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Why you should (or shouldn't) hire me; a personal pitch deck

  1. JEAN-GUY ROULEAU FATHER, HUSBAND, OPS & PROJECT MANAGER, CRAZY ABOUT THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, AMATEUR CHEF Not a fan of the personal pitch deck and looking for a more traditional CV? You’ll find it at the end of this deck.
  2. MY CV, IN ABOUT 50 WORDS 02
  3. MY STORY • Like many, my life started when I was born. • My dad was a chef who instilled the love of cooking in me at an early age. • My mom was an administrative office worker who taught me to work smarter. • I have two wonderful children: Lucien and Vivienne. They are my world, along with my wife, Roxanne. • When I’m not working, I like to play games with my kids, create new things in the kitchen, and host friends old & new with a few good drinks & great food. • I know next to nothing about them but enjoy a good glass of wine, whiskey, or scotch. 03
  4. THREE TRUTHS AND A LIE GET TO KNOW ME A LITTLE BETTER I Co-Founded a business at 16 Providing PC & Networking sales and service to SMBs. I hate following recipes Preferring to cook using my senses. I love cars But am not mechanically inclined whatsoever. I was a Canadian Cadet Rank of Able Cadet with the Sea Cadets, then transferred as a Corporal to the Air Cadets. 04
  5. THREE TRUTHS AND A LIE I Co-Founded a business at 16 Providing PC & Networking sales and service to SMBs. I hate following recipes Preferring to cook using my senses. I love cars But am not mechanically inclined whatsoever. I was a Canadian Cadet Rank of Able Cadet with the Sea Cadets, then transferred as a Corporal to the Air Cadets. 05 GOTCHA! THEY’RE ALL TRUE. GET TO KNOW ME A LITTLE BETTER
  6. Workforce EXPERIENCE OVERVIEW 06 Including after-school and summer student jobs, I’ve been in the workforce since my early teens, primarily in customer- facing roles in various industries. Supervisor/Leadership Either as a Senior, Supervisor, or Manager, with both direct and indirect people management responsibilities. Project Management Managing internal Ops and external client projects. Mostly related to digital assets, SaaS, or continuous improvement. 18+ years 7+ years 5+ years
  7. TIME FOR THE MEAT & POTATOES A LOOK INTO MY EARLY CAREER CHOICES 2006 Blue Line IT Solutions This is the SMB I Co-Founded at 16 years old and served for 2 years as CEO and Project Manager. 2007 Citi Cards Canada Call centre front lines. Credit Analyst & Supervisor. Best education regarding credit ever. 2011 2012 Toyota Canada HQ Contract call centre role. Management Review Team, a.k.a. “let me talk to your manager”. 2012 2013 Techtronic Industries NA Customer Service, repair centre relations, employee programs. For all the tools. 2013 2014 Discount Rentals Senior customer service for rental operations. Backing up the Branch Manager to help with Ops. 07 2011 2008
  8. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING LATELY? 08 • This is the role that opened my eyes to project management. • Reported directly to the CEO & Managing Partner. • Visibility into daily Ops management, with my input as well for launching & growing new market: Quebec. Project Manager Windley Ely, 2014-2017 • Step down in title, but step up in responsibilities. • Larger projects with greater scope, budgets, timelines, and teams. Reported to PM Director with ties to CEO. • Worked closely with every department to ensure project delivery. • Took ownership of P&P documentation and improvement. Project Coordinator • Reported directly to VP IT & Ops for North America. • Personally responsible for largest projects in NA. • Backed up VP in managing PM, Ops, & Dev teams. • Left due to lack of fit. Project Manager • Managed team of Educators delivering coding workshops to kids across Canada. • Remote team of 15, grew it to 30 including 3 team leads. • Loved it and did not want to leave, but the role was a maternity leave contract that could not be renewed. Delivery Manager IC Axon, 2017-2019 Legal Suite, 2019-2019 Kids Code Jeunesse, 2019-2020
  9. WHAT AM I DOING NOW? It’s late 2021, but my last role ended in 2020…what‽ (incidentally, the interrobang is my favourite punctuation mark, followed closely by the ellipsis.) In August 2020, my daughter Vivienne (remember her from earlier in this deck?) was born, so I decided to take a few months of parental leave to help my wife and spend some wonderful time with my kids. Since then, I’ve been doing independent contract work. With the pandemic, finding a new permanent role has been a little difficult. Also, I don’t shotgun applications and yearn to find that perfect fit. So here I am; hoping to find that perfect fit with you. 09
  10. WHAT DO I WANT TO BE DOING? You know what I’ve done, and what I’m doing now, but where do we go from here? What I want, and hope to find with you, is greater opportunity to help people. Not only to help my customers, but to take all of my experience and help others grow and develop in their careers. Having had some great leaders and mentors in my life, I am at a point in my own career where I not only want to be that same leader and mentor for others, but believe that I have the skills and experience to fulfill that role, with direct or indirect influence in the development of others. 10
  11. WHAT DO I VALUE MOST? • Deontology. Regardless of what I do, I align with the PMI’s values of Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, and Fairness. Through this I strive to make ethical choices, build strong relationships, and achieve long-term success. • Relationships. At some point in our lives, we must all interact with someone else; human connection is how we get things done and I value those relationships, both personal and professional, that are forged along the way. • Excellence. Perfection is never my goal; rather I aim to do the best I can every time. When something is half-assed, it will inevitably have to be fixed later; but if you whole- ass it the first time around, everyone will be better off. • Balance. I work to live, not the other way around; everything I do is to enjoy life for myself and my family. 11
  12. WHAT AM I MADE OF? Sense of humour MS Office/G Suite Time Mgmt. Risk Mgmt. Client Mgmt. Critical Thinking Team Player Leadership Tech Savvy Bilingual (EN/FR) My Top Skills 12
  13. MY WEAKNESSES (OR, WHY YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO HIRE ME) UNDERNEATH IT ALL, I’M STILL JUST HUMAN…BUT I’M WORKING ON THAT I have a hard time saying “No” I’m a people-pleaser, and this isn’t a veiled humblebrag. In the past, this has led to me taking on more work than I should have. I am actively working on this, and I can say “no” when required…I just don’t like to. I have a hard time doing something without knowing “why”. If I can’t see or understand the purpose of my tasks, I won’t be able to complete them to the best of my abilities. 13 I like to know all the details of my work
  14. I THINK I’M PRETTY GOOD AT WHAT I DO I've worked alongside Jean-Guy at Citibank and Canada Life and he's always been a team player who learns the ins and outs of the organization quickly and efficiently. He's tech savvy and pays very close attention to detail which is extremely useful when dealing with multiple financial products that can be complicated. Whatever the task or project might be Jean-Guy is always excited to learn about what needs to be done and creative enough to provide and execute solutions. Jordan Cameron Canada Life, Sr. Data Reporting Analyst I had the pleasure of working directly with Jean-Guy on multiple projects as the Legal Suite Trainer for the North American region. Jean-Guy is clearly an experienced Project Manager with a heightened sense of empathy, pragmatism, and professionalism. He offered our clients his expertise not only in leveraging technological solutions, but was instrumental in guiding them through implementation and organizational changes to ensure their long-term. It is clear to me Jean-Guy is a talented individual across many fields and knows well how to identify with the client and their challenges for best solutions. I am glad to recommend Jean-Guy as an outstanding addition and influencer to any team. Julian Gay-de-Montella Legal Suite, Head of L&D NA 14 BUT DON’T JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT
  15. THANK YOU! Jean-Guy Rouleau 514-931-5014 I’d love to work with you Prefer a more traditional CV? Click here. v. gen-20210625