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How to run 1-to-1 usability testing (with life scientists)

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Some tips on how to run 1-2-1 usability testing with your users/customers. If you are interested in testing in life science environments, this talk is for you! The example used is for a product I tested for molecular biologists whilst at EMBL-EBI in 2010/2011.

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How to run 1-to-1 usability testing (with life scientists)

  1. 1. Analysing the EBI User Experience29.07.20161 Why didn’t you click on the obvious one ? Jenny Cham User Experience (UX) Analyst So why did you click there ?
  2. 2. Analysing the EBI User Experience29.07.2016 17 sites >70 scientists May to Oct Example of usability testing
  3. 3. 3 Design changes to interface design Judgment calls Group decision Usability testing Analysis
  4. 4. Benefits Obvious Discover unknown/unexpected problems Video footage as ‘proof’/objectivity (dilemmas get sorted) Cheap and quick, fix early e.g. during agile 29.07.20164 Not so obvious… Easy to use software = warm fuzzy feelings Awareness of the new software with participants Which features are not necessary? Records progress
  5. 5. Analysing the EBI User Experience Don’t call it testing Get their boss or local contact person to send named invite around Incentives + lunch Formal and informal – credibility but not too daunting Try to recruit for your personas – use a ‘screener’
  6. 6. 29.07.20166 6 Persona: Debra, Drug Discovery What is the reaction chemistry? Are there any known genes? etc… Is he is a ‘Debra’? (SurveyMonkey.net)
  7. 7. Plenty of buffer time esp. if a website3 or so sessions is plenty/day Ideally 30 min turnaround for analysis time Schmooze with management, let them have a go too Go to the users’ site
  8. 8. Analysing the EBI User Experience 29.07.201 8 Get the user to read ALOUD Pick scenarios as relevant as possible: pre-test screenerSeveral to do same one if poss
  9. 9. Love thy user We are not testing you Outline the plan clearly You can leave at any timeThere is no such thing as ‘wrong’ We really value your input Do you have any questions? No, we won’t put the video on YouTube
  10. 10. Analysing the EBI User Experience 29.07.201 10 Supersticky post-its, different colours Decent wall space for analysis Nice drinks Laptop height & set up mouse for left/right handed Facilitator – say as little as you can (cringe) Consent form for video Quiet room Grid to fill in notes Get user’s background info on tape (1st few mins)
  11. 11. http://silverbackapp.com/
  12. 12. Takes preparation - each screen layout ready Have blanks for ‘under construction’/ user sketches Avoid users with a software dev. background End the test early if it’s going no where
  13. 13. The user says… Over to you….(think therapist!) I want to find the contact details so should I go here? Where do you think it should go? …(silence)… What are you thinking now? Oooh…I didn’t expect that What did you expect to happen?
  14. 14. Obvious May need to sell the idea to management – suggest doing it ‘guerrilla’ style anyway Dependent on the sample, not statistically significant Doesn’t tell you how to fix issues Not so obvious Developers think you are giving them extra work You will want to test everything! Drawbacks/ challenges
  15. 15. Analysing the EBI User Experience 29.07.201 15 Usability testing would be great for our project And ours… Now have a go yourself…
  16. 16. 29.07.201 16 Thanks for listening The end