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Batman narrative structure

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Batman Narrative structure

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Batman narrative structure

  1. 1. NARRATIVE STRUCTURE TRISTANTODOROV Events in a story have a causal relationship with one event leading to an other in a pattern of cause and effect.The very notion of ‘cause and effect’implies a change in a state of affairs. For Todorov,the primary function of narrative is to solve a problem.It is this that forms the basis of Todorov’s theory of narrative. His modelbegins with a state of equilibrium, a condition in which everything is in a state of order. This state of equilibrium is disrupted either by a force of some kind or through the actions of an individual. The narrative progressesto a restoration of equilibrium, or order. Todorovbreaks the narrative process downinto five stages • A state of equilibrium at the outset • A disruption of the equilibrium by some action • A recognition that there has been a disruption • An attempt to repair the disruption • A reinstatement of the initial equilibrium. TODOROV APPLIED TO BATMAN A state of equilibrium at the outset Batman hasn’t beenseen for eight years, crime rates are really low and everything in Gotham is safe due to Harvey Dent’s act on crime. A disruption of the equilibrium by some action Bane fights batman, breaks into Batmans armoury, imprisons Batman and takes control of Wayne’s nuclear reactor. A recognitionthat there has beena disruption Bane blows up the bridges surrounding Gotham so there is only one exit from Gotham which Bane controls for supplies and protection that no one leaves the city. Bane alerts the world of the situation and the fact that he controls a nuclear bomb which will detonate in a matter of months. An attempt to repair the disruption Batman escapesthe prison and returns to Gotham to stop Bane and save the city. Batman finds Bane and starts a war between Bane’s army and the police force. A reinstatement of the initial equilibrium. Batman defeats Bane and his men and fly’s the bomb out over the bay so the city is clear of the blast radius, the bomb detonates and the city is safe.