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Marketo Protips 3: New Advice You Can Implement Today

  1. Marketo Pro Tips 3 New Ideas You Can Implement Today Adam New- Waterson CMO, LeanData @RevTechCMO Jeff Shearer Director of Marketing Automation, Nintex @TheJeffShearer
  2. This is just a preview
  3. Original 15 Protips Protips II: The Token Strikes Back Scalable Lead Alerts Bulletproof list imports Burner fields Video view tracking
  4. Program templates
  5. Let’s talk about headaches
  6. It got a little confusing
  7. First identify your key use cases
  8. Events Webinars Simple Contact Pages Newsletters Content Downloads
  9. Next build out every asset you might need
  10. Invites Landing Pages Smart Campaigns
  11. And power them with {{my.Tokens}}
  12. Step 3: Tokenize wherever possible
  13. The new process Request Clone Template, customize tokens Review Launch
  14. We’ve cut our program turnaround time in half
  15. We look consistent around the world
  16. Content Recommendations
  17. I had conversion envy
  18. No budget to allocate to improvements
  19. Had to get creative
  20. Content Recommendations
  21. Create Segmentation
  22. Create Snippet
  23. Dynamic Content in Email or Landing Page
  24. Results – 80% became Closed Won
  25. Results – 5716% return on investment
  26. New Lead Processing Queue
  27. We had some data problems
  28. Which caused some sync problems
  29. Imagine a trip to the airport
  30. Process leads like airport travelers
  31. What do you want to happen for every new lead in your database?
  32. Clean up bad or missing data
  33. Call external services and tools
  34. Assign leads to nurture streams
  35. These two are the key
  36. Daisy chained smart campaigns control the order
  37. Don’t forget wait steps before any CRM syncing
  38. New Lead – Fills out Registration Form Wait 3 Minutes Change Program Status New Lead Processing Queue
  39. Program status changes, when synced to a salesforce campaign Anything that forces a CRM sync
  40. Keeping Data Tidy
  41. I don’t like dirty data
  42. Avoid embarrassing interactions with customers and prospects
  43. Slinky Campaigns
  44. Prevent errors caused by sync
  45. Slinky Campaign
  46. Slinky Campaign
  47. Deleted in Marketo
  48. Sync made me want to pull out my hair
  49. Deleted in Marketo
  50. Fallback Page Alert Pro Tip 4
  51. Lost money & time
  52. Fallback Page Alert
  53. Catch problems before they hurt
  54. BONUS PROTIPS Little things to make you happy
  55. Burner Fields – One-time use data
  56. Throwaway Smart Lists
  57. Tear Down This Wall (Mr. Gorbachev)
  58. Original 15 Protips Protips II: The Token Strikes Back Scalable Lead Alerts Bulletproof list imports The Ultimate Guided Landing Page Video Tracking Programs
  59. Page 69 #MKTGNATION
  60. Thank You! @THEJeffShearer & @RevTechCMO