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Information Literacy Tests Comparison Table                  Based on          What skills       How skills      Administr...
Based on         What skills      How skills   Administration      Description,      Time and         Advantages         D...
Based on       What           How skills      Administration      Description,      Time and     Advantages   Drawbacks   ...
For further review:Taking Flight—Pilot Testing the Information Literacy Test. Connie Ury, Sarah G. Park, Frank Baudino, an...
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Assessment tools analysis

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Assessment tools analysis

  1. 1. Information Literacy Tests Comparison Table Based on What skills How skills Administration Description, Time Advantages Drawbacks are measured are requirements and Cost measurediSkills ACRL Performance Tests the No preset test Uses scenarios 75 Assesses Expensive.(ETS) Information Areas: competency administration that require minutes, critical Literacy Define of individual dates; students to $20 per thinking; Must beCan be used Competency Access students, complete test (1- taken in ato measure Standards Evaluate or of a web-based specific tasks, 500) fast results; designatedinformation for Higher Manage group of assessment rather than $19 per location Education: Integrate students. anywhere, answering test (501- students (testingliteracy skills anytime using 1000)associated Create multiple-choice complete centers) and institution-owned $18 perwith usage 1.Determine Communicate. (min 50 in questions: 14 specific real proctored machines or test info need; both cases) short tasks that worldof student laptops. A (1000+) 2. access info; Assesses all 5 take 4 minutes scenario Measures intechnology small file must be 3. evaluate(of individual competency installed -ensures each; one long Scores tasks; relation to &incorporatestudents and standards. that students task that takes are ready technology info;for IL cannot perform 15 minutes. only 4. use info to within 10 Focuses on the tasks outside ofprogram accomplish a days. cognitive the test Technical Downloadingassessment) specific environment (web purpose; problem requirements: required searching, instant 5. use info solving and Windows® messaging ethically & critical 2000, NT, XP or Knowledge ofReliability: legally. thinking skills higher; Pentium the topics andNA Proctored associated III 700 MHz or ability to manipulate with using Results: higher; Internet technology technology Score reports Explorer 5.5 (or are needed to to handle can be retrieved higher) completesuitable for information. via ETS Program ;1024x768; tasksstudents from Workshop, a external mouse;high school web-based iSkills securethrough administration browser mustcollege as well portal be installed.as for workingadultsWebsite: http://www.ets.org/iskills/aboutFAQ: http://www.ets.org/iskills/faqCase studies: - http://www.ets.org/iskills/case_studiesPricing and ordering: http://www.ets.org/iskills/pricing_ordering
  2. 2. Based on What skills How skills Administration Description, Time and Advantages Drawbacks are are requirements Cost measured measuredSAILS ACRL Assesses all 5 Tests the Students are A knowledge 45 min – Less does not(Kent State Information competency competency directed to the test with individual expensive; provideUniversity) Literacy standards. of SAILS web site multiple-choice immediate Competency individual to take the questions 35 min - takes short results, need Standards for Measures 8Can be used students web-based test. (55 questions- group time: will fit to wait until Higher skill sets:to gather Education: (no min), Each student individual; in a 50- the end ofbaseline or of a may take the 45 questions- $3 per minute class semester.information Developing a group of test once per group student session 1.Determine Researchand to track info need; students administration. (up to a cap i.e. Spring Strategythe 2. access (min 50, Technical of $2,000 per no testing beginsdevelopment info; recom-d SAILS testing requirements: administration designated in January – 3. evaluate Selecting 200)of occurs during Very minimal. up to 5000 location the results &incorporate Finding Toolsinformation two sessions Registration students) needed for are available info;literacy per academic and set-up are delivery in June. 4. use info to Searchingskills of accomplish a year: Fall and done throughindividual specific Spring the SAILS Web Administering Using Finding and taking thestudents or purpose; site. The only Tool Features SAILS testgroups of 5. use info Proctored needs are requires verystudents. ethically & Internet legally Retrieving little technical access and a Sources expertise. Results: Web browser. and Responses are SAILS is Pre- and post- EvaluatingReliability: Sources sent to a central compatible testing areover 0.80 Objectives database where with all available for for data are current Web individual Information Documenting analyzed and browsers. tests Literacy Sources Instruction: reports are Provides A Model Understanding generated and benchmarking Statement Economic, made availablesuitable for for Academic Legal, and for download inundergraduate Librarians. Social Issues PDF;studentsWebsite: https://www.projectsails.org/AboutTestSample questions https://www.projectsails.org/SampleQuestionsSample report (group) https://www.projectsails.org/files/Sample_Report_2009.pdfSample report (individual) https://www.projectsails.org/files/SampleIndividualScoresReport.xls
  3. 3. Based on What How skills Administration Description, Time and Advantages Drawbacks skills are are requirements Cost measured measuredILT ACRL Standards 1, Tests the Tests are Web- 60 Multiple- Around 75 no Does not(James Information 2, 3, and 5. competency based, and are choice minutes; designated assessMadison Literacy It does not of individual delivered via items location Standard 4. CompetencyUniversity) address students JMU servers. (multimedia $5-$10 needed for (use info to Standards Standard 4. and assess intensive) depending delivery accomplish for HigherCan be used Education: the program A schedule will 5 pilot items on the specificto help be established amount of purpose).measure 1.Determine The data to use testing Technical testsstudent info need; collected can services over a Requirements: purchasedinformation 2. access be used to specified time Internet (to be info; provide confirmed)literacy period. The Explorer 5.0 or 3. evaluate informationoutcomes, client will later &incorporate about studentto test the learning that determine the Resolution: info;competency can inform testing period. 1024 X 768 4. use infoof individual to improvements Windows orstudents, accomplish to IL JMU provides UNIX operatingand for IL a specific programs the web address system.program purpose; for institutionsassessment. 5. use info to access the ethically & tests on their legally scheduled testing date.Reliability: Proctored0.88 environment Results: JMU provides institutions with dataset ofSuitable for scores andundergraduate scoredand graduate responses.studentsWebsite: http://www.madisonassessment.com/assessment-testing/information-literacy-testTest Manual: http://www.madisonassessment.com/uploads/ILT%20Test%20Manual%202010.pdfRequest demo - http://www.madisonassessment.com/view-demo
  4. 4. For further review:Taking Flight—Pilot Testing the Information Literacy Test. Connie Ury, Sarah G. Park, Frank Baudino, and Gary Urhttp://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/events/national/baltimore/papers/256.pdfInformation Literacy Assessment: A Review of Objective and Interpretive Methods and Their Uses. Penny Beile, PhDhttp://ilassessments.pbworks.com/f/SITE2008+paper+beile.docA Review of Digital Literacy Assessment Instruments . Stephen Covello.http://www.apescience.com/id/fulltext/research-on-digital-literacy-assessment-instrumentsMultiple research articles on Information Literacy Assessment tools are available via the database:Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts with Full Text