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Javier Lasa Castro - Digital projects Experience -1992 - 2019

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Javier Lasa professional career main achievements:
Premio mejor startup innovación Turismo y restauración (Meliá Hoteles Challenge,) B-LAB GASTRONOMIC
Ganador subvención 8 proyectos de innovación Google DNI (4M€) Director innovación prisa
Premio Google mejor app noticias en VR 2016(Fukushima) Dirección técnica
Premio Apple mejor app de noticias ipad (elpais) Director Proyecto
Premio Ondas mejor proyecto innovación Radio Adventure para los 40

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Javier Lasa Castro - Digital projects Experience -1992 - 2019

  1. 1. Professional summary Digital projects 1986-2019 JAVIER LASA CASTRO Mail: lasa.Javier@Gmail.com Tel: 699 351 741 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/javierlasa/
  2. 2. Director Innovación de producto Grupo Prisa + 300 proyectos digitales completados. Móvil: 699 35 17 41 e-mail:lasa.javier@gmail.com CONTACTO Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/javierlasa Twitter: http://twitter.com/javier_lasa EXPERIENCIA PROFESIONAL 2019-2015 2013-2015 2013-2010 2010-2006 2006-2001 2001-1999 1992-1999 Experiencia startup: Seleccionado programa 500startups, Silicon Valley, USA. Director R&D área digital Grupo Prisa. Director Operaciones Clasificados Online El país Director Canales digitales Vocento grupo de Comunicación. Director contenidos Viapolis Red ciudades digitales (Vocento-Unidad editorial-Grupo Godó) Director contenidos Intregra Multimedia primer estudio independiente CD-I en España. 2019 Director Innovación y Fundador B-LAB GASTRONOMIC startup #foodtech PROFESOR • Master of Arts in Television Production (M.A) Middlesex University, Londres, UK • Licenciado en Publicidad Universidad del País Vasco, Bilbao • Licenciado en Periodismo (FCCII) Universidad Complutense, Madrid FORMACIÓN ACADÉMICA 1992 1990 1988 PREMIOS Y RECONOCIMIENTOS • Premio mejor startup innovación Turismo y restauración (Meliá Hoteles Challenge,) B-LAB GASTRONOMIC • Ganador subvención 8 proyectos de innovación Google DNI (4M€) Director innovación prisa • Premio Google mejor app noticias en VR 2016(Fukushima) Dirección técnica • Premio Apple mejor app de noticias ipad (elpais) Director Proyecto • Premio Ondas mejor proyecto innovación Radio Adventure para los 40 2016 2011 2011 2019-2017 2018 • Profesor Producción video digital (The Valley) • Profesor TV Futuro en ICEMD • Profesor VR/IOT en The Valley • Profesor Master: Periodismo Digital, Universidad pontifica Salamanca-para presidencia República Dominicana. CONFERENCIAS BASQUE CULINARY CENTER LE-PRODCUT CONF HIP HORECA CODEMOTION ROME -Restaurant of the Future - NEWSXCHANGE Ámsterdam – Newsroom innovation – OME EXPO Madrid JAVIER LASA
  3. 3. 3 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Key Functions • Responsible for autonomously developing usable prototypes for new technological and interactive products trends that will be relevant in 2-3 years • Develop a detailed description of the R&D project defining objectives, potential customers and use cases. • Define functional requirements as well as look&feel for the usable prototype • Manage the development of the usable prototype • Develop a business case for developed idea clearly defining the underlying business model , a cost estimation for the development and revenues potentials for Prisa Group. • Trends analysis and monitoring Future envisioning radar (conferenecs, leading innovators relationship) • Create a R&D lab with state of art distribution technology devices and showroom, kowledge sharing • Involve BU with innovation process Key Skills • Innovation • Creativity • Project Management • Results orientation • Teamwork • Business Case Development • Advanced technical and digital products skills • Design& Usability UX • Analytics and user behaviour Inside the Digital Unit • Engineering groups, Content Usability Factory, PSD Outside the Digital Unit: • All Prisa Group areas for new ides generation, Development partners. • Number of new ideas from all different areas. • Number of research project launched • Project efficiency (in time, in quality, in budget) • Quality Assurance Compliance • Innovation KPI measurement, new product or process • Business value • Create new value form existing content Internal and External Interfaces Main KPIs Mission Responsible for monitoring technological market developments for Prisa group, identifying new technological trends that can be implemented in a 2-3 year horizon and developing usable prototypes with an accompanying business case. INNOVATION RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT
