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E-Books: The New Business of Writing for E-Reading

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For FILM 240

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E-Books: The New Business of Writing for E-Reading

  2. 2. The E-Book Industry U.S. E-Book industry revenues were $7.59 Billion in 2016; growing at 50% annually since they were $270 million in 2008 Source: Statista, PwC
  3. 3. The E-Book Revolution E-book revenues are growing at the expense of print… Source: PwC ...however, E-book revenue growth has completely offset declines in the print segment
  5. 5. ¾ E-BOOKS ARE PURCHASED FROM AMAZON.COM Source: Author Earnings
  6. 6. Kindle owners buy four times more books than they did before they owned the devices “Media use begets media use” – SEM Source: FILM 240 Lecture
  8. 8. E-Books save paper, making them more eco-friendly Web-connected e- readers allow users to download new content instantly One e-reader can hold hundreds of books, making reading material more portable E-books can be interactive and feature audio, video and web links Source: SuccessConsciousness.com
  10. 10. Source: News-Medical.net
  11. 11. E-Readers are susceptible to being hacked Source: Panda Security
  12. 12. Studies show that young kids recall less content from e-books Source: FILM 240 Lecture
  13. 13. Source: NYBooks, ProQuest
  14. 14. Publishers Are Watching You What are you reading? How long are you reading it for? How far are you getting in the book? 1 2 3 Source: NYBooks, ProQuest
  15. 15. Kobo revealed that the British are most likely to finish a romance novel (62%), followed by crime and thrillers (61%), and fantasy (60%) Source: NYBooks
  16. 16. Kobo will be sharing its data insights with publishers, hoping to help them write content that more effectively engages readers Source: NYBooks
  17. 17. How Will This Affect Writers? Will authors be incentivized to write books that are read to the end? Will certain genres be preferred? Will books be written shorter? Source: NYBooks
  18. 18. Amazon is beginning to pay authors per page read Source: The Atlantic
  19. 19. This system will reward cliffhangers and mysteries – anything that keeps the reader hooked Source: The Atlantic
  20. 20. This begs the question: Is this a system that writers can game? Source: The Atlantic
  21. 21. "The thing about a book is that it can be eccentric, it can be the length it needs to be, and that is something the reader shouldn't have anything to do with. We're not going to shorten 'War and Peace' because someone didn't finish it." Source: ProQuest
  22. 22. Source: The Atlantic The rise of data available to publishers will drive content that is more targeted to attracting readers and maintaining their attention, but the question remains: Will this come at the cost of literary creativity?
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