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How to conduct an ideal agency search

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A tip sheet with advice from RSW/AgencySearch on how to find the perfect agency partner.

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How to conduct an ideal agency search

  1. 1. How to conduct the ideal agency search An RFI and RFP tip sheet
  2. 2. Tip sheet | September 2013 | Agency Search | 1 Shikatani Lacroix is a leading branding and design firm located in Toronto, Canada. The company wins commissions from around the world, across CPG, retail and service industries, helping clients achieve success within their operating markets. It does this by enabling its clients’ brands to better connect with consumers through a variety of core services including corporate identity, naming and communication, brand experience, packaging, retail, wayfinding and product design. About the author Ann Meredith Brown, Director of Social Media, Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Shikatani Lacroix An accomplished wordsmith, Ann has garnered a decade’s worth of experience in copyediting, copywriting, researching and reporting. She is responsible for developing and executing Shikatani Lacroix’s social media and communications strategies. Ann possesses in-depth knowledge of the design and advertising industries. She is the founding editor of Design Edge Canada, a news and trends magazine and website for the Canadian graphic design industry.
  3. 3. Tip sheet | September 2013 | Agency Search | 2 Searching for the perfect agency partner An agency search is a lot like dating. You’re looking for the ideal partner, someone who is compatible, shares your values, is supportive and enthusiastic, and will have your back when times are tough. So you play the field looking for that perfect match. You meet potential partners who try to woo you by promising the world. But once you scratch the surface you realize it’s all just talk. So how do you find that perfect fit? The following is a list of tips from client-agency relationship experts RSW/AgencySearch on how to conduct an effective agency search through the use of well-written and wellexecuted Requests for Information (RFIs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs).
  4. 4. Tip sheet | September 2013 | Agency Search | 3 Top tips for conducting an agency search • Decide who the decision makers are in your company before you begin the search process • Do your due diligence up front before the search begins • Limit the number of firms you search for in the RFI phase to 6-8 at most • Give agencies at least 1-2 weeks to respond to an RFI • Keep your final list of agencies to 3-4 • Issue an RFP or give agencies a specific challenge to respond to (not spec work) • Keep your RFPs focused and straightforward – don’t ask extraneous questions • Zero-in on issue oriented questions • Hold one-on-one Q&As with the agencies to gauge your chemistry • Give agencies at least three weeks to prepare for the pitch • Be open to questions from agencies as the process unfolds • Allow 1.5 hours for the final presentations at your headquarters • Visit the final agency or agencies prior to making your decision
  5. 5. Tip sheet | September 2013 | Agency Search | 4 For more information, contact: Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President Shikatani Lacroix 387 Richmond Street East Toronto, Ontario M5A 1P6 Telephone: 416-367-1999 Email: jplacroix@sld.com