  4. 4. 4 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 CD.I interactive CD-ROM Interactive multimedia Internet Hybrid CD-Internet Consumer InternetTelevision Video & Televison EITB basque public TV service 1986-1990 1992-1999 1995-1999 2000-2005 MASTER TV (UK´London 1990-1992) Consumer Internet Local guides viapolis (Vocento media group) 2º punto de giro Head of digital channels (Vocento media group Resumen profesional Javier Lasa -1999-2019 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY 1986-2005
  5. 5. 5 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 2005 2010 2012 2016 OTT 2ND SCREEN INTERACTIVE VIDEO LIVE + SOCIAL los40 live streaming Director of Cuatro web Tv redesign European design awrads best web TV 2011 2010 First OTT service of a py Tv in spain 2008 -2012 Directos of Video products for canal plus 2013-2016 Startup founder 500strong SILICON VALLEY PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY 2006-2015 2013 Premio Ondas Radio technical achievement for visual visual radio experience Yu los40 principales 2006 -2008 Head of product Classifieds Web production Streaming video Silicon valley
  6. 6. 6 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 2015-2017 Elpais VR app development Best news app 2016 (Google play) PODIUM PODCAST ondas prive 2016 ELPAIS VIDEO product development Google DNI PFP Youtube integration Project director 2017-2019 Head of R&D innovation are responsable of proposals creation and definition and Project developmenta PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY 2015-2019 Virtual reality InnovationPodcast Online video
  7. 7. 7 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 ÑH6 Best Design Spain and Portugal Society for News Design (SND) Cuatro.com best web tv design for a site with more than 10MM users 2009 El país app Awarded top 10 news app worlwide source Imonitor 20111 Number 1 donwloaded app app store Spain 2011 (Source: Apple) 2008 Fist pay Tv online streaming service with 9 live channels In 2012 become yomvi with 500k users and 30M donw 2013 Premio Ondas Radio technical achievement for visual visual radio experience Yu los40 principales 1.5 M revenue for los40 First Spanish second screen app for Connected Tv 2010- Fisrt Spanish banking website in 1995 MAIN ACHIEVEMENTS Awarded 8 Google Dni Project total value 4Million € best spainhs speaking large media performance in innovation worldwide Elpais VR app development Awarded Best news app 2016 (Google play)
  8. 8. Interactive Multimedia projects 1986-1995
  9. 9. 9 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Javier Lasa started as a Entrepreneur setting up first interactive multimedia studio in the Basque Country. Director of content production with more than 100 multimedia interactive projects completed for CD-ROM,(Mac Win) Cd-i.(compact disc interactive) INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA1992
  10. 10. 10 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 In 1995 I started designing web projects, as first bank corporate web site in Spain (www.BBK.es) FIRST WEB PROYECTS1995
  11. 11. 11 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 This year we develop hybrid project in CD-rom and web or point of information systems HYBRID OFF/ONLINE PROYECTS1998
  12. 12. Head of digital Channels Vocento Media group 1999-2005
  13. 13. 13 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 23 newspapers in france Dos diarios nacionales Le Figaro (con Paris-Avenue) y Libération Diecisiete diarios regionales y provinciales: Le Bien Public, La Charente Libre, Le Courrier de L’Ouest, Le Courrier Picard, Le Dauphiné Libére, La Dépeche du Midi, La Dordogne Libre, L’Eclair, Le Journal de Saone et Loire, Le Maine Libre, Nord Eclair, La Nouvelle République du Centre Ouest, Presse Océan, Le Progrès, La République des Pyrénées, Sud Ouest e La Voix du Nord I joined Grupo Correo as Content Director for Viapolis.com, an European city guide network in association with 23 Spanish publishers and 27 publishers in France. In 2001 I became CEO responsible of business development Main roles included: 1) Definition of business plan of Spanish joint venture. 2) Business development with final customers (publishing an media industry) setting up the franchise model network contact and final agreement supervision 3) Local commercialisation strategy supervision 4) Coordination of different company functional areas ,sales production, and finance 5)Product and online marketing coordinator DIGITAL CITY GUIDES VIAPOLIS.COM1999
  14. 14. 14 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Vocento: Digital Channel Content Director product design and product policy and quality coordination for internet vertical channels:, agreements with third party and content coordination for Internet vertical sites (local events and directories, entertainment, sports, weather, ski, television, style) for vocento 14 websites. VOCENTO DIGITAL CHANNELS DIRECTOR2002
  15. 15. Head product Classifieds Grupo Prisa 2006-2008 2
