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Digital Foundations to Transform Customer Experiences Through Process Optimization

  1. Digital Foundations to Transform Customer Experiences April 29, 2020 The Webcast Will Begin Shortly…
  2. AGENDA Housekeeping • This webinar is being recorded and the slides will be shared at the conclusion of the presentation. • If you have questions, please submit them via the “chat” function on the GoToWebinar toolbar – Our presenters will answer them at the end. If we should run out of time to answer all, we’ll get back with you separately. • You will be prompted to take a brief 10-second survey at the end. Your feedback helps us develop future content. Today’s Speakers: Candace Collins Signavio Presentation time: 45 Paul Lima Lima Consulting Brandon Johnson Urban Affairs Coalition Nicole Ostrander Signavio
  3. Agenda • How to start a customer experience initiative • Why documentation is the foundation for a digital transformation • How to activate customer experience management by linking the lines of interaction, customer visibility and internal workstreams • How to accelerate adoption by internal stakeholders to improve customer experience • How to build the business case for documenting key business processes using Signavio • Cost savings from documenting key business processes
  4. 4Copyright © 2020. Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. The imperative to change The pandemic promoted the desire to change led by the few to an imperative to change led by the board. Many organizations prioritized short-term digital projects instead of a comprehensive investment in digital transformation. Those that get it right will stay the financial impact, reduce risks, and take market share.
  5. 5Copyright © 2020. Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. Urban Affairs Coalition Introduction The Urban Affairs Coalition unites government, business, neighborhoods, and individual initiatives to improve the quality of life in the region, build wealth in urban communities, and solve emerging issues. Our Mission
  6. 6Copyright © 2020. Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. • Global interconnectedness • Attitudes about privacy • Disruptive & exponential technology mega-trends • Industrialization & urbanization of emerging nations • MarTech • AdTech • PropTech • LawTech • FinTech • Pharmtech • and many more new categories… Change is accelerating In every industry Nothing is more constantly accelerating than change
  7. 7Copyright © 2020. Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. MegaTrends unlock opportunity everywhere Mobile Communications 3D Printing Internet Of Things Infrastructure Robotic Process Automation Cloud & Software Software as a Service Cloud Computing Artificial Intelligence Voice & Face Interfaces Machine Learning Cognitive Computing AnalyticsBig Data Blockchain Data Digital Innovations GenomicsAutonomous Transportation Robotics Content & Commerce Mobile Payments Content at Scale Business Model Innovation Robotic Process Automation
  9. 9Copyright © 2020. Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. Leaders aspire to start but need help to break the inertia People • Breaking silos • Consensus and finding sources of funding • Think big • Attitude towards failure • Leadership Performance • Adopting transformative business models • Alignment of KBOs with KPIs • Cultural shift to a data driven operating model Process • Documenting then digitalizing • Prioritize Digital Platform Roughly 50% of marketing leaders struggle to keep up with different technologies and have problems integrating them. Marketing Technology Industry Report, 2017 B2B Marketing Leader Survey Gartner, 6 Outdated Ideas that Harm Your Digital Business, 2020 LCG Blog, 2020 LCG Blog, 2020
  10. Copyright © 2020 Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. 10 Top Challenges Executives face with Digital Transformation Budget; digital transformation is viewed as a cost center Altimeter Digital Transformation Survey, Q3 2018; (Base N=554) 28% 26% 26% 21% 21% 20% 29% Resistance to change (politics, egos, sabotage, fear) Legal, risk management and/or compliance concerns Lack of staff resources Rigid technical structure Low digital literacy or expertise Lack of data or ROI to justify value of digital
  11. 11Copyright © 2020. Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. The re-alignment and investment in People, Process, Platforms, and Performance in support of existing and new business models to more effectively engage customers at every touchpoint with your brand. D I G I T A L T R A N S F O R M A T I O N D E F I N E D
  12. Preparing for the DX Journey 1. Understand VOC & anticipate trends (design thinking) 2. Build multi-disciplinary, cross- departmental teams (think Collaboratively) 3. Harness the power of data (think data-driven) 4. Adapt quickly (think Agile) 5. Execute on-time & on-budget (think PMO & Six Sigma) 6. Take controlled risks & fail fast (think Entrepreneurially) 7. Leverage changing attitudes towards privacy as an opportunity (think globally) 8. Use proven frameworks for Digital Transformation (think big) 12
  13. Digital Transformation Maturity Model 13
  14. Copyright © 2020 Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. 14 Deploying the DX Initiative with the LCG Model Partnering with you to accelerate desired business outcomes. ⚬ Engagement Objectives Set ⚬ ID Stakeholders ⚬ Calendar interviews ⚬ Stakeholder Interviews ⚬ Communication Plan ⚬ Monitoring & Control ⚬ As-Is Evaluation ⚬ To-Be Evaluation ⚬ Gap Analysis Evaluation ⚬ Preliminary Plan & Scope Definition Report ⚬ Facilitated Presentations / Discussions ⚬ Collaboration with Strategic Planning Committee, Senior Management & Stakeholders through facilitated discussions & briefings ⚬ Final Decision Brief Activities: ⚬ On-Time ⚬ On-Budget Delivery ⚬ Work Plan Follow Up ⚬ Scorecard Development ⚬ Training ⚬ In Progress Governance ⚬ Collaboration & Optimization ⚬ Establish Data Assurance Practice ⚬ Scoping Decision Brief ⚬ Design Think Workshops ⚬ DX Steering Committee Setup FUTURE STATE BUSINESS OBJECTIVES VISION FORMULATIONDISCOVERY GAP ANALYSIS DECISIONS & APPROVALS RECOMMENDATIONS & RESOURCE PRIORITIZATION MEASURE & OPTIMIZEEXECUTION
  15. Copyright © 2020 Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. 15 Jumpstarting your digital foundation People Process Platforms Agility Augmented Digital Clarity Innovation Applied Identification of MarTech stack Data quality and governance Business Requirements Documentation Personas Content marketing plan Customer journey maps Business process maps Alerts and the band of excellence Reports and dashboards Selection of the right organizational design Skills Gap assessment 3-year people plan Staffing & Partner Plan Training plan Performance Data-Driven Results Digital Balanced Scorecard Analytics Rough order of magnitude on costs Return on investment DX roadmap
  16. © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.Copyright © 2019 Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. 16 DTMM Sample Work Products across the 4 Pillars of DX People Process Platforms Agility Augmented Digital Clarity Innovation Applied Performance Data-Driven Results
  17. 17Copyright © 2020. Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. Process: Activating Customer Experiences ToolThink Do Optimize Think – Develop Personas Think – Customer Journey Mapping Tool – a sample Business Process Map Optimize – sample performance forecasting Optimize – sample KPI dashboard for a marketing role Do – a NetSuite (ERP) workflowTool – Sample Service BlueprintDo – a sample marketing automation workflow
  18. Signavio Demo
  19. 19Copyright © 2020. Lima Consulting Group, LLC All rights reserved. Challenge • Wanted to scale and standardize business • Wanted to bring mission critical applications to cloud • Expand market offerings and product offerings Approach • Identified and documented key processes • Selected tech stack • Changed the culture through DX steering committee. Result • Have a story to tell for fundraisers. • Confident in our readiness to implement technology stack. • Improved customer loyalty and retention. • Preparing to launch in new markets • Developing new service offerings
  20. You have Q’s We have A’s