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  1. Viral venues
  2. Purpose • To create a music magazine that will be digital and physical that will include musical venues in Hertfordshire such as music festivals and music clubs.
  3. Statement of needs • I need to show what Hertfordshire has to offer when it comes to music and name different venues to listen to music. • From this it needs to show what Hertfordshire has to offer which may not be as known which in this case is music
  4. Competition • Most music magazines wont be as specific as mine as mine specializes in Hertfordshire music • This means this differentiates my magazine from other competition making it much more appealing
  5. Form and genre • It will be a music magazine featuring festivals This means this differentiates my magazine from other competition making it much more appealing • It will be 50 pages • It will be released during summer due to the fact that’s when most of these events happen
  6. strengths • One strength it appeals to a wide audience as many young people enjoy going out to music festivals and if released in the summer could increase its potential for readers as young people will be looking for something to do. • Another strength is that more people would buy it to find out about festivals in Hertfordshire which would be very interesting to young readers as they may have never heard of these places before as they go under the radar and it gives them an incentive to buy the magazine to go to new places, and this benefits the local people and businesses.
  7. content • Colours will feature blue green and orange This is the font for the headline STHupo
  8. Target audience • It is targated to young adults as well as middle aged people • As well as people interested in music looking to see it live
  9. Resources and personnel • I will need to spend around 2000 on equipment for the magazine • As well as another 2000 to recruit personell for every area
  10. budget • Around £9-13 per magazine print • Camera is £300-500 with one extra for backup • £15 for a tripod with one spare • Background lights £40 with 4 to use • Talent is £100-300 per session might use 1-3 • Social media manager £50-200 • £5,000 to distribute all the magazines • Editor is £90 an hour • Magazine advisor is £100-300 • Digital editor is £20-30 an hour • Staff writer is £15-30 an hour • Fact checker is £10.00 an hour • Features editor is £30-40 an hour
  11. Distribution and marketing • Distribute to local shops in Hertfordshire • And have a digital version that people outside the county
  12. Production company • In house production company which covers music
  13. Conclusion I think my magazine will be a good idea as it will spread awareness about the variety of music festivals in Hertfordshire as well as instrument shops, this will also bring in people from neighbouring counties which will bring in customers to local businesses, it also would be generally cheaper to make then other genres of magazine due to the fact that many of these places will already have photos online which may save money on the cost of equipment.
  14. Any questions