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Hitechled integrated solar led street light vs other street lights

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Hitechled engaged in providing green renewable energy solutions. Our new generation integrated smart solar led street light, which integrates high lumen LED lamp, latest LiFePO4 lithium battery(about 2000circles,more than 5 years. Much better than normal Li-Ion battery which only about 500circles),high efficient Sunpower monocrystal solar panel (22% transfer ratio,whiles others normal mono solar only about 17% transfer ratio) and the smart controller with PIR motion sensor(optional) together. It is 100% clean,green, renewable light,can be frequently used for new rural construction lighting, residential lighting,parking lot lighting, pathway lighting , ramp lighting,perimeter security lighting, farm & ranch lighting, wildlife area lighting,dock& pier lighting ,garden lighting , campus lighting ,county yards lighting, desert lighting, seaside resort lighting, military base lighting, any exterior area wherever there is sufficient sunlight, especially for those places where wiring is not economic and/or achievable.

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Hitechled integrated solar led street light vs other street lights

  1. 1. www.hitechled.cn
  2. 2. www.hitechled.cn Why Solar? The energy we can use becomes less and less… The SUN belong to everyone! Why don’t we use it!
  3. 3. www.hitechled.cn What is ISSL? ISSL=Integrated Solar Street Light It integrates solar panel , LED light,LiFePO4 battery and a smart MPPT controller in one compact body.
  4. 4. www.hitechled.cn How does ISSL work? The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and stored in Li-Fe battery via controller, the LED light will work at night automatically under the light sensor control, and provide light for the different areas. The LED light will be at low power mode (about 30% of full power) normally when there is no motion but it will be switched to full power mode when PIR sensor detects motion, the full power mode will last about 30s (after the last motion detected) and after 30s it will be switch back to low power mode until new motion detected . It can be also pre-programmed by time schedule without motion sensor. Say 1st one hour @ 20% illumination ,2nd 4hrs @ full brightness, the rest hours(before sun rise) @ 30% illumination.
  5. 5. www.hitechled.cn ISSL VS HPS CONCLUSION: ISSL NO POLLUTION, NO ELECTRONIC BILLS, INSTALLATION EASIER, NO NEED MAINTEINANCE. Normal HPS Street Light VS Integrated Solar LED Street Light Power: 150W (Real 200W) Power: 60W Light Source: Sodium Lamp Light Source: LED Lamp Light Time: 12hrs/night(supposed) Light Time: 12hrs/night(supposed) Grid Cost: USD0.2/kwh(Supposed) Grid Cost: USD0.2/kwh(Supposed) One Year: 365 Days One Year: 365 Days Electricity Cost: USD175.2 per year Electricity Cost: Zero Effective Light Efficiency:<45LM/W Effective Light Efficiency: >110LM/W Installation: Wrench/Cabling,Grid power Installation: No cable,solar powered Life Time: 3 to 5 years Life Time: >10 years
  6. 6. www.hitechled.cn ISSL VS AC LED Street Light CONCLUSION: ISSL NO ELECTRONIC BILLS, INSTALLATION EASIER, NO NEED MAINTEINANCE. AC LED Street Light VS Integrated Solar LED Street Light Light Source: LED Lamp Light Source: LED Lamp Driver: AC LED driver Driver: No need(DC) Power: LED lamp+Driver Power: LED Lamp Poles: With arm Poles: Simple without arm Effective Light Efficiency:>90LM/W Effective Light Efficiency: >110LM/W Installation: Wrench/Cabling,Grid power Installation: No cable,solar powered Light Sensor: No sensor,need management Light Sensor: Yes,no need management PIR Motion Sensor: No sensor PIR Motion Sensor: Yes,power saving Electricity Bills: Yes Electricity Bills: No
