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Presentation at 2014 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference

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  1. 1. Town  &  Gown  Relations   Sustainability  Processes,   Goals  &  Projects   Roger  L.  Kemp   April  17,  2014   www.rogerlkemp.com   www.rogerkemp.org    
  2. 2. Best  Practices  enhance  sustainability  in  the   community  and  on  the  college  campus.    Everyone  mutually   bene>its  –  both  the  citizens  and  the  students.     •  Capital  Projects   •  Public  Infrastructure   •  Other  Public  Improvements   •  Services   •  Major  Services   •  New  Joint  Services   •  Other  Possible  Services     •  Processes   •  Agreed-­‐Upon  Topics   •  Use  of  ExisDng  OrganizaDons   •  CreaDon  of  New  OrganizaDons  
  3. 3. Capital  Projects  
  4. 4. Public  Infrastructure   •  Street  Projects   •  Street  LighDng   •  Sidewalks   •  UDliDes   •  Separate  Parking  Structures   •  Joint  Parking  Structures   •  Bikeways   •  Walkways   •  Transit-­‐Oriented  Development  Zones   •  Others?  
  5. 5. Other  Public  Improvements   •  Parks   •  Open  Spaces   •  PlanDng  of  Trees/Street  Landscaping   •  Neighborhoods  of  Town-­‐Gown  Plans   •  Campus  Expansion   •  Town-­‐Gown  RevitalizaDon  Plans   •  Other  Common  Areas  and  Projects     •  Developments  or  Improvements  
  6. 6. Services  
  7. 7. Major  Services   •  Police  Services   •  Traffic  Enforcement  Services   •  Fire  Services   •  Library  Services   •  Joint  Infrastructure  Planning  OpDons   •  Joint  Land-­‐Use  and  Zoning  OpDons   •  Resolving  Social  Problems  (Town-­‐Gown)   •  Desired  Town-­‐Gown  Business  in  “Joint”  Downtown  Areas   •  Planning/Zoning  Services  (Town  to  Gown)  
  8. 8. New  Joint  Services   •  EducaDonal  Programs  (benefits  of  Town-­‐Gown   relaDonships)   •  Benefits  of  School  to  City   •  Benefits  of  City  to  School   •  EducaDonal  Outreach  (City  Officials)   •  City  Outreach  (School  Officials)   •  Training  Future  Public  Managers   •  Use  City  Officials  as  Adjunct  Faculty  Members   •  Plan  for  the  Future  of  Joint/Common  Geographic  Areas   •  Job  CreaDon  (Desired  Jobs  for  the  Community)   •  Other  Agreed-­‐Upon  Environmental  Improvements   •  Other  Agreed-­‐Upon  Economic  Improvements  
  9. 9. Other  Possible  Services     •  Student  Internship  Programs  (with  City)   •  Mentoring  Programs  (with  City)   •  Adjunct  Faculty  Members  (from  City)   •  Studies  by  the  School/Faculty  (for  City)   •  Studies  by  the  City/Public  Officials  (for  School)   •  Neighborhood  Security   •  Improvements  to  the  Quality-­‐of-­‐Life  (for  ciDzens   and  students)  
  10. 10. Processes  
  11. 11. Agreed-­‐Upon  Topics     (Town-­‐Gown)     •  To  Discuss  Concerns/Issues  Before  They  Become   Problems   •  School  Reimbursement  for  City  Services   •  Use  of  School  Technology  to  Improve  City  Processes/ Services     •  CreaDon  of  Joint  Town-­‐Gown  Advisory  Groups   •  Groups  are  generally  Advisory  to  Town-­‐Gown   Officials   •  Role  of  the  Mayor  and  College  President  (Both   report  to  their  RespecDve  Governing  Bodies)  
  12. 12. Use  of  Existing  Organizations   (Town-­‐Gown)     •  City  Officials   •  School  Officials   •  CiDzens  (e.g.,  Neighborhood  AssociaDons)   •  Students  (e.g.,  Student  AssociaDons)   •  City  and  School  Officials   •  Downtown  Business/Merchant  AssociaDons   •  Involvement  of  Special  Districts  in  Town-­‐Gown  Area   •  Other  City  Groups/OrganizaDons?   •  Other  School  Groups/OrganizaDons?  
  13. 13. Creation  of  New  Organizations   (Town-­‐Gown)     •  Town-­‐Gown  Advisory  Commiee   •  Advisory  to  Public/School  Officials  in  the  City  and   the  School   •  Would  Contain  Some  CombinaDon  of  the  Following   Members:   •  RepresentaDves  from  the  School  (School  Officials   and  Students)   •   RepresentaDves  from  the  Town  (Public  Officials   and  CiDzens)   •   RepresentaDves  from  Other  Groups  (e.g.,   Special  Districts,  Merchants  Groups,  others)  
  14. 14. Town-­‐Gown  Resource  Directory   •  Center  for  State  and  Local  Government  Excellence  (CSLGE)   •  hp://www.slge.org   •  InternaDonal  City/County  Management  AssociaDon  (ICMA)    *   •  hp://www.icma.org   •  InternaDonal  Town/Gown  AssociaDon  (ITGA)    *   •   hp://www.itgua.org   •  NaDonal  AssociaDon  of  Planning  Councils  (NAPC)   •  hp://www.communityplanning.org   •  NaDonal  Civic  League  (NCL)   •  hp://www.ncl.org   •  NaDonal  League  of  CiDes  (NLC)   •  hp://www.nlc.org   •  Office  of  University  Partnerships  (OUP)    *   •  hp://www.oup.org   •  Society  for  College  and  University  Planning  (SCUP)    *   •  hp://www.scup.org   •  University  Town  Network  -­‐  European  Union  (UTN)    *   •  hp://www.unife.it/internaDonal  
  15. 15. Town  &  Gown  Relations:       A  Handbook  of  Best  Practices   •  Dr.  Roger  L.  Kemp  (BS,  MPA,  MBA,  PhD)   •  www.rogerkemp.org            (my  author’s  website)   •  www.rogerlkemp.com      (my  consulDng  website)   •  rlkbsr@snet.net                            (my  e-­‐mail  address)   •  Roger  L.  Kemp  has  been  a  career  city  manager  and  a  career  adjunct   professor  during  his  25  year  public  service  career  in  California,   ConnecDcut,  and  New  Jersey     •  Recently  addressed  the  first  annual  conference  of  the  UniTown   Network  of  the  European  Union  in  the  City  of  Ferrara  (at  the   University  of  Ferrara)  in  Italy.   •  Currently,  he  is  a  PracDDoner  in  Residence  in  the  Department  of   Public  Management,  College  of  Business,  at  the  University  of  New   Haven.   •  Currently,  DisDnguished  Adjunct  Professor  in  the  ExecuDve  MPA   Program,  Ageno  School  of  Business,  Golden  Gate  University   •  Roger  also  taught  at  the  University  of  California,  California  State   University,  Rutgers  University,  and  the  University  of  ConnecDcut.