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  1. A N E W W A Y T O C O N N E C T W I T H F A N S January 2023
  2. Team Tokens is taking fan engagement to a new level Team Tokens i s a whi te-labe l platform e nabling profe s s ional sports organisati ons to cre ate ric h digital e xpe rie nc e s for t h e ir fans uti li si ng the power of bloc k c hain in a simplified , s afe and secure envi ronment. The platform focuses on the mark e ting be ne fit of we b 3, and connecti ng your organi saton with a ne w audie nc e .
  3. 1 2 3 Creating NFT-based collectible systems Collaborating with physical partners to offer NFT-based rewards and benefits Integrate new technologies and marketing tools into existing programs and ecosystem to improve the user experience. Challenges W H A T A R E T H E C H A L L E N G E S T H A T C A N B E S O L V E D B Y T E A M T O K E N S R E G A R D I N G F A N E N G A G E M E N T I N F O O T B A L L ?
  4. Our solution to the 3 challenges A web experience that serves a need and engages fans. Creating NFT-based collectible systems Collect data, engage, and create a personalised digital experience and strengthen the connections with the Fans Collaborating with physical partners to offer NFT-based rewards and benefits such as discounts at local businesses. A meaningful web3 strategy We design with the fan experience at the forefront, so onboarding is seamless and our architecture can easily integrate into your existing channels with zero friction.
  5. Creating NFT-based collectible systems and increase loyalty Offer free digital collectables at games Fans can scan QR codes in stadium to claim and win, in both clubs and international games, men and women competitions. Collectables can be airdrop via email address or when purchasing a particular product Possibility to sell collectables via fiat or cryptocurrency
  6. Collaborate with brands a n d e n g a g e w i t h y o u r f a n s b e f o r e , d u r i n g a n d a f t e r t h e e v e n t s Use the collectables as the key to a token-gated community Drive engagement through gamification Design special product drops, and reward key consumer segments with branding opportunity for each weeks game Produce virtual events that connect token-holders with celebrity brand ambassadors Offer on going deal for NFT holder with the brand
  7. The Team Tokens Commitment C o n n e c t w i t h y o u r a u d i e n c e a n d h e i g h t e n e d f a n e n g a g e m e n t w i t h o u t c o m m i t t i n g n e w r e s o u r c e s Platform integration is carried out by Team Tokens, no IT resources required Consultation support hours includes analytics of previous data and education on general trends within the space Documentation and Training material provided to your team upon handover
  8. Why you should work with us: Our product is the ultimate solution for engaging and onboarding all of your fans. We have already demonstrated success with our loyalty-based campaign utilising digital collectibles. Our recent inclusion in Le Tremplin, the top sports incubator in France, and our focus on expanding in Europe, solidifies our commitment to being at the forefront of the industry. With a team of experts who possess a deep understanding of the global sport ecosystem, we are well-equipped to drive growth and success for your organisation.
  9. Team CHRIS HUME Strategic Advisor Chris has 25 years of experience in the digital sports industry. He founded Sportal in Australia in 1999, and built it into a successful business serving the AFL and all AFL clubs, cricket Australia, the FFA, Netball, the Australian PGA Tour and others; as well as most telcos and media companies in Australia. Since 2006 Chris has been an executive Director of Champion Data, working throughout the sports eco-system, in Australia the UK the USA and Singapore. Chris brings a wealth of relevant knowledge to Team Tokens and our partners. BEN TURNER Strategic Advisor Ben is an entrepreneur and senior sports tech executive with broad global experience. He has worked with FIBA, FIFA, NBA and NCAA and many other leading sports organisations building world class technology and companies. In 2019 he Co-Founded and was CEO of Atrium Sports. They raised capital with Elysian Park Ventures and Eldridge Industries to acquire Keemotion and Synergy Sports and build a new platform for sports to collect, distribute and commercialise their content. Ben served as Co-Founder and Chief Sports Officer with Synergy Sports In 2021, Synergy Sports was acquired by Sportradar, in a deal valuing the business at over $300m. Ben is now Head of Strategy, Sports Content and Partnerships for Sportradar.
  10. Team PAULIUS MOCKEVICIUS CTO Paulius has almost 10 years of experience in software development and project management. Paulius lead different successful projects during his time at Genius Sport, working with international organisations such as the NBA and FIBA. Started as a software engineer his main focus now is on leading and managing teams through various challenges. he co-founded PMCO, an ingenious development hub. MINDAUGAS SEDUIKIS Software engineer Mindaugas is an experienced software engineer, who has been leading and developing software projects for various business industries since over a decade. In 2019, Mindaugas co-founded PMCO, an software development studio, that developed modern mobile, web, and blockchain applications for different clients across the globe.
  11. Robbie is a serial entrepreneur, founder & speaker. In 2017 Robbie was selected in Smart Company’s Hot 30 Under 30 & in 2016 won the Australian Business Award for Marketing Excellence (ABA100). Robbie is the Founder of multiple high-growth eCommerce companies. JEAN-BAPTISTE DUMAS Founder JB is the founder of Sport Together, a Melbourne based sporting event company. JB is a blockchain technology enthusiast and merged both his sporting and technology passion to create the Team Tokens business model. LEWIS ROMANO Non Executive Director Lewis is a entrepreneur who founded and grew three businesses before he was 30. After attending Bond University to study Business Entrepreneurship, Lewis went on to jointly establish what became Australia's third largest online job site successfully exiting that business, Lewis turned his focus to the creation of Credit Clear in 2016, which floated on the ASX in 2020 with a market cap of over $100m. ROBBIE BALL CMO Team
  12. Jean-Baptiste Dumas 0402035659 G E T I N T O U C H Thank you