  16. 16. 16 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Product and Operation Manager CLASIFFIEDS June 2006-june 2008 Set up the classified product and operations, product design, back office, CRM, payment system and data retrieval Clasificados.elpais.com (motor, real state and jobs) (45 people) 1,5 MM euros revenue per year GRUPO PRISA CLASSIFIEDS2006
  17. 17. 17 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 I became Associate Product Director for Internet Prisa Brands (elpais.com, as.com, cincodias.com, cadenaser.es, los40.com, cuatro.com, plus.es.. Responsability: Product development, design , Audience analytics , SEO, Community management IT development and Mobility 2008 GRUPO PRISA DIGITAL PRODUCT DIRECTOR
  18. 18. 18 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Redesign of all elpais.com services (weather, traffic, translator, maps, games, Tv guide, Cinema., Video player and videogallery GRUPO PRISA DIGITAL PRODUCT DIRECTOR2008
  19. 19. 19 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Children Channel VOD canal + spain 2008 Projets: Product development, concept, project management, design of video and VOD for Canal + spain Champions league live streaming subscription CANAL PLUS SPAIN WEB TV2008
  20. 20. 20 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Direction of www.cuatro.com web Tv redesing, VOD live video and community Live streaming of Tv series (Gominola HKM) cuatro TV First spainuish young sitcom to stream 1,5 MM video views Direction Redesign canal + new VOD portal Project: Project coordination new redesign web TV cuatro.com, new player canal +plus, and streaming webseries 2009 WEB TV NEW SITE REDESING & DEVELOPMENT
  21. 21. 21 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Los40.com player: Deign new VOD musiic video As.TV: player design VOD sportsEl viajero: travel guides VOD Elpais.com video player Infometeo videoplayer + twitter Cuatro.com web TV video player MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION2010
  22. 22. 22 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Infometeo: Multi screen PC mobile meteo channel with live video 2009 MULTISCREEN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  23. 23. 2000-2013 Mobile projects design and develeopment
  24. 24. 24 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 El pais.com first media iphone app launched in Spain December 2008 Since 2008 to 2010 javier lasa has been Product Director of Mobility department (resposnible of product design, development coordination and maintenance Elpais.com as.com Cinco dias. Infometeo.com 2009 MULTISCREEN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  25. 25. 25 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Director of development el pais Ipad (october 2010) • Awarded top 10 news app worlwide source Imonitor 2011 • Number 1 donwloaded app app store Spain 2011 (Source: Apple) 2010 MOBILITY PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  26. 26. 26 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Director of development canal plus for ipad • Fist pay Tv online streaming service with 9 live channels • In 2012 become yomvi Canal + VOD live TV ipad 2010 MOBILITY PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  27. 27. 27 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Cinco dias ipad Design and product development for Cinco dias tablet 2010 MOBILITY PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  29. 29. 29 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Firts media live streamin in Spain 2001. Liive streaming El mundo Cinema awrards 50.000 users Firts media live videochat with real time streaming video (june2000) Over mi past 4 years in TV production( 1986-1990) I always wanted to produce online video interactive products 2000 LIVE STREAMING VIDEO
  30. 30. 30 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Camara de meta an innovative project sinchronisihnig street runners with and online database for extact fisnish lane picture retrieval 2005 LIVE STREAMING VIDEO
  31. 31. 31 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 CR presentation in Madrid using wireless Live U technology 135.000 video views 18.000 concurrent users Average time: 12,9 minutes User commnets 13.500 comments in FB module 3500 user in facebook 2 position Google for ronaldo in following days 2009 LIVE STREAMING VIDEO
  32. 32. 32 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Live streaming of pamplona bull racing Sanfermines 2009 CUATRO TV Audience: 81.000 users, Video views: 170.636 views In prisa digital we achieved in 2009 150 live streamed projects. Including PPV for Digital plus los 40 gala Live streaming (December 2009) Audience: 72.000 users with 4.400 simultaneous 200.000 video views. 22min Production of Cadena dial music awrads live streaming 2009 LIVE STREAMING VIDEO
  33. 33. 33 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Audience: 160.000 users 500.000 video views 7,9 minutes average conection Los 40 gala 2010 used multicamera innovative interface on their music awards. The user is encouraged to select a camera POW form 5 different simultaneous streams 2011 LIVE VIDEO MULTICAMERA CONCEPT
