of listening "Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak." Epictetus, Greek philosopher
  54. YES we all now this.....
  55. Check your ego at the door
  56. Where is the real success....
  57. Technology Adoption Lifecycle In search for innovators and early adopters To make the jump make sure: • the customer is at the heart of everything you do. Listen to his opinion and feedback • there is a basic need for technology and that it will deliver a superb performance over and over again • there is brilliant and perfect customer service (Zappos)! Source: Crossing the Chasm Geoffrey A. Moore 1991 Picture: The Laws of Simplicity / John Maeda
  58. How to get results • Profile innovators and early adopters. What is the character of your potential clients • Focus, you can't do all things at once. Choose for target marketing instead of mass marketing • Be proactive don't wait until there is demand create demand together with your potential clients • Develop up and cross sell scenarios based on the proposition building blocks • Help clients succeed that is the only thing that counts • Be an evangelist and authority • Make sure you have followers and create ambassadors
  59. What will bring you social success? 1. Know your customer 2. Know your product 3. Know your company 4. Love the politics 5. Respect competitors 6. Wire your customers organisation 7. Wire your organisation 8. Never over promise 9. Sell the solution 10. Ask for help (don't be proud about it) 11. Live the brand story 12. Celebrate the "good" loss 13. Make every problem your problem 14. Take full responsibility 15. Share the information 16. Walk away from bad news 17. Don't whine about price 18. Don't give away the store - to get a foot in the door 19. Respect upstarts 20. Seek cool customers 21. Talk "partnership" 22. Send "thank you" notes 23. Make your customer a hero 24. Aim to change the world! 25. Keep it simple 26. Quality not quantity
  60. Impact Did we deliver WOW.... Passion!
  61. Transactions are motivated by service so TRUE But relationships even more!
  62. Customer service isn't just a department! Running Rideshop Couture Outdoor We've been asked by a lot of people how we've grown so quickly, and the answer is actually really simple... We've aligned the entire organization around one mission: to provide the best customer service possible. Internally, we call this our WOW philosophy. Source:
  63. Commodity HELL.... ....if we don't provide services!
  64. SERVICE = Marketing
  65. Service is the only way to differentiate and win • Win with excellent service • Win with deeper relationships • Win with the best reputation
  66. Tell me and I forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I understand! Chinese Proverb
  67. It's a people driven economy stupid Erik Qualman 2009
  68. People make the difference!
  69. Talent = Brand Brand = Talent
  70. The new social business attitude 1. Think and act like an entrepreneur 2. Always be a closer and linchpin (get things done) 3. Embrace diversity 4. Pursue mastery 5. Thrive on ambiguity 6. Laugh off screw ups 7. Nurture your network 8. Relish technology (social) 9. Cultivate a passion for renewal 10.Practice horizontal loyalty
  71. Talent: you know it when you (can't) see it 1. Displays passion 2. Inspires others 3. Loves pressure 4. Craves action 5. Knows how to finish the job 6. Thrives on WOW 7. Exhibits curiosity 8. Emodies "weird" 9. Exudes a sense of fun 10.Thinks at a high level 11."Gets" talent
  72. The art of making people feel welcome
  73. Blame no one! Expect nothing! Do something!
  74. FLOW
  75. Let us be the change we want to see in the world Ghandi
  76. Change is ultimately an individual choice
  77. Do we have an organization for the industrial age.... ....or social age?
  78. Everyone has acces to everything
  79. There is more.... ....NO stovepipes ONE seamless enterprise seeking for organizational alignment
  80. From cost center to stardom The rise of the free agent nation: • Lifetime employment is over • Stable employment at large corporations is gone • The average career will encompass half a dozen employers and two or three "occupations" • Most of us will spend sustained periods of our career in some form of self employment • Number of freelancers will grow • Projects run by some form of crowdsourcing will grow • We are on our own • It's not theory it is happening
  81. Chief Social Officer
  82. Learning to fly Start with small initiatives - and celebrate wins
  83. It's a marathon not a sprint
  84. Ever change a winning team!
  85. Working in organizations today • Endless meetings • People afraid to make decisions • Cube farms • Managers who can't manage • Politics are often more important than knowledge and capabilities • Procesess evolve around the company not customers • Often we do not have the time to think about what we are doing because the volume of work is rapidly increasing CHANGE is needed fast!
  86. a) Another day at work. Pays the rent b) We do something of value c) Our work is cool! d) We aim to change the world Take you pick....
  87. Social Business Manifest Summary 1. It's the (our) organization 14. We are all in sales 2. Friction free 15. We all invest in wiring 3. No stovepipes the customers organisation 4. Silo-ing is a reason to be fired 16. We all live the brand 5. All on the web 17. We are ONE team 6. Open access 18. Develop heroes 7. Project managers rule 19. We never blame someone else 8. Value add through experiences 20. High Social Tech vs High 9. Solutions rule Social Touch 10.Integrated solutions = our culture 21. Master Diversity 11.Partner with best in class 22. Open talent market 12.All are equal and contribute 23. FLAT organisation equal 24. War on overcomplication 13.Project management comes from 25. Celebrate trojan horses any function 26. Fire vendors who don't get it
  88. Either we fight together or die alone
  89. In order for me to develop this Social Business Manifest I have used content and resources from various business, marketing, and social media professionals. This is the list of resources that I used: Mahan Khalsa, Let's get real or let's not play The Cluetrain Manifesto Thomas Friedman, The world is flat Tom Peters, Re-imagine Don Tapscott, Wikinomics Seth Godin, Tribes & Linchpin Marc Lammers, YES! a crisis David Armano, Social Business by Design & Social Media is dead Jan Gunnarsson & Olle Blohm, Hostmanship Geoffrey Moore, Crossing the chasm Peter Fisk, Winning in a digital world Malcolm Gladwell, Tipping point Richard Meyer, It's hard to be a linchpin Eric Qualman, Socialnomics The ZAPPOS culture book & All pictures were found on under