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Commerical insurance presentation final 3.3.16

For Commercial Insurance producers who embrace social media it can unlock a competitive advantage. As we enter a new era where social media is changing the way business is done, platforms like LinkedIn can help effectively identify and engage new clients.
Joel Stanley and Brian Nichols from AssuredPartners Inc. and Kevin Beaudette from LinkedIn Sales Solutions discuss:

• Strategies in using social media to prospect and engage clients in the Commercial Insurance sector
• How AssuredPartners Inc. has embraced social and use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to drive revenue
• An overview of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Commerical insurance presentation final 3.3.16

  1. 1. How Commercial Insurance Producers can use LinkedIn to Prospect
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  3. 3. Kevin Beaudette Senior Account Executive, Financial Services LinkedIn Sales Solutions Joel Stanley Senior Vice President, Producer Development AssuredPartners Inc. Today’s Speakers: Brian Nichols Producer, Senior Account Executive AssuredPartners Inc.
  4. 4. Relationships matter in commercial insurance
  5. 5. Source: LinkedIn Research. Most commercial insurance clients work with an agent / broker for their purchases and communicate with them regularly 9in 10 commercial insurance clients on LinkedIn use an agent/broker for at least some purchase
  6. 6. Professional networks are increasingly facilitating these relationships
  7. 7. Source: LinkedIn Data. 77% of commercial insurance clients… of commercial insurance agents / brokers… 88% rely on professional networks for information relevant to their roles
  8. 8. Relationships formed on LinkedIn are driving tangible business results for commercial insurance brokers / agents across the sales lifecycle
  9. 9. Source: LinkedIn Data. Agents / brokers who use LinkedIn have generated new business through their use of the platform Secured a meeting 31% Generated an opportunity 43% Identified key influencers and decision-makers 52% Found a new client 43% Asked for an intro/referral 42%
  10. 10. SSI helps commercial insurance brokers and agents measure their social selling activity on LinkedIn
  11. 11. 1 What is LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI)? SSI measures your company’s adoption of social selling practices on LinkedIn Gain visibility into your company’s activities Uncover new opportunities Benchmark yourself against peers and competitors
  12. 12. (1) Based on responses to the question “which of the following best describes your expected performance against your individual projected target revenue for 2014?” Source: LinkedIn Data Why does this matter? Agents and brokers with a higher SSI score are significantly more likely to win business through LinkedIn 3x As likely to find a potential new client 5x As likely to accelerate a deal cycle 2x As likely to exceed quota(1)
  13. 13. Source: LinkedIn Data. Data current as of January 2016 end. Note: Sales Navigator Users includes only field-level Sales Navigator users that have had Sales Navigator for 3+ months. A strong partnership between AssuredPartners and Linkedin is driving compelling SSI results for AssuredPartners’ producers 43 59 Pre-Sales Navigator Current Average SSI On average, Assured Partners’ producers have seen a 37% lift in SSI from before using Sales Navigator through today Average SSI of Sales Navigator Users
  14. 14. Why Sales Navigator?
  15. 15. Source: LinkedIn Data as of January 2016. Note: Sales Navigator Users includes both field and online sales navigator subscribers. Create a professional brand Find the right people Engage with insights Build strong relationships Social Selling Index 15 20 10 51 Sales Navigator Users 6 Sales Navigator users in Financial Services & Insurance are outpacing their non-Sales Navigator peers 10 10 4 25 Non-Sales Navigator Users 2
  16. 16. ​ LinkedIn Sales Solutions Mission Connect the world’s buyers and sellers to build relationships.
  17. 17. Stay informed on key updates at your target accounts. Get real-time alerts about decision-makers in your target companies, functions or geography.
  18. 18. Start by identifying prospects using Lead Builder and advanced search filters to build a prospect list within seconds
  19. 19. Create a targeted Lead List and then filter further based on more advanced search filters
  20. 20. Uncover relationships for warm referrals at scale Noah
  21. 21. 21 Iden%fy your warmest path to the right decision maker
  22. 22. 22 Get signals and Insights on people you aren’t connected to (outside of your 1st Degree)
  23. 23. InMail: The most credible way to message anyone on LinkedIn Noah Gold
  24. 24. Gain insights and engage from anywhere Desktop Email Mobile CRM
  25. 25. Questions? •  Kevin Beaudette: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kjbeaudette •  Email: lssfinancialservices@linkedin.com •  Web: https://business.linkedin.com/sales-solutions/financial-services •  Joel Stanley: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joel-stanley-0ba5b415 •  Brian Nichols: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-nichols-8a753b26 •  Web: http://assuredptr.com/