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Doctor Who - Figure Adventures - Series 2 - Press Pack

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Press Pack for the new series of DWFA - Coming March 5th 2011

www.youtube.com/user/jdardudwy << For the Episodes
www.dwfaofficial.yolasite.com for the Website
www.doctorwhofanbase.yolasite.com for a Doctor Who Fan Page
www.facebook.com/doctorwhofans for the facebook page

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Doctor Who - Figure Adventures - Series 2 - Press Pack

  1. 1. WelcomeWelcome to the press pack for the second series of Doctor Who –Figure Adventures. Inside i will give you a in-depth view on almosteach episode of Series Two, before they all air on Youtube.First of all here is where the series all startedDoctor Who – Figure Adventures came along in late 2009 when i gotinspired to create my own episodes by watching a few ofTorchwood95s episodes and a few others. I began writing scripts inMay 2010 after i had some free time. The first episode The DoctorReturns aired on Youtube in August 2010. Since then i have hadmore views than i thought and a positive reaction to the episodes.The final episode of Series 1 aired in January 2011 after troublemaking the episode came along. In the same month, i began planningthe second series of Doctor Who – Figure Adventures and alsobegan writing the scripts for Episode 1 – Crash and Episodes 2/3 –The Last Battle/The Remaining Sontaran. This year i have had moreof a reaction to script writers wanting to write for me, as i have had5 people writing out of a total of 12 episodes, (Almost half theseries) who i would like to thank dearly for their time and effort.The confirmed Launch date has been announced as March 5th 2011,however Episode 1 – Crash had a advanced screening in which pulledin just 21 viewers (The Episode was missing new titles and also aextra scene in the TARDIS) which made the video a minute shorter.I do apologize in advance for the shortness of Episode 1 as i thoughtit was good to be short and snappy as it was just re-introducingCharacters.
  2. 2. Series StoryThe Series continues straight on from Series 1, after the Dalek setoff the Eliminator. No one remembers the events of the past serieshowever the series will return to haunt a unbeknown Doctor aboutthe events. The First episode will see Donna return and TheTARDIS take-off without knowing launching the series off with abang. Episode 2/3 is a two parter and sees Martha Jones return anda Sontaran. Episode 4 will see The Doctor and Donna land in Americain 1920. Episode 5 will see the TARDIS Take-over the controls ofherself and fly into the unknown. The Series will then take a twoweek break and return with Episode 6 written by myself willintroduce a new companion and see Donna depart. Episode 7 will seeCaptain Jack return and also The Daleks. Episode Nine will see TheDoctor and his new Companion visit Pluto and meet an old enemy. InEpisode 10 the TARDIS gets cloned. Episodes 10-12 will be a threepart story featuring A Weeping Angel and a enemy who wantsnothing but revenge. Episode 11 will see the Doctors life flashbefore his eyes. The Final episode (Episode 12) will see one persondie for good and never return.The Series may be the last full series until 2013. Nothing has beenconfirmed as of yet.
  3. 3. Main Characters thThe 11 Doctor – Matt SmithThe 11th Doctor (Played By Matt Smith in the BBC Series) was introduced onBBC on January 1st 2010. Since then the series has had much success. The firstfigures of The 11th Doctor were released very soon after the airing of TheEleventh Hour. Series One introduced him after an alternative regenerationtook place. The Series finished on a cliff-hanger. Series Two will re-introducehim and will continue straight after the episode. Through out the series TheDoctor will receive warnings about the Terrible things that are to come. He willalso help friends new and old throughout the run.Donna Noble – Catherine TateThe character known as Donna Noble was first introduced by Russell T Daviesin the 2006 final Doomsday. She was then re-introduced in Series 4 ofDoctor Who. She left after the series but returned in The End Of TimeSeries Two will re-introduce Donna but before any of the events of the TVVersion of Doctor Who. She will be from 2005. The Series will see her usualgobby self come out in full force but will show a softer side to her.Martha Jones – Freema AgyemanMartha returns after leaving the TARDIS in 2008. She meets the Doctor inUNIT in 2010 after the Sontaran is discovered hiding. Together The Doctor,Martha and Donna fight for survival
  4. 4. Episode List – Series TwoEpisode 1 – Crash – JD ArdudwyThe Eleventh Doctor returns to earth in 2005 and meets hisfaithful companion for the next Six episodes.Episode 2 – The Last Battle – JD ArdudwyThe Doctor and Donna finaly land after a surprise take off inEpisode 1. They meet Martha Jones again and together discover theSontaran they thought was dead very much alive.Episode 3 – The Remaning Sontaran – JD ArdudwyThe Doctor, Martha and Donna try to survive the Sontaran attackand try to find out how he ended up on earthEpisode 4 – All That Jazz – Tardis TravellerThe Doctor and Donna land in 1920s America where they meet MissVelma Conner, a young show woman. They soon find out the deadlything that has been killing people. With just one clue. Dont go intothe shadows.Episode 5 – TARDIS Takeover – Mr Pokemon123ZInside the TARDIS, The Doctor and Donna have trouble trying tocontrol her. It wont reply to anything to The Doctor tells it to do.Episode 6 – When Worlds Collide – JD ArdudwyThe Doctor and Donna meet a young girl working for two robotcontrolled people. The Doctor finds out that the girl had beenpossessed by the robots. Donna also decides to leave the TARDIS,leaving The Doctor with the new one.Episode 7 – The Death of Captain Jack – Ryan ChappellThe Doctor and his Companion land on Skaro and find Captain Jackbeing held hostage.
  5. 5. Episode 8 – Return Of The Ood – 2001SuperRyanThe Doctor And his companion go to Pluto and find out that the Oodare still being used as slaves, however Red-Eye is among the stockEpisode 9 – Clone Attack – Lauren MorganIn present Day London, the TARDIS Has been cloned. Its up to TheDoctor to find out how and whyEpisode 10-12 – Last Day – Future – Death – JD ArdudwyIn this concluding three part story, The Doctor and his Companionvisit London and go shopping. They are soon plunged into dangerwhen a stray Weeping Angel gets into their path. Also an old Enemyof The Doctors is plotting revenge against him. The Doctor and HisCompanion also have their lives flashed before their eyes. In thefinal episode one person will die for good and will not return
  6. 6. Trivia– The First episodes of both series were filmed in the same rooms and locations!– The TARDIS walls for Series 1 were just whiteboards– It usually takes a day to write a script of Doctor Who Figure Adventures– Over 21 figures have been used to create Series 1, The Special and Series 2 Launch– The Second Series will be the last full series– The Second Series will be the first to be filmed in a new location Credits thThe 11 Doctor – Matt SmithDonna Noble – Catherine TateMartha Jones – Freema AgyemanJack Harkness – John BarrowmanProducer – JDArdudwyExecutive ProducersJDArdudwyEmma WinstanleyRyan ChappellPhotos are taken – 2011Doctor Who is Copyright BBCNothing is intended to Copyright Infrigment