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10 Layers of Absolute Freedom From James Altucher

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It feels really crazy good to make out with someone, doesn't it? Remember the first time you did that? Amazing!

My first thought was: why didn't anyone ever tell me it was going to feel this good?

Ok, I just had to get that off my chest. Now for some serious stuff: like quitting, going broke, stealing, lying, and maybe even killing someone.

In 2012 I wrote a popular article called "10 Reasons You Have to Quit Your Job in 2012". It got over a million views.

In 2013 I wrote a popular article called "10 Reasons You Have to Quit Your Job in 2013". It got about two million views on the various sites I posted it on.

In 2014, I wrote an insanely popular article called "10 Reasons You Have to Quit Your Job in 2014." It's now in the top 10 articles of all time on LinkedIn.

Did you quit your job? If so, you can skip the rest of this article. Go find someone to make out with. If you've never done that before I can tell you it feels really good.

The world is divided into angry people and free people.

Anger is a subset of fear. Maybe you are afraid to be lonely. Or afraid to be broke. Or afraid to die?

In 1994, 2001, 2005, 2008, and 2010 I was so angry and scared I didn't know what to do.

I thought I had to have a purpose, a goal. But this is BS.

There is only ONE purpose: TO BE FREE.

There are layers of freedom.

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10 Layers of Absolute Freedom From James Altucher

  1. 1. The world is divided into angry people and free eople. There is onl ONE purpose in life: TO BE FR . And I‘ ere are layers of freedom: Free from the past & future Don't dwell on regrets or petty hatreds from the past. This is hard and takes practice. Get 1% better every day. Free from the critics You never ride above the clouds if everyone is holding you down into the rain. Don't listen to the haters because it's not even about you. Free from the bandwagon Don't get swept up in the crowd or jump on the bandwagon. Just focus on what works. Solve problems 10x better. Free of the word "CAN'T". If you're a 5'1" basketball fanatic you can't be in the NBA but you can be an agent. Think creatively and "can't" will disappear forever. Free from the herd Everyone has a dream but most choose to stay in the herd rather than take a chance. TAKE IT. Find someone who likes what you're doing. Free from a paycheck Now that people like something you are doing, start thinking of something you can charge for. A premium version of what you are doing. Free from drudgery ONLY do your best work 2-5 hours after you wake up. That's when we're at our peak productivity. Free from greed If all you need is "enough" then you are the king of the world. Make sure your bills are paid and then do what you love. Free to enjoy your life Freedom is not a destination. Live it each day, and remember that persistence + love = abundance. Free tolove Everyone you meet today has been sent to teach you a lesson. Leam those lessons. If all you do is this, nothing can ever stop you from living the best possible lite. fir, ,. I,'i/ r~. '.'. ,-. _., 5'3: Fiktochari