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Project Pictures and Summary, 2015

Our project management groups clean up efforts in Tarrant County.

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Project Pictures and Summary, 2015

  1. 1. Planned Actual The team picked up trash to the full two-mile planned route on project work day. The team made the process more efficient by changing the direction of how we walked the route. We split up the resources on project work day into two groups and parked a car at the end of the route to shuttle team members back to the starting point. This also allowed the team to clean the median with ease and limited the distance team members needed to carry the heavy trash bags. Though we gave ourselves a hard stopping point of 2PM, slitting up the task and staying within scope allowed us to complete the project early (just after 12PM).
  2. 2. Safety Discussion took place before we executed the project • Topics included: – Wear bright colored items – Rain causes slick areas, be careful not to slip and fall – Heavy traffic area, watch for cars – Stay in groups and look out for each other – If someone approaches asking for money, say no and keep moving – Wear gloves and be cautious of sharp objects – For non emergency injuries we have a first aid kit – For emergency injuries there is an ER on the route (on the north side Camp Bowie at the Bryant Irving intersection)
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  8. 8. Advertising From 9am-10am part of the group passed out fliers to local businesses near Tarleton (along the cleanup route). Though it was an add on scope to the original project, our team agreed to do it because we believed it added value to the university, and we were able to accomplish the task with minimal effort. In order to compensate for it being a scope addition, team members who wanted to participate in this effort volunteered. Four of the six team members arrived an hour early to pass out fliers to 20 businesses: Boots Shoe Repair, Edwin Watts Golf Store, Style Me Pretty, Jason’s Deli, RLB Car Dealership, Starbucks, Esoteric Salon, Jack in the Box, Babies on the Boulevard, Tom Thumb, Stein Mart, Fuzzy’s, Pro Cuts, Walgreens, 711, Bank of America, Goodyear, Braums, and Red Wing.
  9. 9. Customer Quotes • Clean up Tarleton  Thank you all for what you are doing” -Tarleton Security Guard  Thanks so much for your efforts to help keep Fort Worth beautiful!” -City of Fort Worth Solid Waste Services Director • Advertising  “We love Tarleton. Hang up the poster up front” -Fuzzy’s cashier
  10. 10. Items picked up • The team each picked up at least 35 cigarette butts and placed them in a separate baggie • The team picked up as much visible trash as possible that was on the route defined • Typical items included cigarette butts, mini liquor bottles, candy wrappers, and fast food objects