  35. 35. 35 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 HOT SPOTS interactive objects Real time comments inside video signal http://elviajero.elpais.com/destinos-2010/ http://www.infometeo.es/ Twitter comments embedded within video player presenting dinamically user conversation. New Advertising format: allow advertiser to show a sponsored tweet every six user comments . A tool for creating interactive objects (Hot spots) embeded within video secuence. Interactive video and social TV 2011 INTERACTIVE VIDEO AND SOCIAL TV
  36. 36. 36 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 2010 MULTICAMERA INTERFACES CONCEPT DESIGN
  37. 37. 37 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 R&D Prisa Digital Connected Tv & second screen proyects 2010-2013 37 December 2010 01 02 03 04 October 2011 August 2012 December 2012 2011 CONNECTED TV APP DEVELOPMENT
  38. 38. 38 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 38 February 05 06 07 08 March March May 2012 CONNECTED TV APP DEVELOPMENT
  39. 39. 39 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 R&D Prisa Digital Connected Tv & second screen proyects 2010-2013 39 2012 SECOND SCREEN TV APPS
  40. 40. 40 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 R&D Prisa Digital Connected Tv & second screen proyects 2010-2013 40 Word & Sentence translation Subtitle Tv-Learning is a innovative vocabulary learning experience based on original version video content consumption. User interact with synchronized subtitles on a tablet (2nd screen) retrieving translations while watching original version video contents on a Connected TV (main screen). Status: · Back office & automatized workflow developed. · Samsung Smart TV App developed. · Tablet Android App developed including learning game, and user’s stats. 2011 SMART TV & GAMIFICATION
  41. 41. 41 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 R&D Prisa Digital Connected Tv & second screen proyects 2010-2013 41 Smart Tv karaoke: nd screen Gaming app that allows users to sing with their smartphone synchronized with a Smart TV BU: Los 40 Expected to submit to QA in january 2013 2013 SMART TV LOS 40 MUSIC KARAOKE APP
  42. 42. 42 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 42• 2013 Premio Ondas Radio technical achievement for visual visual radio experience Yu los40 principales 2013 MULTISCREEN HTML5 PROYECT DEVELOPMENT
  43. 43. 43 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 NateiveAd first multiscreen branded content distribution platfform 2014 NATIVE ADS PROYECTS DEVELOPMENT
  44. 44. 44 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Record views: ELECCIONES USA 140K VIEWSEntrevista el fin de ETA año Promedio alcance Promedio de reproducciones Promedio de comentarios Promedio de compartidos 2016 329.353 63.471 404 460 2016 FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO WORKFLOW DEFINITION
  45. 45. 45 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 El concepto de Smart commuter Los dispositivos como wereables ( watch, pulseras) no son aptos para consumo de video pero sin para audio recogerán información y notificaciones que se podrán sincronizar con otras pantallas para su consumo 2016 APPLE WATCH EL PAIS APP DEVELOPMENT
  46. 46. VR/AR projects 2009-2019
  47. 47. 47 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Augmented Reality apps (Layar) geolacated Golf courses, travel information with meteo infomation AR app Golf courses and weather info Para saber golf AR app El Viajero local travel information 2010 AUGMENTED REALITY
  48. 48. 48 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Realidad Mixta Unión RV y realidad aumentada GOOGLE CARDBOARD SAMSUNG GEAR VR OCCULUS RIFT HTC VIVE SONY PROJECT MORPHEUS 20172016 GOOGLE DAYDREAM METAGLASS HOLOLENS I worked as technical director of Elpais Inmersive journalism Project Fukushima (shooted in Japan) in 2016, avalaible in 360 video and VR cardboard, gear and oculus This Project was awarded by Google best spanish News app Android 2017 2017 Ver Video 2016 INMERSIVE JOURNALISM ( FUKUSHIMA)
  49. 49. 49 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 VR (this VR app was considered bets of news app 2016 by Google spain. The VR app can be consumed in cardboard and Oculus headsets ELPAIS VR
  50. 50. 50 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Lista, los 40 al 1 (audio , video) Data service 40 (XML) LOS40 INMERSIVE EXPERIENCE
  51. 51. 51 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 AUGMENTED REALITY Augmented reality If the user opts for the AR option and the device supports this, the camera will open in order to scan the different markers that will be included in the written press and on the different websites. These markers, once read, will show the infographics, the object or the associated multimedia.
