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Gfsi fbif2 shanghai april may 2104

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Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2014 @ Simba

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Gfsi fbif2 shanghai april may 2104

  1. 1. YVES REY Former Chairman of the GFSI Board Corporate Quality General Manager, Danone
  2. 2. One World – One Safe Food • Global population is expected to increase to over 9 billion by 2050 from the current 7 billion. • Almost 3 billion people will join the middle class by 2050 – 40% of the today’s population
  3. 3. One World – One Safe Food Supply One international Trade • Global food system is more complex than ever before. • Food moves rapidly across countries and between continents
  4. 4. This man delivers: – 35 ingredients – from 60 different countries – drawn from 5 different continents One World – One Safe Food
  5. 5. Global-to-Local Governance
  7. 7. GFSI Board
  8. 8. Platform for collaboration
  9. 9. 1- Reduce Food Safety Risks throughout the Food Chain 3- Develop Competencies & Capacity Building 4- Platform for Knowledge exchange and Networking 2- Manage Cost in the Supply Chain GFSI’s Objectives
  10. 10. 1-Reduce Food Safety Risk thru the Food Chain GFSI – Objective 1  GFSI Guidance Document:  Sets out the requirements for food safety management schemes  Defines how these requirements should be implemented controlled and monitored  Help puts in place transparent procedures for the GFSI benchmarking process
  11. 11. A process by which a food safety scheme is compared to the GFSI Guidance Document to determine equivalence What is Benchmarking? Benchmark against common set of requirements EQUIVALENCE BETWEEN FOOD SAFETY SCHEMES =
  12. 12. International Equivalence & Recognition
  13. 13. •Reduction in duplication of audits •Comparable audit approach and outcomes Enhanced trade opportunities •Cost efficiencies throughout the supply chain Suppliers Certified Against any GFSI Recognised Scheme Certificate Accepted by Buying Companies Shared Benefits for Industry Manufacturer X Manufacturer Y Manufacturer Z Manufacturer … Primary Producer X Primary Producer Y Primary Producer Z Primary Producer … Recognised Schemes Global Food Safety Initiative
  14. 14. Benchmark against common set of requirements = EQUIVALENCE Between Food Safety Schemes 1- International Recognition 2- Good execution –Training Build Confidence in Third Party Certification in China 树立中国市场对第三方认证的信心
  15. 15. GFSI Integrity Programs
  16. 16. GFSI – Integrity Program  GFSI Global Market Program Capacity Building, Training: A programme for small and/or less developed businesses  GFSI Auditor Competence: A program that outlines the minimum level of auditor competences to operate audits Increase reliability of audit results
  17. 17. GFSI – Private Public Partnership  Bridging the gap between:  Governments food safety policy, enforcement and inspections  And Business driven initiatives and investments
  18. 18. GFSI – Communication Program  GFSI Conferences – awareness program  Global Conferences  Focus Days Japan China, South Africa, India, Chile, Brazil…  Participation in Food Safety Conferences  GFSI Efficacy Study Development of mechanism to gather and analyze data to demonstrate the efficacy of GFSI strategy
  19. 19. Benefits of Using GFSI: Win/Win Improved product integrity Safer global supply chain Better access to market Reduced duplication Consumer confidence Reduced food borne diseases Decreased product recalls Improved public health Complement legislation Country reputation & local economy FOOD SYSTEM CONSUMER GOVERNMENT
  20. 20. ChinaI N
  21. 21. China is the largest food producer and consumer in the world Agribusiness in China: 20 million farm households (most is 2 acre or less) 448,000 processing enterprises (79% are small-scaled <10 persons) 4.8 million food catering and canteens 22 million practitioners (90% are individual households) Value of Chinese food production: $536 billion China is the 3nd largest food exporter to the US Go figure…
  22. 22. Chinese consumers consider food safety as the top social concern above high food price and corruption China public opinion is 74% more concerned about the food industry than it was 2years ago Chinese consumers are willing to pay a price premium for food with safety certificates and traceable features Go figure…
  23. 23.  GFSI acts on a global level…  but we should customize our global strategy at local level Setting up local groups to:  Communicate the GFSI vision, objectives and approach  Gather and share back information on Food Safety development in a country  Support the implementation of GFSI works locally. GFSI – Prerequisite Program to act locally
  24. 24. Advisory Committee CFSI Board Steering Committee Member enterpriseMember enterprise Proposed Future Governance Structure Secretariat CGF/GFSI Board Communication & Implementation Capacity Building Technical Working Groups Guidance Document Food Fraud Self-enforcement Auditor competences Regulatory Affairs
  25. 25. GFSI – Product Integrity Action Plan行动计划 Benchmarking of the Chinese HACCP Food Safety Standard against GFSI Guidance Document 按照GFSI指导文件与China HACCP进行 对标
  26. 26. Where do we stand? 我们所处的阶段 Benchmarking of China HACCP Food safety scheme Application Submission – Done  提交申请 – 已完成 Application review – Done 申请审查 – 已完成 Desk Review – Done  书面材料审查 – 已完成 Benchmark Committee – Done  基准管理委员会的成立 – 已完成 Issue of assessment Report Done  发布评估报告 – 进行中 Stakeholder Consultation – to be done 利益相关者协商 – 等待进行 GFSI board Decision – to be done GFSI董事会决议 – 等待进行
  27. 27. International Equivalence & Recognition
  28. 28. GFSI – Integrity Program Action Plan- Global Markets Program  Pilot in 2013 implemented by SJTU & SSAFE  Translation in Jan 2013 by SJTU – reviewed by GFSI local Group  1st training done in October 2013  Adaptation of the program to local needs  Partnership with other universities Wider training resource to cover more areas in China
  29. 29. GFSI – Private Public Partnership  Action Plan –Private Public Partnership in China  Strengthen Communication channel building on food safety with national and main regional government bodies  With key local partner associations and Institutions  With Key International Organizations in China: FDA China, World Bank…  MoU with CNCA on food safety Collaboration and CCAI for the benchmarking of the China HACCP
  30. 30. GFSI – Communication Program  Action Plan – GFSI Communication Program  Increase GFSI awareness in China thru:  GFSI China Focus Day  GFSI at major food safety events and conferences in China  GFSI website in Chinese  GFSI local working group for communicationAugust 2014 Beijing, China
  31. 31. GFSI in China – Greater Public-Private Partnership Speaker: Jiacai TENG, Vice Minister, CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) Danone France Meeting with Yong ZHANG, Minister, CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration)
  32. 32. THANK YOU