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Sustainable tourism

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A powerpoint for GCSE Geography Tourism. See last slide for more details

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Sustainable tourism

  1. 1. “980 million people travelled internationally in 2011 ( a 4%increase over 2010) and this isexpected to reach 1.5 billion by 2020”
  2. 2. What is sustainable tourism?• Explore how tourism can be sustainable• Determine what eco-tourism is• Build upon the Kenya case study in relation to sustainability
  3. 3. Sustainable tourism is about re-focusing and adapting. EXTRA RESEARCH:“Economic, social and http://www.sustainabletouenvironmental aspects of rism.net/sustainable development mustinclude the interests of allstakeholders including indigenouspeople, local communities, visitors,industry and government”
  4. 4. "responsible travel EXTRA RESEARCH:to natural areas that http://www.ecotourism conserves the .org/what-is- environment and Minimise ecotourism improves the well- impact being of local Positive people." (TIES, experiences 1990) for visitors Enviro Positive awareness experiences built on for hosts Raise Raise sensitivity cultural to countries awareness needs Financial Financial Empowerment benefit to locals benefits for conservation locals
  5. 5. Key definitions…Stewardship is careful management of theenvironment on a large scale across regions,nations and even internationally. Alldevelopments are planned sustainably.Conservation is more LOCAL in its natureallowing local people to be involved.
  6. 6. Sustainable and Eco-tourism in Kenya walking safarisMlilo Safari Lodge & Tours Group 2005 Taita hills bird-watching rock climbing planting trees Ngangao forest http://www.ecotourismkenya.org/viewcom munity.php?cid=96
  7. 7. AmboseliSerena Safari Lodge
  8. 8. Sustainable and Eco-tourism in KenyaHow are they eco-friendly?• waste recycling (glass, plastics, ‘wet waste)• sewage disposal, air emissions• non-CFC use,• pesticide-use• noise reduction and visual pollution.• local produce is featured on the menus
  9. 9. Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge• Work with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) re- afforestation programme• subsidized medical care to the local community• Jobs and training for locals• Encourage interface between our guests and the local villages• showcase Maasai dance, costume, singing and cultural craft as part of our corporate undertaking to support and sustain the cultural heritage of our nation• Voluntary support to local orphanages
  10. 10. Another case study for coastal tourism…Mombasahttp://www.mombasainfo.com/
  11. 11. Kigio conservation http://www.kigio.com/ conservancy.htm
  12. 12. What is sustainable tourism?• Explore how tourism can be sustainable• Determine what eco-tourism is• Build upon the Kenya case study in relation to sustainability
  13. 13. Do you think Tourism can be sustainable?
  14. 14. This powerpoint was designed for Y10/11studying the Tourism option for GCSE.The websites on the slides are where additionalreseach can be undertaken by the student and itis also the reference for the pictures andinformation used.J.Carr 2nd in department, St Bees School