  7. 7. www.hitechled.cn ISSL VS Separated Solar Street Light CONCLUSION: ISSL INSTALLATION EASIER, NO NEED MAINTEINANCE. Separated Solar Panel + LED Street Light VS Integrated Solar LED Street Light Light Source: LED Lamp Light Source: LED Lamp Battery(lead-acid): Underground,<500circles Battery(LiFePO4): Embeded,>2,000circles Poles: With arm Poles: Simple without arm Light Sensor: Yes Light Sensor: Yes PIR Motion Sensor: No PIR Motion Sensor: Yes Transportation cost: High Transportation cost: Low Installation: Cabling,complicated Installation: No cable,easy Electricity Bills: No Electricity Bills: No
  8. 8. www.hitechled.cn 1. Better Optical and Heat-sink Design Good Optical Lens solution ,enhance the light effect & efficiency. PCBA stick directly on the AL Plate, maximum the Heat-sink. Why HITECHLED ISSL?
  9. 9. www.hitechled.cn 2. Real Sunpower High Efficiency Solar Our Data is real. Sunpower Solar panel upto 23% transfer rate. Our 80W beat other’s 100W! Why HITECHLED ISSL?
  10. 10. www.hitechled.cn 3. Well-packed Preferably LiFePO4 Battery Our Cells are well selected for best match and packed with flat fireproof and waterproof materials with aviation connector and waterpoof cable. Why HITECHLED ISSL?
  11. 11. www.hitechled.cn Hot Sell Models HT-SS-4520 20W LED LIGHT+45W SUNPOWER PV+230WH LIFEPO4 BATTERY
  12. 12. www.hitechled.cn Hot Sell Models HT-SS-5025 25W LED LIGHT+50W SUNPOWER PV+268WH LIFEPO4 BATTERY
  13. 13. www.hitechled.cn Hot Sell Models HT-SS-6030 30W LED LIGHT+60W SUNPOWER PV+307WH LIFEPO4 BATTERY
  14. 14. www.hitechled.cn Hot Sell Models HT-SS-8040 40W LED LIGHT+80W SUNPOWER PV+384WH LIFEPO4 BATTERY
  15. 15. www.hitechled.cn Hot Sell Models HT-SS-1H60 60W LED LIGHT+100W SUNPOWER PV+614WH LIFEPO4 BATTERY
  16. 16. www.hitechled.cn ISSL Typical Applications Parking lot lighting Gate / entrance lighting Perimeter security lighting Pathway lighting County yard / Garden lighting City greenway lighting New rural construction lighting Mountainous area lighting
  17. 17. www.hitechled.cn ISSL Typical Applications Pedestrian walkways lighting Personal villa / residential lighting Public park / plaza lighting Campus lane lighting  Farm & ranch lighting  Wildlife area lighting  Dock / pier lighting  Any remote area where wiring is not economic or practicable
  18. 18. www.hitechled.cn Application Reference Compact, elegant design No wires, Arbitrary choice on location
  19. 19. www.hitechled.cn Application Reference Rustproof dustproof waterproof Marine-grade aluminium fixings
  20. 20. www.hitechled.cn Application Reference Auto turn on and turn off No need professional operation staff
  21. 21. www.hitechled.cn Application Reference Long life time No maintenance cost
  22. 22. www.hitechled.cn Application Reference No trenching Save initial cost
  23. 23. www.hitechled.cn Application Reference Green light no infrared light no pollution Keep insect /swarms away
  24. 24. www.hitechled.cn Application Reference 100% powered by sunlight Say no to electricity bills
  25. 25. www.hitechled.cn Application Reference Super high brightness LED with net output up to 120lm/w
  26. 26. www.hitechled.cn Application Reference Double proof on overcharge and overdischarge, prolong the ISSL lifetime. ( both MPPT controller and Lithium BAT are protected)
  27. 27. www.hitechled.cn HiTechLED Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. Add.:21st F,Bldg.B,GLC Plaza, Baoming 2nd Road, Bao'an district,Shenzhen,China 518102 Tel:+86 755 33653232 Fax:+86 755 33653211 E-mail:sales@hitechled.cn Http://www.hitechled.cn Http://www.solarledlight.com.cn Http://www.farolasledsolares.com Http://www.integrated-solar-led-street-light.com