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History of Horror

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History of Horror

  1. 1. History of Horror
  2. 2. 1890-1929 1890 – All films being made where amateur and made little to no profit on their films. George Melees, the French film maker makes silent “Monster Movies”. 1896 – The House of the Devil is released as well as German vampire films as they start to emerge 1925 – Phantom of the opera released and draws audiences in due to the “scary” nature of the phantom. 1929 – Wall Street Crash happens which badly effects movie making and many movies are put on hold
  3. 3. Early 1930‟s 1930 – Universal studios create Gothic Horror Films (Dracula and Frankenstein). Dracula was seen as the first movie with sound but some argued that it wasn‟t gothic enough. 1931 – Frankenstein produced and is one of the greatest make up monsters of all time. At this time, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was also made in this year and was seen as an iconic horror film. During this time Warner Brothers also started making horrors in this time.
  4. 4. Late 1930‟s Sadistic Horrors where made during this period. Universal studios produce “The old dark house”, James Whale directed. James Whale has full control over the production of Frankenstein German film “Freak”, first film to cast real circus people 1939 was when the Son of Frankenstein was made
  5. 5. 1940-1950 Sequels to popular horror movies produced. Val Luton became head of horror at RKO. Luton bus technique used in movies at this time to build up tension whilst something harmless occurs. Dracula stage play on Broadway Bela Lugosi stars in “The return of the vampire” Early 1950s was when horror production
  6. 6. Late 1950‟s Horror was starting to come to Britain and started to gain the name “Hammer Horror” In 1954 the popular film “The Quartermass Experience” was released. 1957 was when “The Curse of Frankenstein” came out and was the first shot in colour and used shocking violence and gore. This was the same period that “Night of the Demon” that released, a supernatural, psychological thriller by Jack Dunure In 1958 a version of Dracula was filmed where the vampires had fangs and the film had sexual elements. The opening scene was dramatic, Dracula‟s tomb was dripping with blood that had the effect of stopping people in the audience from laughing.
  7. 7. 1960‟s In the 1960‟s, hammer horrors continued to be popular from British film studios In the 1960‟s, Hollywood started to make psychological thrillers/horrors Directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Michael Powell lead the way making psychological horror movies In 1960 „Psycho‟ was released and directed by Alfred Hitchcock and was made cheaply and resourcefully. The film incorporated great tension without showing gore and horror Hitchcock then went on to film horrors such as The Birds
  8. 8. 1970 1970’s was when occult horrors became popular, such as The Exorcist. The Wicker Man was a popular horror during the 1970’s and is set on a remote island. The Omen, written by David Seltzer, was another popular film that enticed producers to make sequels. One other film that was made in the 70’s is The Amityville Horror, one family’s allegedly true-life escape from a house haunted by demons.
  9. 9. 1980-1999 • 1980’s and 90’s – post modern horror such as Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street released. In this type of film the main characters always lose signal on their phone and the killer never seems to die. You always think that the killer is finally dead but then he comes back and kills again. • 1999 – a new genre of horror emerged, mockumentary films. Films such as the Blair Witch Project are filmed using a handheld camera which creates a very realistic style of filming
  10. 10. 2000+ Remakes of older horror films started to become popular such as The Ring and Naked Blood. From 2000 onwards America started to recreate popular, old horror films such as “Halloween” Now films can make millions when they come out in the cinema due to the increase in popularity of the films, especially horror.