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Vennd.io Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Easy Digital Currencies
  2. 2. Digital currencies will be ubiquitous
  3. 3. But they’re tough to create
  4. 4. The first wave is here
  5. 5. Vennd has already created $1.2MM of value Finance Media Software Nonprofit
  6. 6. Business model BRONZE SILVER GOLD $49/month $149/month $499/month 1650 calls/month included 6000 calls/month included 33000 calls/month included $0.03/call thereafter $0.025/call thereafter $0.015/call thereafter API monthly + per-call fees Value-add services (trustless escrow, crowdfunding-as-a-service)
  7. 7. Customer acquisition Podcast Forum advertising Hackathons and game jamsDevelopers
  8. 8. Our competitors
  9. 9. Short time to market Lower cost base 1.5 year head start Our unfair advantages
  10. 10. Why us Jeremy CTO Developer with 18 years of experience in IT and investment banking Jonathan CEO Built the easiest to use Bitcoin miners in the world, and shipped them on time
  11. 11. Raising $1MM Team Features 1700 Customers
  12. 12. 10 years from now Stock portfolio Car registration Title deed for houseTrade currencies Reward points
  13. 13. jonathan@vennd.io 0468338640 @vennd_io

Notas do Editor

  • I’m Jonathan, CEO and cofounder of Vennd
    We help people issue their own digital currencies
  • In a few years digital currencies will be everywhere
    There’s already some good examples out there, like air miles and loyalty programs
    In fact they’d probably be everywhere right now…
  • But those systems are expensive to implement and maintain
    The advent of blockchain technology lowered the barrier to entry, but blockchain tech is notoriously difficult to work with
    That’s why we created Vennd. We’ve reduced the complexity and pain of creating and managing a digital currency to a series of API calls
    This isn’t just theoretical, we’ve got a number of customers already using it
  • The MBTC, a coworking space in Melbourne, awards their currency to people who contribute to Centre operations
    The currency can be redeemed for goods and services at the Centre, or traded with other users
    Storj is a P2P cloud storage application. They created a currency so their users could pay each other for storing and serving up each others’ data
    These businesses created and manage their currencies through Vennd in a matter of days, orders of magnitude faster than existing rewards programs
  • Our systems have been production-tested; we’ve created over $1.2MM of value on-blockchain already for customers across a range of industries
    Additionally, the SEC recently announced that equity fundraising will be legal up to $50MM from unaccredited investors
    We’ve had several customers enquire about running equity crowdsales since the news broke
  • We have two revenue streams planned: a tiered cost-per-call API model with a minimum monthly spend, and percentage-based value-add services
  • To reach the aforementioned 1700 paying customers, we’re taking a page straight out of Stripe’s playbook
    We’re targeting developers as our primary distribution channel
    We’ll get into their heads through podcast and forum advertising
    We’ll get into their toolboxes by running hackathons and game jams to encourage them to build with our toolsets
  • Our competitors all offer only basic blockchain functionality, and only for single blockchains
    We have built specialised functionality which we also expose via API, and are blockchain agnostic
  • We are raising now to build out our team, feature set, and customer base
  • Jeremy effectively wrote Westpac’s compliance document for the Dodd-Frank Act, saving them millions of dollars a year1
    In my previous business I sold 2,500 Bitcoin miners the month I launched them
  • We are raising US$1MM now to build out our team and functionality
    We will onboard 1700 paying customers by the end of our first year
  • Before I leave you I’d like to give you a glimpse of the world in ten years’ time
    Digital currencies are now everywhere, and everything from your rewards points to your stock portfolio to deeds of title for your car and house are represented on different blockchains as digital currencies
    These are all managed from your phone, and can be traded against everyone else’s currencies, with vennd as the mechanism that makes those trades possible
  • - Thanks for your time. If you have questions we’d love to talk to you afterwards.