  53. 53. 53 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Video& audio management (VOD-Listreaming podcast) Real time playlist creation Linear channels Real Time Video Analytics (big data) Master of Contracs Right Management & distribution engine) Live streaming event Calendar Dynamic Metadata management ELPAIS (HD)Elpais HD next gen multimedia plattform 2017 GOOGLE DNI: ELPAIS HD
  54. 54. 54 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Problem: audio is not serachable by SE and is not able to be shared in social networks Solution: Speech to text automatic tanscription 90% accuracy and Biometrics filters for sepakers indetification First time in Spanish language (launched august 2017 in spain (Play SER) to be implemented in 6 LATAM countries 2018 Massive production 40% of total monthly production transcribed 5000k audio /month (25k minutes/month Conversión audio to video with full trancription 2016 GOOGLE DNI: PROJECT HERTZ: SPEECH TO TEXT Google FUNDED: 500K€
  55. 55. 55 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 GOOGLE DNI: BRAND SAFETY & AD QUAILTY2018 Google FUNDED: 350K€
  56. 56. 56 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 Toolbar Preview & Export Assets features VR-INFOGRAPHIC Project is a project developed by Prisa Technology within the Google DNI Innovation Program that has three objectives: • Develop an AUTOMATED production platform that integrates the design and production of infographics into multi-device environments: print, mobile, television and immersive experiences VR and AR in a unified way. • Offer a MARKETPLACE of sale and exchange on objects and projects of immersive infographics • Analyze NEW FORMATS and NARRATIVES immersive, reducing production times, integrating new marketing formats The project will be carried out in collaboration with El País and will be extended to the rest of the Group companies Google FUNDED: 500K€ Project Dates: 01/10/2017 al 1/10/2018 GOOGLE DNI: VR INFOGRAPHIC2018
  57. 57. 57 Digital Projects - Javier Lasa -1992-2019 BRANDED CONTENT PLANNING AND FORECASTING MODULE § Campaign Calendar (compatible with Google calendar for each team member accessing information) § Campaign forecast and future revenue forecasting § Commercial clustering demand conflicts forecasting CAMPAING MANAGER § Campaign performance § Propension strategies § User segments definition and configuration A/B testing real time • Advertiser • Campaign • Dates • Editorial category • Content format • Metadata DECISSION MODULE § Decision Module: This is the module which tells the Campaign manager what BC show a particular user based on that user profile and how the campaigns are achieving their objectives. It has two main parts: • User based: It uses contextual and behavioural techniques • Objective based: It uses CTR optimization techniques CAMPAIGN REPORTS-ÁDVANCED BC ANALIYTICS § Previous published § Campaign repository § General Dashboard (branded content performance) CHROME EXTENSION Chrome plugin which, when activated, will allow the sales team, or clients, to see what positions have Campaign running on them, rotate through the active BC on those position, and the goal fullfillment of those BC. Since it would require a login, each client would only be able to see how their own BC is doing GOOGLE DNI: BRANDED CONTENT OPTIMIZATION Google FUNDED: 500K€